The Mine part 6. 
Christinaīs story continues

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The next morning begines 
like all other days in the mine. 
Both the young and old, 
the still pretty ones and those who are worn-out, 
hurries to their work places, and the days race to meet the quota begines. 

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Today Christina is ordered to help loading the coal waggons. 

They come in a nearly continuously stream, 
and nothing must interrupt them. 


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The slaves pushing the coal waggons, 
are all very strong girls. 

Some of them, like Louise Miles here, were spotted 
at large sport meetings. 

 Louise had been so unlucky, that one of the sheriffīs nephews was on vacation and was among the spectators, when she won a big swimming contest in another state. 

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So the waggon slaves can get on pushing the coals to the elevators as quickly as possible, weaker slaves as Christina must help them loading the heavy coals. 

tibm294.jpg (187978 byte)

Oh-no!  Itīs too heavy! 
I just canīt lift one more. 
 My back!

tibm295.jpg (214976 byte)

While waiting for the next waggon to arrive, Christina sits down trying to ease her hurting back. 
She knows it is forbidden. 
The order is, that whenever there is a natural break in the work, she is to pick up a large stone or heavy log, and run back and forth with it, until the work can continue, so she will not become lazy. 

One of the black girls sees it, 
and leaves at once to find Maria.

tibm296.jpg (236207 byte)

"Mistress - Come quickly! 
The rich girl is not working." 

tibm297.jpg (158941 byte)

"Get up - Lazy fat slut ! 
Always have to look after you"

tibm298.jpg (168906 byte)

Christina bends over 
knowing to well, what is comming. 

If she in any way tries to avoid the cane, or moves only a bit durring the punishment, it will only be worse. 

tibm299.jpg (213929 byte)

"20 strokes now, and 20 more before sleeping time.  That ought to teach you!" 

tibm300.jpg (164522 byte)

"Master - I am only 21 years old, 
and I am a virgin." 

As the foreman that evening is chaining the slaves for the night, a young woman, who only has been a slave for a few days, tries to offer her body to him, in a desperate hope to achieve some better treatment. 

tibm301.jpg (142656 byte)

All that night Christina can see light
 in the tunnel over herīs. 

 For hours she can hear Maria beat the poor girl. 
  She will never forget, that down here they are not women anymore, but only work slaves. 

tibm302.jpg (181939 byte)

The next morning begines as all the other days. 

tibm303.jpg (171918 byte)

After the slaves are unchained, 
they are ordered to work.  

tibm304.jpg (152560 byte)

But where is Maria? 

 She is fast asleep. 


tibm305.jpg (192846 byte)

Christina and 2 of her work mates sees it, and takes a breack.  Because of the new girlīs misbehaviour, the whole group will not get anything to eat today anyway,  so they donīt have to worry about their quotas. 

A rare sound of girlish chatter is heard in the dark and normaly cheerless underground prison. 

But soon after Carl arrives.

tibm306.jpg (223069 byte)

"Sorry Master, but I was so tirred. 
I have not slept tonight. 
I punished that whore, as I was told to do." 

tibm307.jpg (247932 byte)

"Keep quiet!  20 strokes with the bullwhip 
will teach you!" 
Even she is a head girl, Maria is still a slave, 
and sometimes it is necessary to remind her. 

tibm308.jpg (207830 byte)

Carl do not want to loose Maria. 
She is one of the best head girls in the mine, 
so after punishing her, he decides to let her rest 
for the rest of the day. 
But in the meantime there has to be another head girl to watch over the slaves, or there will not be done much work, while Carl is elsewhere. 

tibm309.jpg (162791 byte)

Because Christina is the only girl present, who is wearing any clothes, Carl chooses her: 

"You are head girl for the rest of the day. 
Begine punishing those two sluts!" 


tibm310.jpg (125034 byte)

"Please no - master!  I canīt do it. 
I have never hit anybody in my life!

My parents did not believed in violence, 
and brought me up never to use it!" 

tibm311.jpg (193229 byte)

"Iīam sorry Master, I just canīt do it." 

tibm312.jpg (225176 byte)

"Here -   Take the cane and bring
 the soft-hearted rich girl down to the lower tunnel! 
You know where, I mean!" 

tibm313.jpg (155018 byte)

For the first time in her life, Sally feels a huge power bubble up inside her. 

The Master has given her the cane, and 
have given her the power over a white girl. 

tibm314.jpg (141372 byte)

"Go on! - Rich girl. 
The water is not deap enough yet." 

tibm315.jpg (176558 byte)

Oh - Itīs so cold! 
But I couldnīt  beat those girls. 
I couldnīt ! 

tibm316.jpg (187110 byte)

Hours after hour passes. 
Christina donīt know, how long 
she is ment to stand there. 
She is hungry and thirsty, but the water is dirty from 
all the filthy slaves, who walks through the tunnel carrying heavy baskets with coal. 

tibm317.jpg (164346 byte)

Suddently, after a long time, 
she sees a woman not carring any basket, 
comming down the tunnel 
holding something in her hand. 

tibm318.jpg (194188 byte)

She approaches the trembling girl, who 
stands chained in the freezing water. 



tibm319.jpg (212374 byte)

"Here, eat this ! 
You may have the half of my ration. 

I have a daughter at your age, who is working somewhere in another shaft in this hell hole. 
I know you have been kidnapped, just as we have been, by those bandits, who profits of all or work." 

tibm320.jpg (199202 byte)

The kind woman leaves her again shortly after. 
She has to get back to her work, before anybody misses her. 

Christina is again left alone standing in the freezing water.  None of the vast number of transport slaves passing her takes any notice of her. 
A slave chained to the wall as punishment, is too common a site down here. 

tibm321.jpg (161326 byte)

In the meanwhile work continues 
up in the tunnels. 



tibm322.jpg (184373 byte)

Suddently the ceiling falls in
 seriously injuring one of the new girls. 

tibm323.jpg (227752 byte)

Workers from a neighbouring shaft, 
have brocken through the wall. 

tibm324.jpg (190538 byte)

"Move it ! -  Get in and prop up the ceiling, 
before more damage is done." 

When the foreman says more damage, he is not talking about the wounded slave.  She means nothing.  What he is talking about is, that tunnel has to be repared as fast as possible, so work can continue. 

tibm325.jpg (251245 byte)

"Get moving fat sow! 
Get in and help support the celing." 

Maria has come to herself again 
after her punishment for sleeping.  
She is now more eager than ever 
to show her efficients. 

tibm326.jpg (228681 byte)

The frightened slaves runs as fast as they can 
in their chains, afraid of more punishments. 

tibm327.jpg (162319 byte)

When work finaly can continue, 
they all have to strain themselfs to over their limits. 

tibm328.jpg (155808 byte)

Oh - no!   We are so much behind! 
We must work much harder 
or our group will not reach the days quorta. 
Please let the foreman get a new girl very soon. 

tibm329.jpg (163327 byte)

Her prayers are heard. 

At the evening chaining, a new girl arrives 
from another shaft, and she seams very strong. 

 Tomorrow they will have a chance to meet their quotas and get something to eat again.  

tibm330.jpg (189445 byte)

The next morning Christina is loosened from the wall in the flooded lover tunnel, and crawls back to her own shaft, more dead than alive, to continue work.  

tibm331.jpg (232492 byte)

Reparement works - 

This means she will not get anything to eat today. 
How cruel can the foreman get?

If that kind woman hadnīt given her half of her ration the day before, Christina would have been in deep trouble now." 

tibm332.jpg (179635 byte)

With certainty - 

Christina will never again question any order. 
From now on she will obey no matter what ! 

tibm333.jpg (165387 byte)

As she strolls through the tunnel to where she now is ordered to fill baskets with coals, 
she feels strangely relieved.  

As if it was a walk through the garden at her parentīs large estate, on her way to the afternoon coffee breack after a tennis lesson. 

tibm334.jpg (244611 byte)

Sigh - One more task of endless work. 
 But so what? 

tibm335.jpg (249420 byte)

The next hours she fills one basket after another. 
But her minds are somehow elswhere.
As if the work is not important anymore. 

Then she is ordered to load the tipper waggons. 

tibm336.jpg (246109 byte)

"Hurry up girl ! 
As soon as you have finished loading that tipper waggon, you go working with the pickaxe." 

What kind of life is this? 
Why not lie down and die. 
Iīam never going to leave this place anyway. 

tibm337.jpg (237892 byte)

"Please donīt give up! 

We will be punished too. 
Iīam pregnant, and so are Holly and Jane. 
We MUST get something to eat."

tibm338.jpg (264549 byte)

Christina puts herself together again and continues 
working  with the heavy pickaxe. 

  Martha, the young pregnant girl is right. 
The whole group is punished, if one slacks off. 

tibm339.jpg (178936 byte)

At last one more horrible day is over. 

A whole 5 hours of sleep awaits. 

Tomorrow she will have to work hard! 
She MUST reach her quota! 
Not only for her own sake, 
but also for the other poor women ! 

tibm340.jpg (164607 byte)

Weak from not have eaten the day before Christina crawls to her work place, as soon as her leg irons have been unlocked from her necklace. 

tibm341.jpg (247461 byte)

She is determined, that she from today she will work as hard as possible, so it will not be her fault, if the group fails to meet the quotas. 

tibm342.jpg (123041 byte)

Hour after hour slowly passes 
as she ignores all pain and swings 
the heavy pickaxe with all force. 

tibm343.jpg (183559 byte)

in the afternoon she is ordered to fill baskets. 

tibm345.jpg (188791 byte)

 All day long a steady stream of full loaded trolleys are 
pushed up to the gates leaving the mine. 

tibm344.jpg (132430 byte)

"Push harder - Lazy slut!" 

The last 100 yards to the surface 
the track goes steep upwards, so the slaves 
have to use all their strengh. 

tibm346.jpg (263761 byte)

"Oh - No !  Poor Julia." 

She had always told everybody, she was sure her family sometime would find her 
and get her out from her. 
Now they will never know, what have becomne of their once so pretty and cheerful daughter and sister. 

tibm347.jpg (204975 byte)

Only an hour later a freashly 
abducted young woman arrives 
to take Juliaīs place. 

tibm348.jpg (292260 byte)

Lisa is in a poor health. 
She has long suffered from a painful abscess, and once again she has failed her work quota, and has got nothing to eat. 


tibm349.jpg (151940 byte)

That evening Christina feels very sorry for herself. 

"Today Julia went to the bone pit, 
and soon Lisa might also go. 
They have both been slaves for 3 years. 
I have only been here about 3 months. 
How long will I survive?"  

tibm350.jpg (179130 byte)

Soon the exhausted slaves sleeps. 
But there is never completely silent 
in the dark and humid galleries. 

There are always some kind of noise . 
Regularly some one wakes up screaming from a
nightmare or suffering from cramps in her legs, or a homesick girl or two sobbing somewhere in the dark. 

tibm351.jpg (180642 byte)

"Get up lazy slut!" 

Dazed Christina tries to sit up. 
A few seconds ago she was dreaming of home, 
now she is back in the brute reality 
facing a new long day in the mine. 

Why does he always kick me so hard?
I would have obeyed him anyway. 

tibm352.jpg (230852 byte)

Moments later Christina is running to the elevators
with the days first heavy load . 
One more 19 hours work day has begone. 

tibm353.jpg (147449 byte)

Today Lisa is once more put to maintenance work. 
This means one more day with no food. 

The foreman has noticed, 
that Lisa is suffering from  the abscess. 
Just as well use her to do this kind of work. 
No reasone to waste food on sick slaves. 

tibm354.jpg (216353 byte)

After about 10 hours of continuously toil, 
the work is interrupted by 
Mrs. Brown and her assistant 
arriving with the food. 

tibm355.jpg (179088 byte)

"Thank you Mrs. - Thank you!" 

The most have reached their quotas, 
but others have not. 
"You two in behind - What are you doing here? 
Lazy girls donīt eat !
Get back to work immediately or you will get caned!" 

tibm356.jpg (177462 byte)

The newest girl turns her back to the others. 
She is trying not to vomit, by looking the other way, while those slaves, who have reached their quotas, swallows the rotten mess as if they where pigs. 


tibm357.jpg (196282 byte)

Christina feels a short moment of happiness, 
while she holds the sticky mess in her hands. 

The bad smell donīt disturb her anymore. 
Her stomach is screaming of hunger, and
the odour from her own unwashed body and filthy clothes overshadows that from her food. 

tibm358.jpg (251452 byte)

"Back to work! 
Push harder or shall I call Maria?" 
After a few minutes the lunch breack is over. 
There are only 9 more hours of work 
before it is time to sleep. 

tibm359.jpg (221651 byte)

After the break Christina is put to maintenance work. 

Oh-no !
Iīam already hungry again, 
but because of this extra work, 
I donīt have a chance to meet my next quota.