Skilled labor

"Professor Cavendish, so kind of you to meet with me."

"My pleasure, I have seen forward to meet you Mrs. Davidson.   Only, I'm not sure how much help I can be.

An entire site dismantled, transported out of the swamps and reassembled in the town square.
That is quite and undertaking. And I fear you are grossly under-budgeted."

"Perhaps. But the town has promised me a great deal of assistance. Have you seen the ruins first-hand?"

"Yes I have, and I must say, they are quite remarkable. But again, I do not think you fully grasp the magnitude of your project. You cannot simply toss the parts into a dump truck and drive away. The bricks are over two hundred years old.  Each one must be cataloged, then carted - quite possibly by hand - out of the swamp and into town. The labor costs alone is a hundred times greater than your budget.
Not to mention, the project will surely take years to complete."

"We do not expect any labor costs. The local Sheriff has offered us use of inmates from the town prison."

"Inmates? You cannot be serious! This work cannot be done by amateurs. You need a team of experienced archaeologists - dozens of them, working around the clock. And I seriously doubt you can expect any to undertake this project, certainly not for free."

"Hmmm. You never know. You are in good health, Professor Cavendish? You do seem quite sturdy!"

Six months later:

"Now you are finished catalogging all the bricks, you are going to carry them into town.

"Please Mrs. Davidson - I must have somthing to wear.
I can not let people see me like this!"

"Don´t be silly.
You know there is not to such niceties in the budget.
But I can rejoice you, that there are funds for shackles to your hands, so people will feel more secure, when they see you."

Every day the next three years, from sunup to sundown, Caroline Cavendish, PhD., staggered under the weight of the bricks she had hauled out of the swamps, and down the highway to the town square.

The blistering sun bleached her hair white and burnt her skin brown, and with the iron sign around her neck proclaiming her a convict, nobody felt any pity for the naked woman.

After all the bricks were carried to town, followed another
six months reassembling the ruins.

The Major and the citizens were very happy with
the final reasult.
Mrs. Susan Davidson received a nice bonus for her
bright idea, and a brass plaque was erected, which said
Mrs. Davidson was responsible for the relocation of the ruin.

What happened thereafter to Miss Cavendish?
Well, it is said some archaeologists, who worked in a desert excavation, had heard about
Miss Cavendish´s high skilles and her physical strength.
 They could get her for free, if they paid

for her convict sign and shackles.

But only those who work there knows for sure.


The end.