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Southern chain gang!

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On the female chain gangs in the South, the races were not treated any differently. 
Here both mulatto, white and black girls were at the total mercy of their overseers, and the farmers or factory owners who leased them.

On these chain gangs there were no hard criminals.  All the young women and girls working in chains here, were sentenced for minor offences.   

The chain gangs were profitable ventures.  Some of the states and  governors were alleged to have made a million dollars a year, by leasing these unfortunate women to farmers, road builders and factories.

This made local sheriffs and judges  eager to send as  many women as possible to the camps.  
Especially young women living alone, plus female travelers and hitchhikers also ran a great risk for being arrested on the most frivolous charges and sentenced  to 10, 15 or 20 years on the chain gangs.  
This meant in reality for life, as no one survived for so long under the harsh conditions.  
Those who did often had their sentences lengthened by prison staff.


In the following pictures from Tibool you can see scenes from these chain gangs
and see how some of the poor women ended up in stripes and chains:

Mrs. Jenny Larson, the young widow.
Maud Adams, the senators daughter. tib17.jpg (137337 byte)
Maria La Fontaine, the young journalist

Part 2 of Mariaīs story

Part 1 of Lee-Annīs story

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Part 2  Lee-Annīs escape attempt

 Part 3 Lee-Annīs punishment 
The Indian girl  tibi03.jpg (109818 byte)
Daily life on the farm 
Daily life on the farm 2