White slaves in North Africa  

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Between 1 million and 1.25 million Europeens were captured by Barbary pirats who were vassals of the Ottoman Empire, and sold as slaves between the 16th and 19th centuries.  These slaves were captured mainly from seaside villages from Italy, Spain, Portugal and also from more distant places like France, or England, the Netherlands, Ireland and even Iceland and North America. At one occurrence a Barbary pirat ship was seen near the Danish coast at the entrance to the Baltic sea.  The impact of these attacks was devastating France, England and Spain each lost thousands of ships, and long stretches of the Spanish and Italian coasts were almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants. Pirate raids discouraged settlement along the coast until the 19th century. 

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This is one of these pirat ships on the way home, after a successful raid. 

This cargo is allowed to come up on the deck five at a time, to get some fresh air, 
before being stowed back into the crammed hold again. 

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Immediately after docking
the new slaves were lead directly
from the ship to the slave prison. 

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No one takes any notice of the long line 
of naked women walking through the streets. 

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It is a long walk, as the slave prison is 
located fare from the port, to prevent 
any slave should escape and try to 
stow away on a foreign merchant ship. 

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Locked up in the slave prison awaiting to 
be be sold, there was no difference if she 
was a former countess, maid or
peasant girl

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The most beautiful girls were shown to 
the buyers from the most distinguished 
slave dealers, who had clients among 
the richest noblemen.

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Those who were not virgins, sturborn, or 
to plain looking to fetch much, 
were put on sale in common stores, 
where they usually were sold to brothels or 
as scullery maids.