The dungeons
Part 2.

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Hannelore became in an young age, the sole heiress to her parents large fortune. 
Being a woman, she was not  allowed to manage her fortune by herself, but was according to the law assigned a guardian, until she would get married   Unfortunately to Hannelore it was her cousin Randolf, whom she had always disliked, who was appointed to look after her.  

Only a month after he had become her guardian,  Randolf suddently arrived to her house together with some soldiers, and accused her for having spend some of her money, without his permission. 

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"No - you canīt do this! 
I can not show my self naked before these men.
Please - Let me keep some modesty." 

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"No - Your Honour, I have never stolen anything. 
It was my money.  I had to pay my maid and my servants their wages, and I had to give the cook some money, so he could buy food in the market."

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"Owww - Please - Let me down! 

Yes- I used the money
 with out my guardians permission.

Please - please , let me down.  It hurts!"

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Hannelore stands still for a long time, while she looks at her future home.  The sound of the heavy door being slammed and locked still echoes in her head.  The moisten stone floor feels cold under her bare feet, and the stench of old mould and urin  are overwhelming.

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With a rattle of her chains, she sits down.
  A thief!  They had convicted her as a thief! 

She is now to spend the rest of her life in prison. 
Oh - No! 
And they had not even given her some of her own clothes back.  Instead they had given her a old filthy shift, which had belonged to a dead prisoner.

How could things ever become worse than this. 

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The only comfort is a small barred window high in the wall.  She canīt see anything els through it, than another wall opposite, also with small barred windows.  Sometimes she can hear female screams comming from them.  But most of the time it is only quiet. 



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Time passes slowly.  The only event is, when once a day a small hatch in the bottom of the door is opened, and a dollop of lumpy porridge is slapped throught it unto the floor. 

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Besides the daily meals, there are nothing to do.  Days and months look alike, and as all other prisoners, Hannelore spends most of her time lying on the floor trying to sleep and dream herself out in the freedom.  


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One day she hears voices out side her cell. 
 Someone unbolts the heavy door and pushes it open. 
A young man, whom she remembers having seen once before at a ball, while her parents were still alive, enteres, while a guard stay outside. 

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"Do you remember me Hannelore?  I am Rofus.  I am the son of your dear cousin Randolf.  My honourable father has asked me to marry you, even you are a thief.

  You will of course be brought back here again, as soon as the ceremony is over. We canīt risk, you go around stealing again.  I will not waste one more hour than necessary on a bag of dirt like you. You smell worse than a pigsty."

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"Thief ? The only thiefs here are you and your corrupt father!  He has stolen my life from me, and now he will use you to steal all, what is left. 
No! - I will never marry you!  You ----!" 

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That night Hannelore can hardly move. 
The guard had come Rofus to rescue, and had beaten Hannelore mercyless, until she had remained unconscious on the floor. 

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For 2 days she is left lying on the floor, before she once more is brought before the court. 




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First a condemned thief, and now a violent criminal

Only one punishment is satisfactory, against such a dangerous felon.  While people spits at her and empties their chamber pots over her, she is brought to the towns square. 

Things has changed a lot for poor Hannelore, since she was the daughter of the richest man in town.  Now her dear cousine and guardian Randolf will inherit her entire fortune.