With permission from Turnkey

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Joanna is delighted - She has not been so happy in years. 
She has got her first job at a theatre in this small town, and the dress rehearsal was a success. 
Tonight she will be dancing on the scene in front of an audience for the very first time. 
This is what she has always dreamed about. 
She is hungry from all the excitement, and at the lunch break she goes out, still in her 
costume, looking for a place to get something to eat. 

Unlucky for her a policeman sees her!

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"STOP - Stay right there - 
Donīt move until I have handcuffed you!" 

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"But I ...?" 

"Shut up and get into the van - 
We donīt want whores in our streets!" 

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"No - please listen to me -  
Iīam with the show - Iīam a dancer, 
This is my costume - Iīam not a whore ..." 

"Keep quiet - We have a decent town, and 
try hard to keep it that way. 
You will be remanded in custody until 
the judge gets time for you!" 

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"Come here floozie - 
The judge has just got enough time for you
before his lunch, so we better hurry up!" 

Joanna is in despair. 
She has spend two days in this filthy cell 
only wearing an old sack. 
Nobody wants to listen to her, the theatre
has done nothing to help her, and 
she has not even been allowed a phone call. 

Maybe the judge will hear, what she says?

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I donīt want to waste any time listening to your lies. 
I only need one glance at you, to see what you are ! 
We have a law against prostitutes, and I am quite 
content being able to use it against you.  

Joanna  Lorring - I sentence you to 
life inprisonment with hard labour for your crime ! 
Take her away !" 

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Joanna has never felt so disgraced. 

If iīam punished for
showing myself 
in public in a provocative dress, is 
it then better to let me run all the way to 
the prison farm stark naked? 


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"Please - This is a mistake, let me go." 

"You better get used to it girl - 
You are here to stay, and 
donīt ever try to run away."

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"Tell what happens if a stupid girl 
try to escape, Linda!" 

"Yes Master - I tried to hide in a truck, but 
luckily a police patrol stopped it just before 
the state border, and I was found. 
They cut both my Achilles' tendons, so I 
now only can walk on my knees. 
I am so glad I didnīt get away. 
Like you I am property of the farm. 
Running away is theft, and I never 
wish to do it again." 

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"Come on - Move your arse ! 
You are going to the fields."

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"Hey sluts - Say hello to Joanna. 
She is your new work mate." 

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"Get down to the other end and start hoeing!"

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Much to scared to do anything than obey, 
Joanna begine working. 

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Late in the evening a sweaty, dirty and very hungry 
Joanna, with her dress already torn, is chained 
in a cage for her first night at the farm. 
Because it is her first day at the prison farm, 
and she has not jet learned to work hard enough,
she gets nothing to eat. 

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At sunrise work begines again. 
Many things has to be done. 

Even the most heavy work 
is done by girls under the 
constant threat of been beaten 
if they are to slow. 


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It is necessary, prisoners picking fruit 
and vegetables wear iron gags, to prevent 
the starving girls from stealing


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Efficient craftsgirls forge new 
shackles and repair old ones. 

Girls capable enough to get a job 
as a skilled worker is better fed, and usually
lives several years longer than the field workers, 
even they also all are going to die in captivity. 

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Layla isnīt that lucky. 
She was a trainee at a big office. 
She canīt use that for anyhting here, and
she is to young and slight to work hard enough.  

The sooner she end up in a hole in the garbage dump,
the better, the overseers think. 

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One prisoner has survived over 14 years. 
Pia is a white woman, but the many years 
under the hot sun, beatings and insect bites 
have darkened her skin, and her blond hair 
is so greased with filth it is earth-coloured. 
But she is a very good worker  
Pia has found a dead snake. 
She can eat anything she find. 
This is why, she is still alive. 

One months later:
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A car with number plates from another state stops in the main street. 
A  woman steps out and ask the way to the police station. 

The woman is Martha Lorring, Joannaīs big sister. 
She is the only one in the family, who knows about Joannaīs passion for  being a show dancer. 
Their mother and father are very rich and will be very resentful, if 
they found out, their youngest daughter had taken a vacation 
from the university to live out her dream. 

Martha has become very anxious for what has become of her little sister. 
She hasnīt heard from her for a month, and the university begines again in three days, so 
she drive of to find her without telling anybody at home, where she is going or why.  

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"No - We havnīt noticed any girl looking 
like the one in the photo !" 

chief of the local police isnīt very 
willing to help and try to dismiss her. 

But Martha is not that easy to fool. 

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"Please look at the photo again. 
 I know she has been her ! 
Four weeks ago she send me a letter, where 
she wrote she finally had got a job as 
a dancer at the theatre in this town, and 
I havnīt heard a word from her since!" 

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"This woman is a bit to wise and knows to much.
If she ever gets out it will mean trouble." 

"Donīt worry - I know how to deal with such ones!" 

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THUMP THUMP - Ooohhh...! 

"O.K. Crazy bitch - Who knows 
about you and your sister being in this town?" 

"Only I knew - No not more, it hurts... 
Please stop!" 

"You must be insane comming here 
accusing us  of kidnapping yoour sister." 

"Yes -yes Iīam insane please stop...!" 

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"You are going to court today. 
Because you are dangerous insane, 
I must lock this cage on your head, so 
you canīt bang your head against the wall or 
bit anybody." 

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"Thank you master !" 

Suffering from  the heavy blows, and 
dizzy from not having eaten or drinking 
anything for three days, Martha is ready 
to say anything, just to get away 
from this cellar. 

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"Your Honour - This obvious insane woman 
was taken in our custody three days ago. 
Her name is Martha Lorring, she is 28 years old. 
She has been telling lies about her little sister, 
and has shown a violent behaviour both 
against herself and the policemen, who 
have taken care of her."

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The judge entirely agree, that Martha 
for both her own and otherīs safety has to be 
locked away in the towns mental hospital. 

She is immediately put into a straitjacket, and 
driven of to her future home. 

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It is not uncommon convicts  
are put to work outside the farm, if  
some heavy and dirty work has to be done.

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While working by the road Joanna donīt 
know her big sister is passing by right 
behind her, on the way to the asylum. 

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Freewood Mental Hospital is a privat institution 
owned buy some of the towns most prominent 
men including the state governor. 

It has a very good reputation, and itīs rich patients 
receive the best treatment money can buy. 


But the poor and those which are placed here
by the police are treated very different from 

the wealthy ones. 

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"Not you Tanja - Today we need one 
who still has some teeth left - 
You - Blond chick - Come here !"

To make some extra money the staff  let 
medical students use them for practice. 

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"I have hosed her down, so she donīt stink, sir." 

"Thank you Joe - Chain her to the couch. 
Itīs half an hour until the dental students arrives. 
We just got  time to give her a treatment with 
the bullwhip first !" 

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Martha is locked into a flooded basement 
cell instantly after her arrival. 

If she lie down, she will drown, and she 
find it to cold to sit in, so the next days she 
has to continue to stand or trip around on her feet, 
which gets more and more dissolved by 
the cold and dirty water. 

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Two weeks later Joanna is marched 
into town again. 

A sewer pipe has brocken, and the plumber 
has asked for a girl to dig it free and empty 
it for sewage.  


jm36.jpg (88224 byte)

The plumber must use some time to
repaire the pipe, before Joanna can fill the 
trench up again, so she is ordered to pick up
trash and sweep the street, while she wait.

But was is this ? 
Joannaīs and Marthaīs parents have 
become worried about their daughters, and 
they are now headline in the newspapers. 

A local citizen looks at Joanna - 
She seem to fit the description of 
the youngest daughter !!!

What now - 
Is this a way out for the two sisters?