The Mine part 5. 
Christinaīs story continues

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2 months have gone.
Christina donīt know it, because she has lost all tracks of time, but it is today, she should have been married to her fiancé through the last 1― years. 

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But because she made that stop, on her way to surprice him, in what she feels is so long ago, it is only going to be just another day in the mine. 

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Ah  - Itīs good to stretch the arms before getting up. 

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Now he comes!
 I must try to look as humble as possible. 
Then he maybe willnīt hit me so hard. 

tibm222.jpg (191062 byte)

"Aarh - Ow!" 

"Quiet slut! - Today you do repairing works, before you begine with the pickaxe. 
Carry  those logs down to tunnel 5, 
and fit them to the ceiling."

tibm223.jpg (168697 byte)

"Come on - Move your fat arse! - 
I will tell Maria to punish you, 
if you are not finished  within an hour." 

tibm225.jpg (186984 byte)

Repairment works! - 
This means, she will get nothing to eat today. 
But still she has to work as hard as possible, if she wants to avoid being beaten. 

tibm226.jpg (126620 byte)

Tunnel 5 lies a long way down the shaft. 
Christina knows, she has to run all the way with the heavy log on her shoulder, if she donīt want to be punished. 

tibm224.jpg (175598 byte)

Finally she is there, and carefuly 
she takes the log down from her shoulder.  
Logs are expensive, and it is forbidden the slaves just to drop them. 

tibm228.jpg (144877 byte)

She hurries back to fetch the next one.

Not seeing the foreman or Maria anywhere, Christina stops briefly to button her blouse, before she continues running with the second log. 

In despite of the miserable conditions she lives in, she is still conscious about letting anybody seeing her breasts.  But her blouse is very worn and very soon the buttons slips up again. 

tibm227.jpg (196657 byte)

After having fetched them, 
she also has to raise and fit them correctly. 

tibm229.jpg (187993 byte)

As soon as Christina is finished with the maintenance work, she has to go back to work with the pickaxe, but now she is so much behind, she will not have any chance to meet her daily quota. 

tibm230.jpg (237827 byte)

Just as well use some seconds putting up the hair. 

 Uh! - She donīt like anybody sees her breasts. 

tibm231.jpg (226205 byte)

 She buttons up her blouse, trying to look as respectable as possible, but the last 2 months have taken their toll on both her clothes and her body.  Her breasts are not as firm anymore, as they used to be, and her blouse can only stay buttoned, if she dosnīt move. 

tibm232.jpg (232237 byte)

Better get back to her work place, 
before Maria misses her. 

 She had been allowed one hour to finish the repairments works, but as her wristwatch was taken away form her, the day she arrived to this horrible place, she never knows, how long time she has left. 

tibm233.jpg (134855 byte)

On her way back, Christina catches a glimpse of daylight at the end of a tunnel.  A black girl sees her reaction, and look her straight in her eyes, with an expression saying:  "Donīt try doing it!" 

She willnīt, Christina knows, she will be shot at once, if she makes any attempt to escape. 

tibm234.jpg (123528 byte)

Christina starts working. 
There are 18 hours to sleeping time, and today she willnīt even get a small breack at eating time. 
tibm235.jpg (150068 byte)

Hour after hour passes slowly, while all the women and girls in the mine strains themselvs to the outmost, 
 trying to avoid the cane,. 

tibm236.jpg (178061 byte)

They know, that Maria at all time sneaks around, ready to punish any slave, who dosnīt work hard enough. 

tibm237.jpg (177589 byte)

Feeling the slightest suspection, that Maria maybe is watching them, makes the slaves work even harder than normally. 

tibm238.jpg (202632 byte)

But if anybody slacks off. 
 Maria seems always to be on the spot. 
Nina is trying to get back her breath, when Maria comes sneaking.  It is not the first time Maria surprises the former waitress in taking a break. 

tibm239.jpg (224385 byte)

"Lazy blond bitch - You dare shirk from work. 
You will get 20 strocks in the evening, but if I catch you cheating on me only once more, I will strangle you!" 

tibm240.jpg (149246 byte)

"Good girl Sally - 
Continue working!" 

Sally is a very good worker. 
Being a little mentally behind, but equiped with a very strong body, she never thinks about any other thing, but to please mistress Maria, by working harder than anybody els. 

tibm241.jpg (175561 byte)

In the meantime Christina has been working at high speed all morning.  Feeling sick and weak of hunger, and feeling a growing pressure in her bladder, 
she slows down a bit. 

tibm243.jpg (169374 byte)

She stops and listens, if she can hear anyone is comming this way.  She has never liked to feel her pee running down her legs, and will like to sit down while emptying her bladder. 

tibm244.jpg (128082 byte)

"Ah - This is nice!" 
Christina thinks, while she listens to the splashing sound between her feet. 

tibm245.jpg (232258 byte)


"Wasting time sitting and pissing. 
You can do that while standing up working, lazy cow. 
Cows piss and shit standing!" 

tibm246.jpg (174930 byte)

One of the heavy blows hits her right on her head 
and leaves Christina unconscious, but this donīt worry Maria at all. 

She knows, that one slave more or less donīt mean a thing, and if a girl dies, a new one will be delivered as a replacement, within only a few hours. 

tibm247.jpg (158428 byte)

As soon as Maria has gone, a young black girl kneels down at Christinaīs side.  
The whole group will be punished, if one is not working, so she must try to wake her up as soon as possible, so she can resume her work, before Maria gets back. 

What should have been her wedding day, and the most wonderfull day in a young womanīs life, had by fate been one of the worst days until now instead.  

tibm248.jpg (197280 byte)

When Christina wakes up again, she is chained for the night..  She has a throbbing bump on her head and a giant headache.  She is also not that popular with the other slaves in her group.  
They have all received 20 strokes as a punishment for Christinaīs disobedience. 

tibm249.jpg (172138 byte)

Very early the next morning all the women and girls from all over the mine runs or crawls to their work places, and work begines. 

tibm250.jpg (174214 byte)

On her way to her work place, Christina again catches a glimpse of the early daylight.  Again a young woman tells her with her eyes, that she must never try to escape.  She has seen 2 desperate slaves try, one of them was her own sister, and both are now lying in the bone shaft. 

 It is impossible to get past the barred gates, as they can only open one at a time, and they are always closely guarded by an armed guard. 

tibm251.jpg (254252 byte)

Never mind - Christina thinks.  
She has for a long time given up any realistic hope of getting free again.  The only thing that matters now is to work hard, so she can get something to eat every day. 

tibm252.jpg (183474 byte)

Yesterday she had to go hungry, because she couldnīt meet her quota, because she had to begine the day doing repairment works, and later she had missed some hours, because of the stroke on her head. 

Today she must eat, so she strains to her limits all day, without any kind of break. 

tibm253.jpg (166872 byte)

Finaly, after what feels like an eternity, she can hear mrs. Brown and her assistant. 

tibm254.jpg (156866 byte)

Ah - Food! 
Today she is lucky!
Christina quickly licks her hands clean for the sticky mess, so she can continue her work.  
 The only thing she must think of now, is to fulfil the next quota, so she can get something 
to eat again tomorrow. 

tibm255.jpg (208226 byte)

Hour after hour passes with monotonous toil. 

tibm256.jpg (207947 byte)

Suddently a large piece of coal falls out from the wall, and a dirty but pretty face appears.  It is a girl from the neighbouring shaft, who has digged into the one Christina belongs. 
She is just as shocked as Christina, and for a short moment they both laugh at each other. 

tibm257.jpg (206516 byte)

The girl disappear back to her own shaft, and Christina continue hacking out the heavy coals. 

They hadnīt dared saying anything to each other.  The risk that some one would have told Maria, was to big.  The punishment for talking is very very hard. 

tibm258.jpg (192751 byte)

Because of the hard living conditions in the mine, 
the demand, to acquire new women to work 
down in it,  is constant. 

Some times the sheriff is fortunate enough to get hold of more women at one time, like here, when he can fetch 3 new slaves. 

Doreen had a small canteen, but couldnīt pay her bills, so both she (Standing in the dark dress at the right in the picture.) , her cook (In the middel.) and her waitress were arrested and taken to court. 

An hour later they could be seen running crying through the town all the way to the mine area.   

tibm259.jpg (165134 byte)

At other times, the capture is more meagre. 

Tessa Reeves was the daugher of the owner of  the towns beauty parlour.  When her mother suddenly died, the creditores wanted their money immediately. 

Deptors normaly goes the farms,  but after having viewed her carefully, the judge decided to let the slight young girl go straightly to the mine.  

Tessa was well-liked in town, and the judge thought it was a bad idea, if people she knew, accidentally should see the pretty young woman been beaten into a cripple,  because she was to weak to work hard.  What happens in the mine, nobody would see. 

The slaves in the mine were not pleased to see her. 

tibm260.jpg (152508 byte)

Oh - No!  What a weakling!

Why did they put her in our group?
She will soon get us in trouble. 
Maria beats us all, if only one canīt work hard enough. 

 Well - Maybe my pickaxe accidently will slip? 
I donīt think, neither the foreman nor Maria will mind, if that little doll soon goes to the bone pit ! 

tibm261.jpg (274057 byte)

Then again other times the sheriff is more lucky. 

Jill Harding is the mother of two and has always been a hard working woman.  
When her husband decides to marry a younger woman, Jill is not surprised, when the sheriff comes to fetch her.  As a local citizen, she has a slight knowledge about both the prison farms and the mine, and about who were working there. 

tibm262.jpg (213746 byte)

Like all the others, Christina is very curious, 
when new girls are brought in. 

tibm263.jpg (164212 byte)

Oh - Thatīs good!  This one looks strong. 
Hope she shall work in our group. 
After having spend a long time as forced labours, none  of them feels any pitty for their new colleagues. 

Only thing that counts, is that they are strong. 

tibm264.jpg (188091 byte)

And being strong is an absolutely necessary, 
if a slave shall survive for just a number of years 
down here, before she breaks down.

tibm265.jpg (277634 byte)

But being fully muscled up, after working for years, is not a guarantee, for further survivial. 
Accidents and illness also takes their toll. 

tibm266.jpg (246417 byte)

Linda Johanson had long been one of the best workers, when she suddently after having been a slave for 8 years, suffers a serious muscle rupture. 

Maria kicked her hard and shouted at her,
when she found her like this, 
but soon found out, what was wrong. 

There are no room for slaves, who canīt work, so the  same evening Linda was dropped into the bone pit . 

Linda was then 29 years old. 

tibm267.jpg (200252 byte)

All the head girls have their favorits 
among the slaves. 

"Good girl - We black ones will always 
be the best workers! " 
tibm268.jpg (209072 byte)

But all the white ones also tries to do their best. 

Christina has become more and more accustomed 
to her new life.  To work as hard as possible, to eat and sleep,  are all she thinks about, and she seldom worries about her looks any more. 

tibm269.jpg (227390 byte)

Only if somebody in between reminds her 
 about her appearance. 
While waiting to be chained for the night, a young black girl some times comes and bullies her. 
Maria never punishes her for talking. 

"Hey - White bimbo - 
You no longer pretty girl. 
Now you are only stinking shit!
Arnīt you happy about that?"

Then Christina always cries herself into sleep. 
She never dares talk back. 

tibm270.jpg (273951 byte)

Early the next morning work contiues. 
Christina has again forgotten all about her looks, and only thinks about her work. 

Hour after hour passes slowly, while she hacks out loads after loads of coals. 


tibm271.jpg (257718 byte)

Finally she can hear mrs. Brownīs assistant calling, and hurries through the long narrow tunnel.

tibm272.jpg (224585 byte)

"Sorry girls!   The can is empty. 
The last of you must wait for tomorrow!"

tibm273.jpg (135004 byte)

The lucky women eats greadly. 
 Many of them, like the German immigrant Helga, saves time by emptying their bowels at the same time. 

tibm274.jpg (138534 byte)

The other slaves gloats over Christina, while they greadly lickīs the sticky mess of their hands. 

In their joyless lives, any kind of amusement is welcome, specially bullying a girl,. who was in a worse situation, than themselves. 

tibm276.jpg (200165 byte)

Ha, ha - So you must go hungry too! 
The face of a woman on maintenance work 
seams to say, as she passes. 

tibm275.jpg (177216 byte)

A pretty young mulato slave walks up in front of Christina, and slowly licks her hands clean with an expression, as if it was the finest chocolate, and and not the rotten mess it really is. 

tibm277.jpg (209202 byte)

"Baa! - So the little rich bimbo got to late for dinner. 
Now you must wait for tomorrow, and see if you will get anything then!" 

tibm278.jpg (280829 byte)

Oh -No!  Iīam so hungry! 
Itīs so unfair! 
I have been working so hard. 
Why do nobody care for me? Sub! 

tibm279.jpg (166150 byte)

But nobody knowing she is there, cares for  
if a slave lives or dies from hunger.  

Every time a slave goes to the bone pit, the sheriff sees to, that a new unlucky  woman is brought into the mine, to take her place.  

Production will always be kept up! 

tibm280.jpg (183980 byte)

Carl  feels a sneaking suspicion, 
after he has taken over a slave named Lea Raminez from another shaft.  Why did the other foreman not want to keep her?  She is tall and her body looks healthy, but she seams mentaly brocken, and reacts as she has already given up everthing. 

The girl has only been a slave for a few days, after been arrested for hitchhiking.  But she is already heavily beaten up, and walks to work in an very apathetic way. 

tibm281.jpg (242641 byte)

Carlīs suspicion is not wrong. 
Only two weeks after Lea has been brought to his part of the mine, she collapses. 

tibm282.jpg (155886 byte)

Christina looks on in horror, as the trash collector drags the dead girl away to the bone pit. 

tibm283.jpg (147036 byte)

Ugh  - She`s so heavy.  Lazy fat slut ! 
She havnīt been working much. 
Because of her, I might not meet my quota today. 

Shit ! 

tibm284.jpg (237567 byte)

Her irons isnīt worn yet. 
They can be used again on another girl. 

Damned bitch! - You have cost us money. 
The compagny ought to charge your parents for a compensation for letting you travel on hollyday

tibm285.jpg (225304 byte)

"Down you go - Lazy bitch !
Say hallo to all the others, who 
lies down there. 
Most of them were better workers than you." 

tibm286.jpg (170072 byte)

Noo - Poor girl ! 
She hadnīt even been here, as long as I have. 
Please God,  I want to live !  
Give me strength, so I can work hard enough! 

tibm287.jpg (240632 byte)

Christina quickly puts herself together,
and resumes her work. 

tibm288.jpg (232722 byte)

"I have to eat tomorrow - I have to eat !" 
She repearts again and again to herself, 
as she toils on with the coals. 

tibm289.jpg (227800 byte)

Only an hour after Leaīs demise, a freshly captured slave is brought in to join the group, and everything is back to normal again.