The Mine part 10. 
Christinaīs story continues 

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It is late in July and many people have travelled through 
the town and itīs surrounding country on holliday. 

This means a large number of females, who have travelled without any male company, have ended up in the Mine. 
This, together with a very hot summer, which has reduced the demand of coals, 
there are now not enough work to keep all the slaves busy at all time. 

Something has to be done ! 

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The day begins like all other days in the mine, 
when Christina suddently hears Maria calling. 

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"All of you in tunnel 5, 
stop working and line up 
in the main tunnel - NOW !" 

tibm476.jpg (279493 byte)

All the way down through tunnel 5, the slaves 
stops working uncertain of whatīs happening. 

tibm475.jpg (202778 byte)

"Hey - Stop hacking Jane - 
Maria says, we must come !" 

tibm477.jpg (189588 byte)

"What do you think is going on Nina?" 

"I donīt know, but we better go in a hurry." 

tibm478.jpg (213205 byte)

"All of you, line up and wait !"

The order from the managers of the mine is
to get rid of twenty slaves, so the rest will 
not become lazy from doing less work. 

It will take to much time selecting 
the weakest ones from all over the mine. 
It is much more easy just to pick a whole tunnel full, 
and the foreman picked tunnel 5 because 
there are twenty-one slaves working 
in it today. 

tibm479.jpg (209563 byte)

"Flappy Tits - You shall push the waggon. 
Do it now, if you donīt want to climb up 
on it yourself !" 

tibm480.jpg (175654 byte)

Christina knows, she has no choice. 
If she donīt do as she is told, she will hang to. 

tibm481.jpg (156350 byte)

Despair speads through the row of slaves, but 
they all knows there is nothing they can do 
other than wait for their turn. 


tibm482.jpg (128548 byte)

A newly abducted woman tries in vain- 

"Please Master - 
I have only been here since yesterday. 

Why have you put me in chains 
if you donīt need me? 

I swear by God, I will never tell anybody about 
this mine, if you will give me back my shoes 
and underclothes, and let me go home 
on the next train!" 

tibm483.jpg (259806 byte)

But neither pleas nor tears helps. 
All the slaves from tunnel 5 have to go !

tibm484.jpg (113103 byte)

One or two at a time are left 
kicking in their leg irons, making 
a loud rattling noise. 

tibm485.jpg (129231 byte)

"NOO - Please do not take my daughter!"  

tibm486.jpg (185811 byte)

"Donīt worry - You will stay together. 

Maria - Tie their hands, so we can get on with it!" 

tibm487.jpg (180877 byte)

Durring the next hours Christina has 
to push the waggon away again and again,
while the number af waiting women and girls 
rapidly decreases. 

tibm488.jpg (199120 byte)

At last all twenty slaves are
hanging from the beams, where 
they will remain until tomorrow, when the 
garbage collectors will drag them 
to the bone pits.  

tibm489.jpg (180914 byte)

Christina returns to work, knowing 
she has been very lucky. 
She is the only surviver from the 21 slaves 
who had worked in her tunnel. 

tibm490.jpg (173693 byte)

Soon after slaves from other tunnels
and shafts arrives to tunnel 5 and by evening 
Christina has got herself some new mates. 

The order to reduce the number of slaves had come from the head management of the company, 
It was not the idea of the foremen in the mine. 

The foremenīs bonuses are depending on how many tons of coal there are pruduced, and 
they donīt want to lose money only because of a decision done in a distant office. 

The remaing slaves must work harder ! 
tibm491.jpg (206801 byte)

Immediately after they have 
been kicked awake and been unchained, 
the hard work begines. 

tibm492.jpg (186891 byte)

Knowing they will be punished 
if they donīt meet the new quotas, 
the women and girls are 
straining themselvs to the utmost. 

tibm493.jpg (156080 byte)

"Oh no - My back hurts - I canīt." 

tibm494.jpg (185862 byte)

"You - Keep quiet ! 
You must work much harder !" 

tibm495.jpg (168239 byte)

"Come on - Lift - L I FT !!!" 

tibm496.jpg (236114 byte)

"Move it -  You can run much faster !" 

tibm497.jpg (188449 byte)

By evening the slaves drops to the ground 
completely exhaust, waiting for the foreman 
shall chain them for the night. 

Many of them have not managed to complete 
the new quota, and have got nothing to eat. 

Tomorrow they must all work much harder. 

tibm498.jpg (180081 byte)

The next day turns out to be even harder 
than the day before. 

tibm499.jpg (171067 byte)

"We black girls can work much harder - 
Now stop crying and PUSH !!!" 

tibm500.jpg (211574 byte)

All the slaves tries desperately to reach 
the new almost unattainable large work quota. 

tibm501.jpg (245589 byte)

Load after load of coal are pushed 
to the surface in a constant rising tempo. 

tibm502.jpg (185418 byte)

None are spared for Mariaīs cane. 
Not even Christina. 

"Lazy slut - When I say, you must work 
faster, you better do it - UNDERSTAND!!!" 

tibm503.jpg (193812 byte)

There is no spare time for Maria. 
To keep up the high work tempo, she 
has to keep a strickt  eye on all the 
slaves all the time. 

tibm504.jpg (196409 byte)

She must specialy look after those, who 
only have been slaves for a short time. 

tibm505.jpg (147549 byte)

Luckily there are many girls with long 
experience among the slaves. 

tibm506.jpg (194829 byte)

Without  their strong bodies, it would 
have been impossible to reach the quotas. 

tibm507.jpg (210002 byte)

When the slaves finally receives the order 
to stop working and wait to be chained for the night, 
most of them immediately falls totally exhausted
to the ground. 

tibm508.jpg (236362 byte)

Some slaves  always remembers their evening prayer, 
never giving up hope of maybe some day... 

Many of the prayers heard in the mine 
are however of a more practical kind: 

tibm509.jpg (165528 byte)

"Please - 
 My daughter and I can not survive much longer 
with so much work... 

Please let the sheriff get hold of 
some more slaves very soon. 

Some one has told us, it is summer right now - 
There must be plenty of  women 
traveling on holliday, he can take - 
Just as he did with us last sommer !!!" 

tibm510.jpg (195832 byte)

Dazed from hunger and all the extra work, 
some of the slaves are beginning getting slow 
 in the morning. 


tibm511.jpg (212873 byte)

But after a good beating the 
work pace is soon up to the limit again. 

tibm512.jpg (184148 byte)

Maintains work is done even it makes 
certain, there will be no food this day. 

tibm513.jpg (180308 byte)

The pickaxes are swung in a back-breacking 
tempo, as all the slaves knows, that no food 
means certain death, and all the slaves wants 
desperately to live. 

tibm514.jpg (279532 byte)

All over the mine strong bodies are straining  
to the utmost. 

tibm515.jpg (195380 byte)

Specialy those who have a daughter 
working some place els 
in the mine, will try to manage everything 
to stay alive. 

tibm516.jpg (223674 byte)

Even the young French model Sandrine 
swings her pickaxe in a breathtaking speed. 

But not all can stand for the constant pressure:

tibm517.jpg (187237 byte)

"Please - I canīt breath..." 

"You donīt need to breath Louise - 
You are going straight into the bone pit right now! 
I can not waste time on sick girls who canīt work."


tibm518.jpg (168067 byte)

"You can take this useless slut with you 
 at the same time Maria. 

For safety I will knock her unconscious. 
Then you can make Louise 
drag her down to the pits. 
This way you only have one to control 
on the way down." 

tibm519.jpg (259947 byte)

But not all is bad in the mine. 

The sheriffīs agents are doing their job, and
new strong females are beginning to arrive 
in increasing numbers. 

The slaves cheer up every time they see 
a new woman or girl being processed 
and put to work. 

For every new one who arrives, the work
pressure is lighten a bit, and all the slaves 
are begging for the sheriff shall get hold on 
as many as possible, so they soon can 
get back to the normal work quotas from before 
the mass hanging.