With permission from Turnkey

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In sommer 1815 a Corsair ship cast anchor early in the morning outside a small English town. 
The ships hold is already  full of loot from a successful journey, but the captain decides
to do one more raid before heading for home. 

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A cage containing a black girl 
is hung over the stern.

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Soon after a small boat with a pirat and a slave girl quietly leaves the ship and heads for land. 

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"Donīt forget - If you do anything foolish,
 like trying to run away, the cage with 
your pretty black girl friend will go into the sea !" 


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Lady Jane always goes to church 
very early in the morning.  
The beautiful young woman like to get 
indoor before the streets get crowded, 
and have time to meditate before 
the other people arrives. 

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But today she is not alone. 
A filthy skinny girl accost her. 

"Pleasy show pity for a poor girl - 
I have not eaten for 3 days !" 

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"Oh poor child - 
Let me help you, here is a...." 


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Before she had a chance to say anymore,
Lady Jane was knocked unconscious.

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This one is really beautiful ! 
The captain must be very pleased 
when he sees her. 


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Lady Jane was swiftly hidden in a cart and 
smugled down to the boat.  

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"Well, well, already awake again. 
Now take her aboard the ship. 

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"Iīam so glad you came back Susan !" 

"You must not be afraid Aisha, 
I will never let them drown you."

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Soon after Aisha and Susan are back in their cage. 
They have been cage-mates for five years. 

Susan had been captured under a raid on 
an English boarding school for girls, but 
when the captain discovered, she had 
fallen in love with the ships-slave Aisha, 
he decided to keep her on board. 

Durring the last years he had used Susan 
as a stoolpigeon on several raids. 
It had been very succesful and he had never 
worried for if she should run away. 
Because if she did,  Aisha would drown.

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In the meantime Lady Jane is 
introduce to the captain. 

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"Very well done ! 
You will be highly rewarded for this capture. 
Now hand her over to the boatswain and tell 
him to secure her as a first class slave. 

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"These are horrible -
Why must i wear these mittens? 

"It is to protect you against doing 
naughty things to yourself at night ! 
- and here is one more thing!" 


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"Arhh I get sick-" 

"It is for your own good - 
It is necessary to hide your beauty
from the shipīs crew, so 
you still have your virginity, 
when you are sold !." 

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- Unlike plain ones like these two 
who canīt tempt any man.
 Their only value are to be 
sold to the stone mills.

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Days and weeks passes. 
Janeīs head bowl is only openned 
once a day so Susan can feed her. 
Then it is all dark again. 

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At last they reach the North African coast 
and Jane is put ashore. 

Even with her hair incrusted with sweat and vomit from wearing the head bowl for over a month, she is still stunning, and is at once taken to the slave prison. 

some time later 
durring this year.