The Mine part 8. 
Christinaīs story continues 

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3 years later.

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Christina wakes up as soon as she hears, that 
Maria and the Master are comming through 
the tunnel for unchaining the slaves in the morning. 

She is eager to begine work as soon as possible, 
so she has better chances to meet the days work quota,
so she can eat. 

She donīt know it, but today it is exactly 3 years 
ago she made that stop in town to get something to eat,
and a good nights sleep on her way to suprise her fiancé. 

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"Donīt dare move before Master has unchained you ! " 

Not one single day has gone without she has 
been beaten by Maria, and not one morning 
has Master not kicked her hard 
before unchaining her.  

But all that has become a natural part of her existence. 

The sophisticated young woman from the past, 
has turned in to a mindless slave, only 
thinking about  food and how to please her 
master and mistress, so she can avoid the cane. 

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Her former so slim and lovelig body has 
become strong and tough, and she has long 
forgotten any concerns about her looks. 

The only clothing she has left is her blouse, 
which she now wears as a loincloth. 

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Christina runs of  to fetch the days first load. 

Itīs necessary to run all the time, if 
she shall obtain any hope of getting
anything to eat today. 
But usualy she succeeds. 
She has become one of the good workers. 

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"One two - one two. " She whispers 
for herself, while straining herself to run 
as fast as she can all day. 

Talking is stricktly forbidden, so she hasnīt 
said anything loudly for years now, 
exept when screaming while been beaten.  

Breaking the rules is the last thing Christina 
wants to do.  Avoiding punishments, working 
as hard as she can and food, are the only 
things in her mind. 

She MUST eat - She MUST live !!! 

tibm404.jpg (233449 byte)

"Let the lazy white bitch do the work ! 
You may beat her as much as you like with 
your spade, just the work is done." 

The "Skeletons" as the extremely starved slaves
 are called, arenīt shown any mercy. 

They are looked upone as something 
that ought  to be exterminated to make room 
for new healthy slaves, so they are 
often put to maintains work, are beaten more 
than usual, and have to meet larger quotas 
before being allowed to eat. 

tibm403.jpg (151633 byte)

One very tough survivor is Lisa. 

She has been a slave for 6 years since she 
was simply kidnapped from a
while on holliday with her wealthy parents. 

Durring the last 3 years, she has sufferet 
from several seriously painful abscesses, making it 
impossible for her to meet her quotas more 
than two or maybe three times a week, and on 
top of this she is often ordered to do maintains work 
which also means no food. 

Even the foremen and Maria for a long time has looked upone 
her as a "Skeleton", she has managed to stay alive and still, 
just as she did with Christina on herīs first day in the mine, 
urges new slaves to work hard, and often comforts
new girls like young Kathy

tibm405.jpg (184875 byte)

With her first heavy load today, Christina 
begines the two and a half miles long strenuous way 
up to the surface. 


tibm406.jpg (194464 byte)

The stale air makes it hard to breath, 
but still she keeps up the fast pace 
mile after mile. 

tibm407.jpg (196230 byte)

"One two - one two." She says for herself, 
as it goes up steeper and steeper 
on the last part. 

tibm408.jpg (189194 byte)

Ahhh- Come on ! 
Itīs so heavy on the last part. 

tibm409.jpg (156742 byte)

Suddently Christina slips in some 
wet stools lying between the tracks. 
There are no toilets in the mine, so 
the slaves just empties their bladders and bowels 
whenever they needs to, while they work. 

tibm410.jpg (201042 byte)

"Hey you - Flabby Tits.  Get moving !" 

"Iīam very sorry mistress. 
I will be more careful. 
It will not happen again!" 

tibm411.jpg (249469 byte)

Flabby tits !  They call me flabby tits now. 
Well - Never mind.  I give a damn how I look. 
They also calls the other slaves names. 

tibm412.jpg (196492 byte)

Early the next morning the slaves runs to their work 
places, as soon as their leg irons have been 
loosen from their necklaces. 
Maintains work ! 
Maria havnīt forgotten I slipped yesterday. 
This is the punishment.  No food today ! 

tibm413.jpg (184225 byte)

Just as well let the hair flow down freely today. 

Maybe she isnīt so indifferent about her 
looks as she believe she is. 

She do like the feeling of the younger girls 
looking at her strong sweat glistening 
body, as long as they donīt look at her breasts. 
 The foreman and Maria are right. 
Her tits have begone to sack. 

tibm414.jpg (269777 byte)

On the way she meets Janice Keeland, 
another tough worker, also on 
maintains duty today. 

Being an elite swimmer Janice should have 
participated in the Olympic Games last year. 
After her mysterious disappearance, they had 
to put another girl on the team. 
This young woman happened to be the daughter of an 
important tycoon, who is a friend of one 
of the mine owners. 

Janice donīt know anything about all this. 
She only knows, she has to work as hard 
as possible every day, if she wants to live. 

The tycoonīs daughter won a bronze medal, 
and the mine got a good worker, 
so everyone are happy. 

Absolutely not all slaves are as easy 
to control as Janice and Christina. 

tibm415.jpg (206699 byte)

"Go in and look Maria. 
There shouldnīt be anybody in there today, 
but it sounds like someone is crying." 

"Maybe it is the fat woman Sir. 
I havnīt seen her the last hour. 
She has continued crying even after 
we last week moved her just as plump daughter to 
the other tunnel." 


tibm416.jpg (263800 byte)

"So there you are lazy fat bitch. 
I shall teach you! "

The "Fat woman" is 38 year old Susan Lynch. 
She and her 19 year old daughter Kathy have been slaves, 
3 weeks now, since they were arrested at the 
highway motel, where they had stopped 
for the night, on their way to Miami, where
Susan had got a new job as manager in a large firm. 

The first two weeks they had been crying together so much, 
the foreman had decided to split them, and 
had taken Kathy to another tunnel, in 
the hope they then would work more efficiently. 

tibm417.jpg (195855 byte)

"Bend over and stand still ! 
You must not move as much as an inch 
as long as I am beating you ! 

I will punish your fat and raunchy daughter too, 
when I see her later today. 

I promish you, I shall teach both of you to work hard. 
Until now you have only been an inconvenience. 


tibm418.jpg (213751 byte)

- Ah - This is the last one. -

Christina has only one hour to 
complete her maintains work and report 
back to Maria, or she will be punished. 

tibm419.jpg (205683 byte)

- Now I only have to fit it, and then 
run back to Maria as fast as I can. 

 Hope the one hour hasnīt gone yet ! -

tibm420.jpg (184247 byte)

She made it ! 
This time Maria didnīt beat her for being late. 

Now she can begine her work with the pick-axe, but 
she is so much behind because of the one hour 
maintains work, she has no change 
to reach her quota today. 

tibm421.jpg (252834 byte)

Finally one more 18 hours workday is over, 
and the battered slaves can hear the foreman 
is comming to chain them for the night. 


tibm422.jpg (214496 byte)

Christina waits patiencely, until 
it is her turn to be chained. 

tibm423.jpg (159758 byte)

Streaching out her aching arms, 
trying to ignore the cramps in her legs, 
she lies down on her back on the hard ground. 

For the next 5 hours she can sleep, whithout 
fearing to be beaten at any moment. 

tibm424.jpg (215905 byte)

All over the mine the slaves tries to sleep, 
but it is never quiet in the underground prison.  

A new girl is crying and tries desperatly 
to free herself from her chains. 

Others are kept awake by hunger or pain from injuries. 

But thatīs all their own problem. 
The next morning everybody have to work hard again. 

To soon it is morning and 
one more day of  humiliations, pain 
and  endless work takes itīs beginning. 

tibm425.jpg (200174 byte)

"You miss the boys looking at you? 
Well - down here nobody bothers stare at these. 
Now get to your work place !" 

tibm426.jpg (260821 byte)

"Move your flabby tits - Push harder !" 

Every morning begines with a hard kick, 
and some blows with the whip. 

This is an efficient way to make the slaves 
work hard from the early morning. 

tibm427.jpg (297998 byte)

"One two - one two - " 

Christina pushes as had as she possible can. 

Today she has to eat. 

She has seen so many fit and healthy girls been
turned into "Skeletons" because they failes 
to meet their quotas, or to often are put 
to maintains work. 

tibm428.jpg (273135 byte)

Suddently a woman, without asking
 jumps up into Christinaīs tipper wagon. 

Terror-stricken Christina looks around. 
Has anybody seen them? 
She knows itīs her duty to inform Maria or 
the foreman at once - But... 

tibm429.jpg (229698 byte)

"Please help me. 
For my daughters sake. 
We will all die down here, if we donīt get out !" 

Quickly Christina coveres the woman 
with coal, and pushes the waggon to the surface 
as fast as she can. 

What if someone misses the woman 
before they reaches the gate? 

tibm430.jpg (211604 byte)

With her stomach cramping not only 
in hunger as usual but now also in terror, 
Christina sees the waggon been pushed out 
through the outer gate. 

tibm431.jpg (221208 byte)

As Christina runs the long way back down deap 
into the mine with an empty waggon, she 
hopes dearly the woman will succeed. 

Maybe this will mean freedom for them all? 
Maybe in only a week she will lie in a warm bed again, 
in a clean nightdress, freed from the chains, 
and never has to go hungry again? 

tibm432.jpg (281189 byte)

Outside, Sara as her name is, knocks 
the man on his head with a heavy 
piece of coal. 


tibm433.jpg (250350 byte)

Then she runs desperately for her life. 

Not only for her own, but also for her 
two precious daughtersīs and all 
the other unlucky women enslaved in the mine. 

She tries to find a way out from the 
mining area, but canīt see 
a thing because of the blinding sun. 

tibm434.jpg (275236 byte)

Totally blinded from the sun, she hasnīt seen 
for 2 years, Sara stumbles in her chains 
and falls to the ground. 

tibm435.jpg (227054 byte)

"O.K. Whore  - How did you get into 
the tipper waggon?  Who helped you?" 

tibm436.jpg (153234 byte)

As Christina an hour later is pushing the 
next load to the surface, she can hear 
shouts and a woman screaming 
near the gates. 

She immediately knows, what it means. 
The woman has been caught ! 
There will be no freedom for any of them. 

Will she say anything about Christina? 

tibm437.jpg (231233 byte)

Even heavly beaten, Sara didnīt tell, 
and the foreman soon 
had other thing to attend to . 

She is nailed to the girders in the 
central shaft of the mine to die, 
so everybody can see, what happens 
to anyone, who tries to escape. 

Sara died after two days, and was left 
hanging for another week, before she was 
pulled down and thrown into the bone shaft. 

tibm438.jpg (274317 byte)

The next day Christina begines her day 
working with the pickaxe. 

Neither the foreman nor Maria had kicked and
beaten her more than usually this morning. 
They canīt know she has been involved 
in the escape attempt. 

tibm439.jpg (219293 byte)

One thing is for sure
She will never again help an escapee. 

No matter what 
she will call Maria or the foreman at once ! 

All her future life is down here, and 
she will try to stay alive as long as possible.