Feeding the pet.

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Every morning, Gina goes on a walk. She goes all the way from one end of her prison cell to the other one, as far as her chain allows her to, in order to relieve herself in the straw at the opposite end of the cell.
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 Gina lies down on her back again, tired from the long walk: six feet is a long way to move in chains and with her hands cuffed at her back. Especially when weakened by years of lack of exercise.
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Ouch !  It hurts when she takes a wrong move.  The cramps from always lying down like this, and the bruises from when Loreen beats her, keep her in a constant pain. 
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It always hurts somewhere.  And what is much worse - It iches.  The total lack of hygiene (she has not seen any soap since the day she was locked in this place) makes her itch all over. Especially in her hair and between her buttocks when the remnants of her shit dries. Toilet paper is non-existent here, and as her hands are always chained to the back of her waist chain, she can't even use them to clean herself.
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Time passes – How fast she doesn't know. Her only sense of time is from seeing the daylight come and go through the thick frosted glass of the small barred window high on the wall. Nothing happens here.  It is a great event, when sometimes she manages to cach a fly or some other insect with her mouth and eat it. 
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Gina's world consists of waiting. She spends hour after hour listening to any sound coming from outside her cell. Condemned to a life of boredom, any interruption in the stillness is welcome. 
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Her only exercise is to slowly stretch and slack her back for hours every day, letting the heavy chain rub against her labia, which gives her a tickling and arousing feeling, while she dreams of her husband.  Her husband!  Will John ever find out, what has happened to his beautiful young wife?  No - To him she has just disappeared long ago.  Thatīs also the best.  It would be awful for him if he ever found out his beloved wife had been kidnapped by her best friend Loreen and had spent all these years locked up in the basement.
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It canīt be long before Loreen comes with the food.  The scarf has gone up - Thatīs bad !  Loreen has always taken it very seriously that Gina always kept her hair hidden under the scarf. But there is nothing she can do about it now other than wait with her hands at her back. 
"Hello John - Yes I will be at your place in an hour. -  Uhmm I love champagne -  That sounds nice - I only have to do one thing first, then I will be there! Bye-bye !" 

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That was the stale bread, now I only need to fill a bottle of water. 
 Oh no !  - This would be too good for that little slut ! 
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This is much more  suitable for her. 
Now I'd better get on my way, so I won't be late. 
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Hey - I  nearly forgot.  
Itīs the little floozieīs birthday today.
Lucky i saw this in the trash dumpster, it will be a nice present for her. 
"Hello darling - Itīs me! 
I am not coming into your cell today.  I have an appointment, so I donīt want to dirty my clothes." 
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"Stick your hands into the hatch, so I can unlock your cuffs !" 
Ahh - It hurts moving the arms again.

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"Tie that scarf at once clumsy girl ! 
Is it really necessary for me to go and punish you today?" 
"No mistress - It happened accidently.  I will be a good girl, mistress." 
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"Thats better, now remind me if I should forget to punish you tomorrow darling !" 
Ahh -  The leg irons hurt.  Even after I have been wearing them for so long. 
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Ouch - Theses sores wonīt heal.  I hope Loreen willnīt kick me on my knees again for a while. 
She probably will.  She always tries to hit me, where it hurts most. 
On the other hand, the pain from the wounds helps me feel alive in all this boredom. 
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"Here you have some water, honey !" 
Ah - I am dying of thirst. 
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What a luxury - A whole bottle of fresh water ! 
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"Here is your dinner." 
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A whole piece of dry bread. 
I must try not to get fat ! 
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"I have a surprice for you, honey." 
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"Itīs your birthday.  You are 30 today, and I have a little present for you." 
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"Ihh - Thank you mistress.  A shirt !" 
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"Thank you -Thank you mistress, I will put it on at once!" 
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A shirt !    This is the first time ever she gives me anything, 
besides food and fresh straw, when it gets too
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It feels so good, to be able to cover my breasts again. 
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But 30 !  -  It meens I have been here 5 years today.  It was at my 25th birthday party, which John and I held on a luxury hotel by the seeside, Loreen asked me to go with her outside.  She had something to show me in her car trunk.  When I woke up, I was here in this cell, in chains and with a big bump on my head, only wearing my blouse, and a scarf she had put on me.  Two days later she showed me a newspaper clipping, which said I had gone swimming drunk at night and had probably drowned, and the police had given up the search for my body. 
"I have to leave you now honey.  Put your hands into the hatch, so I can lock your cuffs again !" 

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Click - Click!   "Better if the cuffs are closed tight.  We canīt risk, you getting your hands free and do naughty things with yourself, while I am away, now canīt we honey !" 
"Now give me a kiss honey !" 

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"Bye - bye !" 
Sheīs gone.   I wasnīt beaten today! 
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She is on her way to meet  someone.  Can it be my husband John?  I know she had a crush on him, before he married me.  But she is 10 years older than me.  Is that why she has kept me locked up here for so long time? 
Better pee once more before I lie down again. 
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Ahh - Thatīs better !  I get so tired standing up in these chains. 
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I am 30 years old now.  Have I really been locked in this cell for 5 years ? 
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Will Loreen ever let me out again?  No - I know her.  She will never do that.  No reasone to speculate.  I know I am going to die in these chains.  But not  as long as it amuses her keeping me here as a pet.  Maybe she will give me another new blouse or shirt, when I reach 35, and again at 40 ? 
The End.