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Lee-Ann and her twin sister Sue had lived alone with their mother ever since their early childhood.
 They were poor but hard-working.  The mother did mostly cleaning and laundry jobs,
but managed to keep a decent home for herself and her daughters.

Lee-Ann proved to be an intelligent and diligent girl, and left school with very high grades.
 Six months ago she was very lucky to become employed as a trainee in the local bank.
She had a bright future ahead of her, but then her mother fell ill.
The doctorīs bills went up and up, and not even her employer would lend her the money.

Then one evening, she took $100 from the safe. She would put the money back as soon as possible - But...

"Miss Lee-Ann Halloway -  After considering the juryīs verdict, I see no other choice, than to sentence you to life imprisonment with hard labor for your crime.  You are to be taken to one of the stateīs detention farms, where you shall remain for the rest of your natural life. - Take her away!"

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"No! - Please have mercy Your Honor!  I only did it to help my mother!
I will never do such things again!  I shall pay it all back!  I promise - Please!"

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"Nooo - This canīt be true!
And the guard.  He laughed at me when I was crying.  He took away my shoes.  He said something about his daughter had always wished for such a pair. 
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"Come on out! - You better put your hair in a pony tail, as your hands will be kept bound all the way to the detention farm."

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"Your former boss has paid us to punish you extra by letting you run all the way to the farm.
You better not lose your breath or stumble!
ĻIīm not going to stop to pick you up again! 

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"Oh - no!  Please not so fast! -
I canīt - Please - No!

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But the sherif does not slow down.  After some time he even speeds up more, getting bored driving so slowly and wanting to get to the farm as soon he can, so he can get back home again and get himself a nice cold beer.

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When there is only a mile left, he speeds up even more, trying to see how fast Lee-Ann can run before she falls.

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Finally, just as they reach the gate, Lee-Ann collapses nearly unconscious, with bleeding feet and with her clothes soaked in sweat.

Left alone naked in a hut, told to wait for the overseer to come home from the fields in the evening, Lee-Ann slowly comes to her senses again.

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"Well - Well!  You have a good body girl!
Maybe also for other things than farm labor!
Now we will first get you chained and clothed.  After work tomorrow I will try you out."

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"No - I wonīt!  Please donīt touch me. 
 I shall work hard in the fields, but I donīt want to do that!  I am a virgin.  I have promised my mom to stay pure until I get married.  
You may just as well shoot me right now."

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"Shoot you?  No - That would be too easy an escape for you.  You little virgin thief. I shall teach you something else.  And tonight you'll remember better by having your thumbs broken!"

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"Look at that dirty little whore -  
She thinks she is better than us!"

 " Hey - You!  After having been hanging like that all night, you will never be able to hold a pen
and write anymore.  
You will only be a farm cunt, just like us."

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As soon as her thumbs are healed enough to hold a hoe, Lee-Ann is sent to the fields to work.

  Several months pass by.  Now she is only a smelly slave, the overseer has lost interest in her.  As time goes by, the thought of escape frequently comes to mind. She knows the punishment if she is caught, will be very hard, but she has to try if she wants to ever be free again.

Continues in part 2.