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"Look at her, she is so skinny 20 $ is way too much!
but she is properly marked on her belly as a slave. I see." 

"Yes - We had her tattooed at once, after she was abducted. 
She was much more plump then, and  I admit she is a bit skinny now. 
But she is only 23, and it has always been a principle in our famil
y to feed the slaves
only if they meet their work quotas, and this slut has always been lazy.  
But all right.  You can have her for 10 $.  I donīt want to take her back home again."

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"What is your name girl?"  

"Nr. 817, sir."  

"Donīt be impudent.  I know that.  I asked, what was your name before you became a slave?" 

"I am sorry sir.  But it is so many years since I was pulled into that van, I have nearly forgotten sir.  
My name was Lara."

"Well for the future it is 817.  Now, put this on! 
I donīt want you to disturb the rich girls, who take riding leasons here, with your naked body."


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"My wife has been so kind as to let me give you her one of her old wollen sweaters.
She doesnīt like snotty nosed slaves.  You will be allowed to wear it, as long as it is winter. 
 I hope you are grateful."

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"You are going to wear this chain, as long as you belong to me.  We canīt risk, you running away. 
I have paid 10 $ for you.  That is much more, than you are worth." 

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 "Come here 817 - 
All of that old straw and horse shit must be piled up before morning."

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Arhh - It stinks and it is so heavy!  

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"Keep working 817.  All that dung must be moved before tomorrow! 

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Arhh -  This smell is overwhelming, and I must stay awake, in case he came back.  
But I am just so tired!

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"Up you lazy brat -  I shall teach you not to disobey!"

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When you are finished, you keep standing up all night. 
If you dare lie down again, you will be very sorry!"