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Southern chain gang!
Jenny Larson.

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Jenny Larson is only 24 years old, but already is a widow.

After having lost all his fortune on the stock market, her dear
husband shot himself in the head, leaving his lovely young
wife to the mercy of his creditors.

Arriving at the court, for what she thinks is only a meeting with the
creditors, she is astonished to be handcuffed and sentenced to work off the debts by forced labour!
As a forced field labourer, it will take her at least 50 years before she is free again!

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"But Your Honor!  Mrs. Larson is an educated woman. 
For over a year she has been the secretary to the manager of our local bank.
She can pay all of her late husbandīs debts in 2 years or less, if you allow her her freedom!"

"You must understand Mr. Locan.  Mrs. Larson is a very young woman.  She is not yet 25.  I cannot take the responsibility that she  might run away.  Maybe to Mexico or Europe!

This is my decision!  -  Mrs. Jenny Larson, you are to be taken to the state detention farm, where you will remain until all of  your late husband Mr. B. Larsonīs remaining debts are paid! 
Case closed!"

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"Hey girls! - Say hello to Jenny.
She is going to stay with you
for a looong time!"

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"Strip off everything!  You wonīt
need any of those fancy clothes here!"

tib04.jpg (124739 byte)

"Put this on!  It will suit you much better!"

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"Itīs for your own security.  It keeps you girls from straying, when you ought to be working!"

tib06.jpg (232480 byte) -
 "They told me that I must pay for my dress and fetters.
 All right, I agree. I am not a criminal.
I am here to pay off a debt.!

But why so much? Is this dress made of silk? No! It is cheap cotton.
Worn and dirty. Taken from another poor girl who died last week!

 And are these golden chains and silver bracelets?
No! Itīs simply rusty iron!  I must work half a year more on the chain gang to earn this money.
How can it be so expensive?
The smith chained my ankles in two minutes!

They are a real gang of robbers.

Itīs good that we are barefooted 
and only have these cotton dresses.
If I also had to pay for shoes and underwear, I would never be free again!

They also told me I have to pay for my food and water.  How much will they charge for that?" 

 Very early next morning!

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"Get out of your wanking pit!
You have a lot of work to do today!"

tib11.jpg (149933 byte)

With aching limbs after having tried to sleep 
on the cold dirt floor,
Jenny joins the chain gang for her first day in the fields.

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"Hey! - New girl!  Get moving!  Keep in row!  You will be very sorry if you get behind!"

"Oh no!  I am so thirsty, and this headache is killing me. I asked for a pill and a cup of water, but he only laughed at me and spit right in my face. Nobody has ever spit on me before. It was so humiliating. I have only been working 8 or 9 hours, but my hands and feet are already raw with blisters and abrasions and it hurts all over. It has also begun tickling under my hair and in my private parts. I must have got lice! 
 Ahh! I stepped on a sharp stone again.
Everything is so horrible. Will I ever survive this?"

Itīs Jennyīs first day at work. She has been hoeing all day long. Soaked with sweat, she slowly steps backwards over the endless field, while hacking the hard and dusty soil.  She is so exhausted by the heat and
the unaccustomed work, that she feels like falling to the ground at any minute, but she dare not do it.  The sight of the scares and sores from the whip on the other girlīs backs frightens her. She knows that
she will only be paid for the dayīs work if she meets the whole work quota.

tib08.jpg (213470 byte)

"Ahhhh!!! - Please no more!  Iīm sorry!  Please stop!"

"You lazy upper-class chick!  You think pretending to faint will earn you a break?  
This will teach you!
  Now - Get up!  And from now on you keep the pace!"

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The female chain gangs are used for all kinds of hard labor.  Also, the railway company, has for years rented women from the detention farms to do the heavy and dirty work. They know the job will always be done on time if they promise the overseers a bonus. 

tibj10.jpg (141726 byte)

Jenny has been working in chains for 2 years now.  She is also regularly put to work on the railroad during periods when there is not enough work on the
farm for all the girls to do.

tibj11.jpg (125492 byte)

"I want to die Jenny!  I am so hungry and thirsty and it hurts all over.  Why canīt you understand?  We will never earn enough money to pay our debts!"

"We must never give up Louise!  As long as we are alive, there is hope!  Iīve heard that next week, some of us will be taken to town to work there.  If some of my friends see me there, it might be a chance to
get away from here.

For some of my friends such as Kitty or Rachel, our debts are only pocket money!"

One evening, after returning home to the farm for the night, Jenny sits beside Louise.  Even though Louise has only been on the farm for a few weeks, she is already in a very poor state.  Again today she was beaten savagely, because she is too slight to keep up the demanded work pace. Like Jenny, Louise is not a criminal, but a young widow sentenced to work off her late husbandīs debts.  Her fate is even more cruelthan Jennyīs.  At eighteen she had run away from home, to seek her fortune.  She had been working as a waitress, when an elderly but apparently rich and handsome man had made her an offer of marriage. He was divorced and said he had friends in Hollywood, and he would make a movie star of her, if she would marry him. Being both pretty, young and naive she said yes, and a few days later they had got married.

Her happiness didnīt last long.  Only a short time after their marriage, her husband had a stroke and died. It had not come as a surprise for either him or his former wife and children. The doctors had told them some time ago that it could happen at any time.  That was why he had divorced his wife and had married Louise.  To be sure his beloved real wife and their children could not be persecuted by his creditors. He had divorced her and had only married Louise to use her as a scapegoat. Now she was stuck with all his debts, and because of her young age she was, like Jenny, sentenced to work it off on the chain gangs.

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In the early morning, while normal people still sleep in their warm beds, the barefooted prisoners walks through the cold foggy streets.  Only a few of them notice the rattling noises, as they are taken to their workplaces.


tibj13.jpg (126844 byte)

Jenny and the other girls have already been working for hours when the city slowly begins to wake up. Men and women on their way to work pass them, mostly without taking any notice of them.

Every time Jenny sees somebody, she hopes it is someone she knows.

tibj14.jpg (211167 byte)

Jenny is in despair!

The whole first day has gone by, and she hasnīt seen anybody that might have helped her.
Tomorrow will be the last day she is going to work in town this time. 
What if she doesnīt meet anybody today either?


tibj15.jpg (240793 byte)

Most of the next day passes like the first one.
Then suddenly about noon, 
Jennyīs heart begins to beat harder.  
She sees Rachel, her best friend since high school and very wealthy, coming down the sidewalk in her direction!

tibj16.jpg (178390 byte)

"Rachel - I am so glad to see you!  Itīs me Jenny ..."

"Oh - hello Jenny!  
Are you aware of how bad you smell?"

"Rachel - They force me to work as if I was a criminal! 
 Please, can you lend me the money?  Itīs not much. 
I will get a job and pay you back as quickly as I can!"

 "Dear Jenny, donīt you know that money must never come between friends?  What will happen if I loan you the money, and you canīt pay it back? 

 You will feel much better later, if you know you have paid with your own work and not by charity!"

tibj17.jpg (177269 byte)

"Now you must excuse me! 
I am sorry, I canīt kiss you goodbye, 
but it will ruin my perfume. Kitty is waiting for me.  
We are going to have lunch together 
before we go shopping.  
A new collection of expensive French fashion has come in and we MUST see it! 

Goodbye Jenny, stay well!"

"Rachel! - Rachel!! - RACHEL!!!  - PLEASE!!!

"How long have I been in the stocks now?  It must be 12 days. That means there are 18 days more to go. 
All because the overseer saw me while I was talking to Rachel.  We slaves are not allowed to talk to anybody, and all because I was trying to borrow money to pay off my debts, I am also punished for trying to escape!

I must spend one whole month standing naked outdoors in the stocks, day and night.  Every morning and every evening, after they feed me, they whip my back and bottom.  I donīt think I have any skin left there anymore. During the daytime the flies crawl all over me and suck on my wounds.  At night it gets worse.  Then all the mosquitoes and gnats feed on me. They crawl all over me and up my moist cleft!  I try to pee to chase them away, but as soon as I have to stop, they crawl up again and tickle and bite me. I rub my thighs together to ease the tickling, but I have to be very careful nobody sees it.  If the guard sees it and misunderstands why I am doing it, and believes I am doing something very naughty, I will be punished further!
 tibj18.jpg (131912 byte)
But all this isnīt the worst!
The worst is that I canīt work while standing here and when I canīt work, I donīt earn any money.  Instead of paying off the debt, it grows larger.  I still have to pay for my food, and now also to have my shit removed once a week.  They charge me for the daily whippings, and I also have to pay rent for using the stocks!

It will take me two more years to only to pay for this month.  Louise is right - None of us are ever going to leave this place alive again!