White Slaves in the West Indies. 

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When Sheena a  sunny afternoon went for a walk after tea, she was 
suddently surprised by two strongly built men, who without saying a word, grabbed her and 
drove her in a closed carriage to the nearest town. 
Here she was locked up in prison, without being told why.  

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The next day the  very frightened young woman got a visit from her uncle, whom she had always disliked. 

"I am afraid, I can not permit you to write a letter to your parents, my dear Sheena.  
You see - With you out of the way, the next lawful successor to your fathers large estates will be me, your uncle!" 

"Donīt think anyone ever will discover, what has happened of you.  
Money can make the responsible authorities forget a lot of things. 
I have here an order of deportation with your name on, to the West Indies. 
There you will be sold as a slave to the plantations."  

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 Sheena was the same night brought to a remote part of the docks, where she together with several other women were taken aboard a merchant ship destined for the Caribbeans.  

The voyage lasted a month, in which the only light and fresh air they got, came from a barred hatch in the deck above them.  In long periods with calm wind and hot weather, the ships crew used to cover the hatch with a tarpaulin, so they were not disturbed by the stench comming from the slave hold. 

One third of the slaves did not survive the journey. 

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"Come on - Look at her again !
She is a strong girl - Shall 15 shilling
s really become  the highest bit

 Finally they arrived to their destination, where Sheena and the others were immediately sold on an auction. 

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Sheena, the former heiress of a large estate and a fortune worth over 10.000 pounds, was sold as a field slave for 15 shillings. 

She was brought to one of her new ownerīs plantations and put to work at once. 

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The lunch break - The only break durring the day, the slaves were allowed.  It was much different, from what she had been used to in her old life. 

This day she was lucky - She found 2 fat worms to eat ! 
The only other food the slaves got, was a small dollop of nauseating porridge every evening. 

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"The breack is over young ladies - 
Get back to work !"  



While Sheena was working in the fields,  other prisoners were on their way. 

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Jane didnīt have a wicked uncle.  Her tragic fate was her stepmother, whom she had loathed from first site. 
Her mother had died young, and Jane had grewn up as the mistress of the house, and had become a very independent young woman.  She was shocked by her fatherīs sudden remarriage with a woman only two years older than herself, and  deeply frustrated by the demand, she from now on should be an obedient stepdaughter, in what she allways had considered  her own house.  
When one day her stepmother in front of her guests orderet Jane to serve some wine, as she was a mere servant, Jane had become so angry, she slapped her stepmother in her face. 

This, of course was inexcusable.  Jane was at once send to the local prison, and a week later she was on her way to the  colonies in chains. 

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Jane was sold for less, than she in her former life had been accustomed to use at the shopping trips into London with her friends. 

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Luckily for Jane her new master needed an new assistant, for the gardener.  As she was to work near the house, she was given a decent dress, and she was allowed to wash after work every day. 

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But in the evenings she spend hours thinking about her situation.   First of all she was not born to be a slave.  Secondly she had seen the overworked slaves in the fields, and knew her master at any time could send her there, if he decided to do so. 

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As expected a new prettier slave girl, just arrived from Europe, soon took her place in the garden, and  Jane found herself on the way to the fields. 

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Working hours after hours under the hot sun, was not what a classy young woman as Jane was used to.  As soon as the overseer looked the other way, she stopped working and was soon in trouble. 

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Because of her ineffective rate of working, and a suspicion, she was planning to escape, the overseer took away her fine dress and locked her up for the night in one of the basement cells, where she had to stand up all the time, if she didnīt whant to drown in the dirty water, filled with filth from other slaves, who had spend time down there before herself. 

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When daybreack finally came, Jane had become a very humble slave.   Her feet was swollen and numb after standing in the cold water all night, and she would do nearly anything to avoid being put into the awful basement cell again.

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From now on Jane had to work in the fields only wearing a ragged piece of cloth around her hips.   The overseer had given the fine dress, she had worn before, to a negro slave, who had been a good worker.  

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That night Jane finally realized, her former life was over. 
From now on she was a mere field slave with no hope of ever becomming anything els. 
While she cryed herself to sleep, she cursed her stepmom and her dad, because he had married that woman. 
But there was nothing she could do about it now, other than trying to get some sleep before morning. 
A new day of endless toil waited in the fields.

The end.