Stocks & Pillories.

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A bankrupt businessmanīs wife and daughter 
 are put on display, before they are send to 
the workhouse. 

Because he agreed to hand them over to hard labor, 
the bank will grant him respite on his debt, so 
he can re-establish his firm. 

The conditions in the workhouse is so 
brutal and unhealthy, they will most likely 
only survive 2 or 3 years. 

Then he will be free to marry another woman. 

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A girl at the workhouse has stolen 
and eaten some moulden potato peelings. 

She said, she was hungry. 

Three days standing outside the workhouse
like this will teach her, that 
lazybones donīt eat! 


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 This servant girl was court stealing 
a spoon. 

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An unfaithful wife. 

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"Ha ha - Look at her - 
Not so pretty anymore? 
Nobody will want to marry her now! 
Our son will have to find himrself a more 
proper young woman to become his bride!" 
Patriciaīs comming parents-in-law, 
didnīt find her rich enough. 
They had her punished on 
a false accusation. 

Patriciaīs only chance to survive after 
this shame, is to enter the workhouse. 

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An insignificant girl, whoīs parents 
could not afford to pay much to the convent. 

To shame her, she is displayed outside, before she 
must enter the cloistered convent. 

 She knows it is her last change to see the sun, 
before she has to suffer for mankind. 

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At the mercy of the  bypassers. 

"Do I look rich? 
 I will not give you as much as a crumb !" 

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Learning to be humble, the 
former much to  proud Susanna is chained, 
so she has to stand bending down. 


The drowning cages. 

This was looked upon as a gentle execution method, and 
were mainly used upon women, who hadnīt commited any serious crime, 
or maybe no crime at all.

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The beautiful and innocent princess Leia is 
ready to be lowered into the cold water. 

The right order of succession 
to the throne must not be disturbed, 
by an inconvenient heiress! 


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"Noo - Please let me out - I donīt want to die!" 

Young Janice was robbed off 
all her money by a swindler, who had
promised to marry her. 

He left her home and pennyless. 

The responsible authorities of the town 
orders her to be drowned immediately. 

The logic behind this is, that if she 
is allowed to stay free, she will have to steal 
or become a prostitute to survive.  

Just as well do her in advance!