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Lee-Ann Halloway  Part 3.

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After a long drive back to the prison farm, Lee-Ann is home again, . 
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"Welcome back bitch ! "

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"Kneel down bitch !" 

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"I said down!"



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"When I say kneel down, I mean DOWN !  
 Donīt you understand anything bimbo?"

 "Now all of you, look at what happens 
 to a bitch who  goes straying !"

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The punishment begins with an hourīs beating with  the whip, while standing naked in the stocks. 


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Slash after slash burns down over her slight body.  


After the strokes, Lee-Ann is turned around in the stocks, so she can face her  spectators. 

She is ordered to say 200 times: 
"Thank you for the whipping ! 
I am so glad to be back ! 
I promise, I will never run away again.

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That night Lee-Ann is left to sleep on the ground 
outside under the cold sky.  



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"Wake up - Slut ! 
You have an important job to do today."




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"You are going to dig a hole 6 feet deep,  long and wide enough, so a lazy useless pig can lie down in it ."


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"Right there - Now get started ! 
That hole has to be 
finished before evening !"

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It hurts, when she she presses on the  shovel 
with her bare foot. 


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The poor girl weeps quietly, as she hacks at the hard surface.  She thinks of her mother and her sister, she will never see again.  The merciless sun beats down over her battered back, as she lift one shovelful of dusty dirt after another.  She is awfully thirsty but she does not dare ask for water. 

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"Hey! - Did I tell you to stop? 
Keep digging -
You will have plenty of time to rest, 
after that hole is finished."

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"Lazy bitch - You will stay here tonight
so you can think about, what is going to happen to you tomorrow.  The chain will see to that you will not run away again! "

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"Arhhh - Please stop !  " 

"Keep quiet slut !  -  This is nothing more 
than you deserve - Filthy thief !"

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He then beats her all over with his cane, until 
she is almost unconscious.  
Then he leaves her.

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Lee-Ann spends a long and dreadful night. 
The thought of tomorrow and the pain after the beatings keep her awake. 
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As the day breaks, she stares 
 at the dusty hole not darring to think for what to come. 

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"Good morning.  Hope you have slept well !  

Let me unlock that chain you 
have around your neck. 
No need to waste good iron. 

But your leg irons are riveted, so 
you will have to keep them on! "

tibl057.jpg (105581 byte)

" Useless pig! You have only been trouble for all of us ! 
This bullet is worth much more than you."

Two weeks later: 
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"So you are Sue Halloway - 
Just got rid of one Halloway, and then they send another one. "

Lee-Annīs twin sister Sue arrived to the farm. 
The authorities had decided to send her to the prison farm, so 
she could work off a part of the debts to the society, now 
that her sister had been executed. 

Sue spent the rest of her life in chains, until she died in the age of 40. 
She knew, she was here because of her sisterīs crime. 
She was always obedient, 
and she never even dreamed of running away. 

The end.