Identity theft

Jane Marshal was invited by Stella Stanton, her room mate at college, to a trip to communist Pragh, only
a month before the collapse of the iron curtain .
Jane knew Stella was a leftist, but she was sweet and entertaining, and she had no concerns
about following her.
On the first day they went to see a tourist attraction, when Stella insisted on giving Jane an ice
cream, without having one herself.

"Look Jane, there are some thing in that back yard, let us go in and look."

But after a few bites of ice cream Jane got dizzy and the next thing she remembered, was
sat bound and with a hood over her head in a closed van.

" You have done well miss Stanton - You will be highly rewarded." 

About the same time Denise Dumont, a young student from Paris, was sitting and enjoing her tea, when
a white van suddentlig stopped, and a man and a woman
got out and approach her.

Only eight hours later she crossed the boarder into Eastern Europe, bound and hooded in the back of the van.

It had been done in all the years, right up to the fall of the iron curtain.
 From time to time young females from Western Europe were abducted by
communist agents, so their identities could be used by female spies.

The abducted girls natually had to disapear for good, so the agents did not risk to be revealed.  
After the fall of the iron curtain, nobody thought of setting the women free again.
Their stories would have been to much of a scandel to the intelligence services on both sides.

Eight years later, in the high secure basement cell block under the main women´s prison. 

" GET UP WHORES - You dare to be impertinent to the inspection!"

The matron and I looked into the cell, while we both held our noses against the stench.
On the floor lay two naked women.  They got up tottering and stod
at attention, not able to see anything in the unaccustomed light.
Their heads were obviously tonsured, and they were both chained permanently to an iron ring in the concrete floor.

"So these are Denise Dumont from France and Jane Marshal from the UK.?"
"Yes, they do not have numbers.  As prisoners from the special office, they official do not exist."

I looked down on my papir and crossed them off my list.
Suddently the one with the blond hair stubbles, Jane, said:    "Please help us!"    with a sweet voice, that was not comparable to her haggard appearance.
The matron at once gave her some hard slaps in her face with her rubber baton, slammed the heavy iron door, bolted and locked it.

"Forgive me, I'll make sure she is punished hard!" the matron said.

"I will not blame you - It must be a hard job, looking after these brats?"

"They do stink, but I rarely see them.  I only have to go down here once a day to feed them.
I supervice a criminal prisoner, while she pulls the buckets out through the small hatches, empties
them and toss a ladle of porridge into them and push them back into the cells.
The doors are normally open only once a month, so we can shave their heads."

I looked across the damp concrete corridor, there were 49 iron doors yet, besides the cell we had just inspected.  

"Now let us se - In the next cell are Pia and Linda Peterson, sisters."

The matron unlocked the cell door and pulled it open - "GET UP WHORES - You dare.....................!"



The end.