The dungeons

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The story of Henriette von Richter.
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Henriette von Richter was the only daughter of a succesfull businessman.
Her parents had brought her up very strictly , so when they both died in an accident, and Henritte in the young age of 18 inherited the whole of the large fortune, she felt it more as a relief than a sorrow. 

Unfortunately the young immature woman had no idea of finances, and begane living a life in luxury and plenty.  Her house was always filled with friends, who ate and drank on her´s expences.  She bought expencive clothes to herself, and had musicians to entertain her every day.  Once she had an artist to come and make an expencive painting of her. 

 After two years all of the fortune was gone, and she was now deep in debt. 
A merchant, to whom she owed a great deal of money, came to her house, tied her hands at her back and lead her to the town´s prison, with a rope around her neck. 

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"Ha -ha !  Please stop teasing me.  These chains are scratching my ankles.  Tell the jailor to remove them quickly, and let us go home and get some wine!" 
But it was not a joke!  The jailor on the contrary also fitted her with wrist chains, took away her shoes and jewellery, and  locked her into a foul cell. 

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One week later the merchant returned to ask her to write to her friends and distant relatives, and ask them for money to pay her debt.  

Frightened and ready to do anything, to be let out of this horrible place, she did as she was told, and wrote to all she knew asking for help. 


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Nobody answered her letters ! 
Now her money was gone, so were her friends. 

Realizing that his money was lost, the merchant got very angry, and ordered her to be chained by her neck to the wall and only to be feed with mouldy bread and water. 

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Henriette remained in prison, to her death! 

Now in modern times, turists, who visits the town´s museum,  might se an old painting of a beautiful young woman.  None of them knows, that this woman paid for the painting and her abundance way of living, with 30 years of suffering and need.