The Mine part 7. 
Christinaīs story continues 
with Judithīs and Aprilīs confinement in the Mine

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Judith Sommers is together with her only daughter April on their way to Judithīs sisterīs wedding. 
It is a long drive through three states, so they have stopped to stay for the night at a hotel in the small town. 

But as they the next morning are ready to leave , and only are waiting for the bellboy 
to bring down their suitcases, April notices something odd. 
tibm360.jpg (251931 byte)

"Look mom - It looks like that policeman 
is watching our car." 

tibm361.jpg (187305 byte)

"Why am I here?
Where is my mother, 
and why have you taken my shoes?" 

"You will see your mother again in a couple of hours, when you both goes to court. 

Shoes can be used as a weapon, so I must 
take them from you for your own protection, 
so you willnīt harm yourself." 

(And because he has noticed Aprilīs expencive par of shoes has the same number in size, 
as his daughter uses!)

tibm362.jpg (224132 byte)

"Please donīt..."

"Stand still ! 
I have to be sure, you have nothing hidden, 
you can use to harm yourself." 

tibm363.jpg (212033 byte)

Oh - no ! 
We donīt have any time for this! 
My sisterīs wedding is tomorrow at 12 oīclock. 
I must make a phone call and tell her, 
we might be a little late.

Puh - Here stinks ! 
My clothes are going to smell of old urin. 

tibm364.jpg (236862 byte)

"Mrs. Judith Sommers and miss April Sommers. 
You have been found guilty in having 
been driving in a stolen car, and I sentence 
you both to life imprisonment with hard labour 
for your crimes." 

"What? - No you are all wrong, you canīt do that ! 
We have never stolen anything! 
This is outrageous - 
I demand you call my husband immediately. 
He is a accountant in a large firm. 

tibm365.jpg (242381 byte)

"You two must go with me, and I donīt want 
to hear any kind of nonsens. 

You will both be punished if only one of
 you dosnīt do exactly, as i say! 

Now hold out your hands, 
so I can lock this chain unto your cuffs." 

tibm366.jpg (193473 byte)

Judith has never felt so humiliated before, 
as when she walks through the town 
chained together with her daughter, 
as were they common criminals. 

tibm367.jpg (180543 byte)

"Come on - Hurry up ! 

I can not use all my day on you two." 

tibm368.jpg (257306 byte)

What is this place? 
It donīt look like a normal prison.
Rather like some sort of mine.

tibm369.jpg (171006 byte)

"Open the outer gate Tom. 
Iīam bringing in a girl and a woman." 

tibm370.jpg (188258 byte)

"Walk faster! - I have other things to do 
than taking care of you two!" 

Frightened and disbeliefed 
Judith and April enters their new world. 

tibm371.jpg (244869 byte)

"Take a good look at my face new girls! 
Iīam Maria, head girl of this shaft. 
You do anything I say at once, or you will  
be punished with this." 

tibm372.jpg (177795 byte)

"And now girls - 
You will take off all your clothes and trinkets. 
You will not need any of them down here." 

tibm373.jpg (216725 byte)

"No! - Stop April !  Donīt do it ! 
You can take my shoes and our jewellery 
but we are NOT going to take our clothes off !!!"  

tibm374.jpg (171161 byte)

"Aahh - Ooww!" 

quiet slut! 
Now you can stand there, while we 
process your daughter." 

tibm375.jpg (178104 byte)

Frightened of what they have done to her mother, 
April hurries to strip of her clothes. 

tibm376.jpg (133440 byte)

"Ooww - Please let me down! 
My shoulders hurts so bad. 
We will both do anything you say!!!" 

tibm377.jpg (255342 byte)

Not wanting to cripple her already 
on her first day in the Mine, the foreman takes 
Judith down and chains her. 

tibm378.jpg (191520 byte)

"First a nice collar for your pretty neck, 
and then a chain for your ankles, so 
you willnīt be tempted to run away!" 

tibm379.jpg (174436 byte)

"O.K. Maria, they are all yours. 
See to they do as much work as possible 
for the rest of the day, and donīt hesitate 
useing your cane on them, if they slack of!" 

tibm380.jpg (128562 byte)

That night the 2 new sweaty, hungry, and
 bewildered slaves, tries to get some rest. 
None of them can sleep. 
They have got nothing to eat ,since they ate breakfast 
at the hotel, their feet hurts, and their hands are blistered. 
On top of all this, they suffer from cramps in their legs 
from sitting in this position. 

tibm381.jpg (259261 byte)

Very early the next morning begines 
their first full 18 hours work day in the mine. 

 Judith is orderet to work with the pickaxe,  -

tibm382.jpg (199741 byte)

while April is orderet to pick up scattered peaches 
of coal in another tunnel. 

Suddently she sees a black woman clad
in very filthy clothes comming in her direction. 

tibm383.jpg (160282 byte)

"You must be new down here white girl! 
Iīam old Mama - 
I have been here a lot of years. 
You look very pretty in that fine new sack. 
Will you like to see old Mama look pretty?" 

tibm384.jpg (252401 byte)

April is wise enough not to try to resist, 
so old Mama is so kind to let her put on her 
old rags in return, so she donīt have to go naked. 

tibm385.jpg (173345 byte)

For a moment April sits down trying to 
fight back her tears. 

Then the foreman comes back and sees her 
sitting there doing nothing. 
Lucky for her, itīs not Maria who sees her. 
She would have beaten her merciless
with her cane for not working.

tibm386.jpg (129041 byte)

Because she is new, he donīt use the cane, 
but only slaps her hard 3 or 4 times across her face. 

Then he orders the young girl to work with the pickaxe. 
No reasone to spare her anymore, he thinks. 
She is here to work and nothing els. 

tibm387.jpg (231747 byte)

The next hours she hacks out more and more 
pices of coal, as she learns how to use 
the heavy pickaxe. 

tibm388.jpg (134990 byte)

At the end of the day she, much to both her and the Foremanīs surprice, has brocken over a ton of coal and looks like she can continue for yet an hour. 

tibm389.jpg (172842 byte)

The next day, pleased with her work, and now aware of 
her surprising
strength, he make April push 
the heavy coal waggons, to see how she will manage that. 
This is a job for the very strong girls! 

tibm390.jpg (197664 byte)

In the meantime Christina has spend her day 
toilling as usual, beginning with crawling 
to the workplace the foreman this day has assigned her.

tibm391.jpg (177856 byte)

The next 18 hours she shall help the  waggon slaves 
loading the waggons as
quickly as possible. 

tibm392.jpg (264874 byte)

One of the waggon slaves named Joan 
is near a breakdown from pain and exhaustion. 

tibm393.jpg (175066 byte)

"My hands - Look at them - 
I think one of my fingers is brocken !"

 "Ha !" - Christina sneers at her, 
beginning to become bestialized from the long time,
she has spend in the mine as a slave - 

tibm394.jpg (223976 byte)

- "My hands are also bleeding, and 
try to look at my feet  honey- 
that inflamed gash goes right to the bone!,
and ..... " 

tibm395.jpg (159579 byte)

Christina is so bussy boasting with 
her wounds, she donīt notice, the foreman 
is comming down the tunnel together
with a freashly arrived slavewoman. 

tibm396.jpg (205555 byte)

"Ooww - !" 

"Keep quiet lazy slut ! 
When I am finish with you, you will never 
dream of shirking from your work again. 

And tonight Maria will give you 40 strocks 
with her cane, before you sleep!" 

tibm397.jpg (195925 byte)

The sound of the lashes and Christinaīs 
screams echoes through the tunnels, so 
the next waggon slave donīt dare enter the 
loading site before the foreman is finished.