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Southern chain gang!
Daily life at the farm. 

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"Get up lazy sluts !     Pooh - You stink worse than a  pigsty. 
You are going to work  at the mayorīs farm today, 
so we better have you all washed down at the river before going to work." 

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"A bath? Are we really allowed to wash today?" 

For once  the convicts are seen smiling, and are chatting to each other in a girlish way.

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All extept one.  One girl is not going to the river. 
Laura talked back to an overseer yesterday. 
After receiving a heavy lashing she was hung by her thumbs, where she will stay hanging all day. 

189.jpg (209741 byte)

For once the overseer didnīt have to urge the slave workers to run faster.  The prospect of having a bath and be able to wash some of the dirt of their bodies, made the girls go the three and a half miles to the river in record time. 

190.jpg (253985 byte)

"Come on - Strip off your dresses ! 
None of you have anything I havenīt seen before." 

Several of the convicts are from good families and most of them are virgins.  They are only here because of debts, or have simply been kidnappet as cheap labours while traveling alone through the county.  Showing their naked bodies before a man, is still very unnatural for them. 

191.jpg (169834 byte)

"Donīt try to swim over to the other bank ! 
I will shoot any one who tries, 
without further warning."

192.jpg (175867 byte)

Oh - It is good to get some of all that dirt washed off ! 
But swimming across the river?  Even if he was not there with his rifle, it would be impossible with these heavy leg irons.

193.jpg (203225 byte)

"Come up all of you !  This is enough bathing for today.   You are clean enough now."

194.jpg (156706 byte)

"Get finished girl ! 
There is a 2 hours march to the mayorīs farm, and there are a lot of work, for you to do there before evening."

tibw010.jpg (179020 byte)

"Now the next five girls -
 Get into the water and get yoursselfs cleaned up in a hurry, so we can all get going. 
The major donīt like to wait for his labours." 

tibw011.jpg (179680 byte)

Linda pulls of her sweaty frock. 
She is in a better mood today, than she has been at any time durring the last 6 months.  Not since she got the careless idea to travel home alone from college to spend Christmass with her parents.  This might be her big chance.  The river is not that wide, and the state border is only a few miles away on the other side. 

tibw012.jpg (148630 byte)

"Hey - Come Lisa. 
 Lets get into the water, 
and see who can swim fastest."


tibw013.jpg (147610 byte)

"Whatīs she so happy about? 
They canīt swim with those heavy irons"
Irina - a Russian immigrant now serving a life sentence working of debts for her family, says for herself . 
"I better keep an eye on them."


tibw014.jpg (186302 byte)

"Lisa, is he looking this way?" 

"No - But please donīt try.  
We canīt get away from here!"


tibw015.jpg (139717 byte)

But Linda knows, she has to try now, even it is nearly impossible to swim with the leg irons, if she shall ever have any chance to regain her freedom. 

She is two times diving champion at college, but the bad prison food and harsh conditions at the farm, have already weakened her body. She knows, if she waits for the next time, the are allowed to bath in the river, she will have become to weak to swim so fare.   

tibw016.jpg (192629 byte)

Totally exhausted Linda tries to climp up slippery mud on the other bank. 

tibw017.jpg (199357 byte)

"Look Master!" Irina calls from down the river. 
"Look over at the other side! 
She is trying to escape!" 

tibw018.jpg (202415 byte)

BANG - Owww---

tibw019.jpg (261202 byte)

"Stupid girl! Now we have to do your work to." 
Irina thinks.
 Good she didnīt get away, or we had all been punish. 

It was not always because of the slaves being to filthy, they were allowed a bath. 
Most of the overseers didnīt care, if the girls stank or not. 
But some of them had
quite a different reason, for taking the girls to the river.  
tibw020.jpg (267360 byte)

"Oh - oh!  The boss is going to town today!"

tibw021.jpg (247616 byte)

This means that they are left alone 
with Bart and Rory all day. 
All the slaves know, what that means. 

tibw022.jpg (154427 byte)

"Get those clothes off, fat bitch!" 

tibw023.jpg (193455 byte)

There is a nervous atmosphere among the girls, 
as they strip.  Usually it is a cheerful event, when they seldom are allowed a bath in the river, 
but not together with Bart and Rory. 
Who will they pick this time? 

tibw027.jpg (231460 byte)

One by one, the slaves strips and goes into the water. 

tibw031.jpg (209709 byte)

Kathy unties the string holding up her chains. 

tibw024.jpg (195035 byte)

She quickly peels off her dress, 
and turns to go into the water. 

tibw025.jpg (247920 byte)

"Hey - You!  Come here - You better go with us!"

tibw026.jpg (187764 byte)

"Why do they never pick me?" 
Sara says with a low voice. 

tibw028.jpg (221763 byte)

"I heard you! - How could you ever belive, 
they would be interested in your fat Jewish arse? 
 We are plenty of white women here!" 

tibw029.jpg (190261 byte)

Fat Jewish arse! - Itīs so unfare! 
My behind is not fat. 
Itīs only because Iīam Jewish, they never picks me! 

tibw030.jpg (272362 byte)

The break isnīt long. 
After only half an hour, 
the girls are orderet to dress. 

Work is waiting. 

At the end of the day 
poor Kathy is orderet to undress again.
When they also removed her leg irons, 
she got nervous.

tibw032.jpg (279809 byte)

"Worthless bitch.  You were no good! 
I shall see to, you will never spoil my day again." 

tibw033.jpg (195111 byte)

"You will hang here all night, 
and tomorrow you will go to the mine. 
We canīt risk having any pregnant 
white sluts out here!" 

Then all the other girls gets a lesson, 
Before they are alowed to sleep.

tibw034.jpg (268193 byte)

"You better be quiet about today! 
If you say anything, you will get more of this." 

tibw035.jpg (185328 byte)

"Get in slut! - You know, what will happen, 
if you say anything to anybody!" 

tibw036.jpg (145400 byte)

The field slaves soon falls asleep. 
It has only been just another day at the farm. 
No one will tell the boss or anyone, what happened today.  Itīs forbidden to exploit the convicts sexualy, but who will believe a slave, and to tell will only mean more pain and punishments for them all. 
Sara is the last of them, to fall into sleep. 
Maybe she is a bit jealous? 

Early the next morning work continues. 
That Kathy is gone, dosnīt surprise the field labors. 
Itīs not uncommon, a girl disappears. 
Usually to some place, they call the Mine. 
The only thing, that bothers them, is that they have to do her work to, until a new slave arrives. 
Hope it will not be long! 

tibw038.jpg (165274 byte)

Very early the next morning the still dead tired field slaves are aroused to a new day of toil. 

tibw039.jpg (233858 byte)

But this morning there is good news ! 

They all chear up, when they hear, that durring the night not only a single girl, but a whole family has been arrested by the Sheriff, and 3 of them have been send here as a replacement for Kathy, so now they will not have to do extra work.  

tibw040.jpg (191446 byte)

The walk to the farm which has leased them 
this month takes almost 2 hours. 


tibw041.jpg (336861 byte)

As soon as the slaves are loosened from the transport chain they begine to work. 

tibw042.jpg (300967 byte)

Susan looks over the endless dry field. 

"Arh - Ten long hours before we can go home again. 
But today we will be plenty of workers, even the new ones have to learn." 

The last to be be loosened from the chain 
are the 3 new slaves.  

tibw043.jpg (289948 byte)

"Please ! - This is a terrible mistake ! 
We are not prostitutes, and where is my mother?" 
The Sheriff had late in the evening received the message, that a family consisting of 4 females with no male accompany, were among the passengers on the night  train passing through to New York.  

When the train stopped at midtnight at the local station to get new supplies of coal and water, some of the Sheriffīs men entered the sleeping wagon.  

The conductor received a nice reward, and none of the other passengers seamed to have noticed anything. 

tibw044.jpg (302336 byte)

"Shut up - and start working! 

There is no mistake in you being here. 
And for your mother she has been brought to  a nice place which is called the Mine. 

If you and your two younger twin sisters are good girls and work very hard, you might also be allowed to go there at fall, when the harvest is over." 

tibw045.jpg (375482 byte)

At long last it is noon. 
This means an half an hour rest, 
to get back the breath and a chance to 
attend the inevitable wounds. 


For those who are behind, 
there are no rest. 

tibw046.jpg (225444 byte)

"Continue working, lazy bitch !
You better catch up with the others."

tibw047.jpg (297340 byte)

The lucky ones sits or lie down as 
comfortable as it is possible on the hard dirt
under the hot sun. 

In half an hour work will continue, 
and there are no more breacks before evening. 

tibw048.jpg (397933 byte)

Lorna and Kathleen are rather new in the fields. 
They had been best friends since school, and after they both had married, they had been neighbours. 
Now fate seams to have decided, that they also shall spend their lives together in chains. 

Both Lornaīs and Kathleenīs husbands had begune to gamble, and after a poker game with the sheriff, they where both in great debts. 

tibw049.jpg (307368 byte)

The breack is over and work continues. 

tibw050.jpg (218006 byte)

"Oh - Itīs so hot ! 
And this used dress smells from itīs former owner. 
But at least me and Kathleen donīt have to worry 
about our husbands.   Now they are out of debts, they are free to remarry and get on with their lives." 

As the good wifes Lorna and Kathleen are, they know it is their duty to take over their husbands debts. 

Even they find their new lives very hard, none of them dreams of escaping.

tibw051.jpg (253986 byte)

If only all slaves were so easy
as Lorna and Kathleen ! 

 But no !
The overseer is more and more fed up with one. 
 It is 19 year old Sylvia.  She has been nothing but trouble, since she was brought here after been arrested on a highway motel, while passing through the county alone in her car. 

She has never worked as hard as the others, and even she has been repeatly seriously beaten and punished, she still cares so much about her appearance, that she always wear a pice of cloths around her head, so the sun shall not burn her face or ruin her fine hair. 

She truely believes, it is a fault she is here, and 
that someone soon will find out and rescue her. 

tibw052.jpg (274579 byte)

"Oh no!  Not again - That lazy pice of shit!" 

tibw054.jpg (148679 byte)

"I shall teach you ! 
20 strocks now and 20 more when 
we get home." 

tibw053.jpg (314025 byte)

"Are you never going to learn? 
You are here for life and the only thing 
that can keep you alive is if you work very hard." 

tibw055.jpg (236519 byte)

"Now get up and continue working!
I shall see to, you will not get as much as a seconds breack from now on !" 

 None of the other women feels any pity 
for Sylvia.  They also thinks she is lazy 
and are tirred of having to do her work too. 

tibw056.jpg (191099 byte)

At long last the sun sets and the women can see 
an end of one more day of work. 

tibw057.jpg (195275 byte)

Now the slaves can walk home to their hut, 
where they can get something to eat and get 
a nights rest.  Soon the sun will rise again, 
and another day of endless work will begine.