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The Mine.

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One of the slaves, Christina, after serving 3 years in the mine. 

Deep under the small normal looking town, is the Mine. 
Like the chain gangs in the fields, all the prisoners down here are females, 
and none of them are hard criminals.   
Those send here are troublemakers from the field chain gangs, and 
prisoners who have to disappear for good, like Maud Adams who proved to be a senator´s daughter.  

Fare the most of them however, have simply been arrested by random just as Christina, while traveling through town, and sentenced to hard labour for life , only to provide cheap labours to the coal mine, which is
owned by some very important men incl. the mayor and the governor. 

Being send to the mine, is a life sentence.  
Even there have been attempts, no one has ever managed to get free again.

In the following pictures from Tibool you can see images from this mine,
and see how some of the poor women and girls ends up here:

New prisoners arrives

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Elisabeth´s story 

Christiana makes a stop in town. 
She shouldn´t have done that. 

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Christina´s second day in the mine. 

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Christina has now been a slave 
for 2 months.  

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Christina´s life in the Mine goes on.
Two new slaves arrives to the Mine  
Christina has now been a slave for 3 years. 
New slaves are processed  
Sometimes there are too many.
Amanda´s story written by herself.   tibm536.jpg (259707 byte)