The Mine part 9. 
Christina´s story continues 

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The second night after Sara´s  
failed escape atempt, the slaves
sleeping close to the main shaft, can still
 hear her moaning. 

"Stupid woman - 
She only got what she deserved. 
Nobody ever gets away from here.  
Why can´t she die, so we can sleep !"
They all think. 

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Very early the next morning, 
begins one more endless day 
of toil and pain. 

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All over the mine the slaves starts working. 

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Also Christina. 

Today she is ordered to begin her day 
pushing tipper waggons. 

To keep up with the requisted number of never less than 300 slaves working in the mine at all times, 
(About 50 in each of the 6 main shafts, sometimes more.)
the sheriff regularly has to arrest and have sentenced a number of new women and girls 
to fill up the gabs left by those, who are dropped into the bone pits. 
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While pushing waggons to the surface, Christina 
frequently meets new women being lead into the mine. 

 "Don´t look at that slave.
Keep on walking. 
We must have you processed and put 
to work as quickly as possible."

tibm442.jpg (223378 byte)

"Continue walking sweetie - 
You are 39 years old.
You must think about your husband. 
 He is now free to marry a younger woman. 

If you are a good girl and work just as
hard as this slave, you will live 
a long time down here."

Sometimes the sheriff is very lucky and gets hold of a whole bunch at one time. 

A young woman on her way to get married and her 5 bridesmaids, had 
stayed at the town´s hotel for the night.  The women had told James at the hotel, they had gone on 
this trip without telling anybody, to get a real girls-holliday together before Lucy´s wedding. 

 They were getting ready to drive straight to the wedding, which was 
to take place at 1 pm at a privat ceremony at her future husbands large estate a few miles 
on the other side of the state line, when the sheriff´s men arrived. 

James at the town´s hotel earned himself  a very fine reward this morning. 
Even though one is pregnant and one maybe is to slight, he is paid for providing the sheriff wit
h 6 new slaves. 
 Just as he tipped of Christina 3 long years ago. 
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"Please believe us. 
Our cars are not stolen.  
We are only passing through on our way 
to Lucy´s wedding.  
We are innocent, and 
where have you taken my little sister Alice?"
"No - We can´t walk any further - 
Our shoes and stockings will get wet." 

tibm443.jpg (256233 byte)

"Get moving - Hurry up - 
You are not worth wasting time on. 
You are going  to the bottom shaft at once!" 

Finding Alice too young and weak to 
be able to work hard enough, the foreman 
takes her
straight to the bottom shaft, and 
the row of bone pits. 

Here she will be handed over to 
the head-girl Clara, who will see to she 
is disposed of. 


tibm447a.jpg (148822 byte)

"Noo - Look at her, Karen - 
They make the pregnant ones work 
just as hard as all others." 

"Keep quiet - Slaves are not allowed to talk. 
Come over here, so I can get you collared! 

And you fat girl - The sacks are to small for you, 
so you have to go naked."  

tibm447b.jpg (172897 byte)

"Here you have one more pregger - 

Make sure, she works just 
as hard as this fat slut, or you will
all  get punished !" 

tibm446.jpg (234707 byte)

When the bride herself is processed, som 
of the slaves can´t help looking at her.  

tibm447.jpg (191473 byte)

"That was your fine white dress - 
Now all your undergarments have to go too. 
You will not need any of those fine clothing here.

Hurry up - I can´t waste all day on you!" 

tibm448.jpg (758667 byte)

Christina had also looked at Lucy, but 
had felt no pity against her. 
Why should she be allowed to get married, and 
live a life in freedom, when
Christina was denied it  ? 

No - It´s only fair, that bunch of rich and pampered 
bitches now are put to something useful, and 
can experience the same hunger and pain 
as herself ! 

tibm449.jpg (564821 byte)

The rest of the day Christina joins 
Janice at work. 

Janice has been a slave a year longer than Christina 
and they are both very fit workers. 
Working together they can pace each other, 
and increase their chances to meet the 
quota and be allowed to eat. 

tibm450.jpg (206839 byte)

In the meantime Alice has arrived 
to the bottom shaft, where 
head-girl Clara rules. 

On the long way down, she has seen 
several horrible things, and is not surprised, when 
she sees another young girl hanging from a beam, 
waiting for Clara. 

It is sommer, the weather outside is warm, 
and the price of coal is low. 

The sommer holidays also means lots of 
travelers, which also means more than 
sufficient of new women arriving to the mine. 

No need to keep the weakest of the newcomers. 

tibm451.jpg (157271 byte)

Clara decides to take care of Alice first and let  
the other girl wait until afterwards. 

As soon as Alice has undressed, Clara 
binds her hands very tight behind her back 
with a piece of steel wire. 

 Alice is an intelligent girl, and knows she is gonna die, but
all resistance will be useless.

tibm452.jpg (189567 byte)

As Clara leads her into the adjacent tunnel, 
the putrid smell makes Alice stop, but 
she is instantly pushed onwards by Clara. 

tibm453.jpg (171394 byte)

"Just continue straight ahead girl. 
It´s only a short way." 

Alice and the other girl are maybe the lucky ones. 
Their sufferings together deap down in the bone pit, will only last a few days. 

For her big sister and all the others found fit enough for hard work, the sufferings have only just begun.
They will live a life in pain and need for years, before they inevitably once will end up in the pits themselvs. 
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"Maria - Take this girl to tunnel 4, and 
put her to work." 

The training of the new women and girls 
into becomming mining slaves takes the beginning. 

tibm455.jpg (193807 byte)

The first day new slaves are usually 
 put to maintence work, or other 
"light" duties. 

tibm456.jpg (236453 byte)

On the second day begines the hard work. 


tibm457.jpg (262250 byte)

Soon the hunger and the unaccustomed 
toil, together with the despair over so abruptly 
having been torn away from a normal life 
in freedome and turned into a slave, 
leaves their marks. 

tibm458.jpg (187362 byte)

But there is shown no mercy against any 
 slave, who don´t work hard enough. 
She is not only beaten by the foreman and the
head-girl, but also tormented by her fellow slaves. 

tibm459.jpg (222959 byte)

As the weeks and months passes by, 
the new slaves are slowly broken in. 

tibm460.jpg (189511 byte)

At long last the women, who survives so fare, are 
turned into, what they are surposed to be: 

Mindless slaves only looking forwards to one thing- 

tibm461.jpg (223141 byte)

- FOOD !!! 

The appearance of Mrs. Brown and her young 
assistant Rebecca carrying the food container, is
  the occasion for the only short relief durring the 
endless days, and the only reward 
for all the strenuous toil. 

tibm462.jpg (156225 byte)

Rebecca has been Mrs. Brown´s assistant 
for a long time.   Among the slaves she 
has to feed, are both her own mother Vivian 
and her elder sister Caroline. 

She tries to smile every time, she feeds 
her mother, even it hurts her to see 
the former so dignified woman 
crawling around naked, eating the sticky 
mess as if she was a pig. 

tibm463.jpg (241165 byte)

"See girls - He is all mine now! 
- Police officer - Please remove these 
three surplus females from my new house." 

The two girls and their mother, had belonged 
to the town´s upper-class, when their 
father and husband Bernhard Hammer 
suddently wanted to divorce Vivian, so he could 
marry his young secretary Zoe Duncan. 

Zoe was a real golddigger. 
She had become Mr. Hammer´s secretary 
only because she had heard about some 
irregularities he maybe had comited, and 
as soon as she had the proofs, she 
gave him an offer he couldn´t refuse. 

tibm464.jpg (217697 byte)

"Mom is still O.K."  Rebecca usually whispers to 
Caroline , when she feeds her 
in the next tunnel. 

Mr. Hammer is a shareholder in the Mine, so he 
used his influence, to provide his  
youngest daughter with the good job 
as assistant, but Zoe forbad him to 
do anything to help his former wife and eldest daughter. 

tibm465.jpg (322261 byte)

Immediately after they have finished eating. 
all the girls are orderet back to work. 

tibm466.jpg (217267 byte)

Soon after all are working hard again. 


tibm467.jpg (341190 byte)

Christina hacks away the coal as 
fast as she can. 
Survival is the only thing, that counts down here. 

tibm469.jpg (164338 byte)

But there seldom passes a week, with out 
a slave collapses in each shaft, 
and she is dragged to the bone pits. 


tibm468.jpg (176713 byte)

It is particular terrifying for a new girl 
to see a deceased slave being dragged 
away as a piece of garbage. 

But that´s only good.  This make the new ones 
work more hard, and scare them away from 
any thoughts of escaping. 

tibm470.jpg (182750 byte)

-Away with that one! 

Now I must hurry back to my lazy girls 
and see if they still works hard enough! -

tibm471.jpg (228190 byte)

For Christina it has begone to go downhill 
for some time.  More and more frequently 
she is plagued with
splitting headache
and has to take short breacks hopening 
nobody sees it.