With permission from Turnkey

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Linda and her daughter Amy are on a sunbathing vacation, to celebrate 
that Amy has graduated from college, when a policeman 
suddentlig address them, with a gun in his hand. 

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"Are you Linda and Amy Barring?" 

"Yes but...?" 

"You must come with me immediately !
The hotel has reported, that your credit cards 
are overdrawn, so you can not pay your bills."

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"Please officer - This has to be a mistake. 
My mom and I have done nothing wrong !" 

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"Strip off your clothes!" 

"WHAT !!! How dare you - 
Why are we here?
I want to phone my husband right now, 
and when I have told him about this, you..."

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"When I say, you must take your clothes 
off, you do it - Understand !"


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"Thatīs better, now listen carefully: 

You are charged for fraud. 
Our hospitable country is sick and tired 
of rich western turists, who think, they can 
come here and flaunt around half naked, step 
on our moral, and then believe they can 
just run from the bill."

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 The interrogater finds the case so obvious, 
he sends Linda and Amy directly to the judge., 

Because they donīt have any money, they 
canīt pay a defence lawyer, and when 
Linda tries to say, she can get hold of all 
the money needed, if she is allowed to phone 
her husband Henri Barring, she 
is ordered to keep quiet, and told 
that as the case has developed, 
nothing she says, can now 
save them from prison. 

Only an hour after being forced to 
strip naked, they have been convicted 
to punishment labour for life, and have their 
mug shots taken. 

md007.jpg (66112 byte)

"  Nr. 4467 and 4468, put these on ! 
The girls, who have worn them before,
donīt need them anymore." 

Nobody seems to feel any pity for them. 

 On the contrary It looks like it amuses 
the guard to lock the two pretty, 
 females into the gloomy cell. 


md008.jpg (67763 byte)

The first night in prison is spend crying.   

Life in prison - This can not be true. 
But they have already seen enough to 
sense, that this is not a place anybody 
gets released from! 

md009.jpg (137631 byte)

Not having eaten anything since, 
breakfast at the hotel the day before, 
they are eager for getting something to eat. 

md010.jpg (84284 byte)

A piece of dry mouldy bread and 
some bad-smelling soup, are all 
what they get. 

They have to chew the bread carefuly, as 
it contains both pebbles and wooden splinters, 
and the soup is so yukky, they simply canīt eat it. 

md011.jpg (107328 byte)

"Pick it up and start running fat sow!" 
You must carry it over the concret stairs and 
put it down at the fare end of the 
prison yard beside the pile of iron balls. 

md012.jpg (139948 byte)

After putting down the rock, they must pick up 
one of the iron balls and run back over the stairs 
and put it down besides the rock pile. 
When they finally have finished moving all 
the rocks and iron balls, they must 
do it all over again in reverse order. 

md013.jpg (94980 byte)

"Get up lazy bitch, or shall I 
let the whip help you?"  

All the work is completely pointless, but 
there is nothing pointless in what happens 
if they donīt run fast enough. 

At last they are allowed a small breack. 

md014.jpg (109927 byte)

"Nr. 4467 and 4468, when you have put
down the stone and ball you are carring right
now, you have 5 minuttes to eat some lunch. 


Dying with thirst, they rush to the 
food container. 

md015.jpg (161979 byte)

"Now eat as the pigs you are!" 

When Linda sees, what their food consist of, 
she feels like vomiting., and Amy looks at 
guard with misbelief. 

md016.jpg (83997 byte)

"Come on - You have only 4 minuttes left. 
You will not get anything els. 
Believe me, in only a week from now, 
you will swallow it all, if I allow you to. 


md017.jpg (163343 byte)

"Keep your arms up, lazy bitch ! 
If you dare lower them again before your 
slut daughter has carried 20 rocks and just 
as many iron balls across the prison yard, 
you must keep standing like that, untill 
she has moved 20 more !" 

One endless day after another goes by 
doing the same hard degrading labour. 

Sometimes the guard amuses himself by 
punishing sometimes the mother and sometimes 
the daughter by forcing them to stand 
motionless in strenuous ways, while 
the other has to work for them both.

md018.jpg (83532 byte)

One month has gone, when Linda early 
in the morning, while begging for something 
to eat, suddently hears a familiar voice. 

md019.jpg (111888 byte)

"Henri ! - Thank God you found us ! 
We couldnīt have survived much longer.
Itīs pure hell in here - " 

md020.jpg (109786 byte)

"O.K. - Thatīs enough ! 
You stink and have lice, and I donīt want 
to get infected. 

You know Joan Simons, Amyīs roommate 
from college? 
Well, she and I are going to get married, so 
now I will like to have your signature on these 
dicorce papers !" 

Suddently it dawns on her, why they 
have been thrown into prison. 

Nineteen years ago she was the 
bossīs pretty daughter, when Henri had 
asked her to marry him. 

Last year her father had died, and she and 
Henri had inheriated the large firm. 

 It was obvious now time for him to get 
rid of her, so he could get hold on all 
the money for himself, and get a 
younger wife at the same time. 

md021.jpg (132739 byte)

Linda refuses to sign the paper, before 
she and Amy are released and at home again. 

But Henri knows that if he allow his 
wife and daughter to go free, Linda 
will sue him for at least half of 
the fortune, so...

"Get down - You stay in there, 
until you do as you are told !"


md022.jpg (100565 byte)

Appaled by the news, that her husband 
will divorce her and let her and Amy 
rot in prison, so he can get all the money and 
marry Joan, who is not older than his own 
daughter, Linda looks at  the rising water. 

md023.jpg (91104 byte)

"We must  hold on Amy. 
If I sign those papers, before we are 
released and at home, we will never 
get out of prison again." 

md024.jpg (68739 byte)

Amy has to stand on her tip-toes, 
to hold her head above the water.

But weakened by a month of wearing labour 
and poor prison food, it soon gets 
harder and harder for them to keep 
standing up in the cold water. 

md025.jpg (98004 byte)

"Thank you for the generous donation you 
have given the penitentiary fund mr. Barring. 

If you or miss Simons have any wishes, 
I will fulfil them at once. 

If you are back again at my office 
tomorrow afternoon, we can see 
if the culprit is ready to sign."

The next afternoon a trembling 
and very obedient Linda 
is pulled out of the water. 

md026.jpg (106290 byte)

"I will sign the document Henri. 
Now please help Amy up from the water.
Sheīs drowning!" " 

"Thats sounds better dear Linda. 
The guard will let Amy come up, 
as soon as you have signed!" 

md027.jpg (81544 byte)

In this country it is a serious offence for 
a woman to be divorced, so after having 
signed, both Linda and her daughter are 
sentenced to death. 

They are now fittet with leg irons, and 
have to work naked until they are executed. 

md028.jpg (84609 byte)

In the cell Linda tries to comfort Amy, 
telling her, it canīt get any worse now, and 
as long as they still are alive and together, they 
must never give up hope. 

But the next morning, while they are 
doing the days first punishment exercises: 

md029.jpg (141762 byte)

"Joan - What are you doing here?" 

"Hi Amy, I see you and your mom 
have become nudists. 
Well - Anyone their pleasure !

My comming husband has bought 
me a nice new car, so I thought I would 
pay you a visit." 

md030.jpg (1037681 byte)

"Hop -hop, lift your legs Amy! 
Ha - ha, I have not been so amused, since 
I last summer dropped a bag of powder into 
Sharonīs handbag at Taballa airport, after she 
had stolen my sommer boyfriend. 
She sounded so funny, when 
they dragged her away. 
I guess, she by now must have become an 
expert in licking black pussy.

Sit still dirty whore ! 
I donīt like my chair moving around." 

md031.jpg (95283 byte)

While Amy must continue running around 
with the heavy stone, Joan now 
shows Linda her attention. 

"First you canīt sit still, when you 
ought to, and now , when 
I use you as a pony, you are to slow.
Are you slow-witted or just obstinate?" 

"Guard, can you do something to make this 
whore run faster?" 


md032.jpg (138241 byte)

After the most humiliating day 
in Lindaīs and Amyīs lives: 

"Now which one shall have first - 
The whore or the slut? 
May I hear you say: Please Mistress Joan?" 

md033.jpg (102487 byte)

"I thought you would like some freash 
meat for a change. 

As a repay, you are going to earn 
me a lot of money !" 


md034.jpg (106848 byte)

With Joanīs permission, Linda and her 
daughter must from now on perform as whores, 
until they are executed. 

The money are split fifty-fifty between 
Joan and the prison starf. 

Several times every day, they are both fetched 
from their punishment labour, so the 
customers can choose between them. 

md035.jpg (142800 byte)

On Joanīs suggestion, they must now 
spend their nights in a cage in the courtyard. 

They are only allowed to
relieve themselves 
while locked into the cage, and the guards 
usually use it as an urinal, so the two 
hapless women must spend night 
after night in 2 inches of piss." 

On top af all this, as a natural consequence 
of the many clients, they soon discover, 
they are both pregnant. 

md036.jpg (96395 byte)

"Fat useless cows ! 
The customers are complaining 
about your stench and your fat bellies.
From now on you must serve more clients to 
a cheaper price, so we wonīt loose money !" 

As the months pass, and their bellies grows larger, 
the clients will not pay as much as before.  

All the time they must use on satisfing the 
growing number of clients, they must work 
longer at the punishment labour, before they 
are allowed to go into their cage to sleep. 

md037.jpg (91788 byte)

As a warning about what will happen 
if they get more complains, and what will
latest happen, after they have served 9 months 
as whores, Amy must one night dig a hole 
in the prisonīs garbage dump. 

Large enough for two stinking whores 
can lie together in it !  - as the guard told her. 

What she found, while digging the hole, 
she didnīt dare tell her mom, after she 
was locked back into the cage again. 

md038.jpg (140417 byte)

"You stinking whores -
Put down your stone and iron ball, and 
come here immediately !" 

 Linda and Amy obey at once. 
Any other response, will mean the whip. 
At first they believe, one more client is waiting, 
but then they see ,the guard is holding a piece 
of strong rope in his hands. 
Then they know, itīs time to go to the garbage dump. 

It is only ten months since, they were 
arrested, while sunbathing at the hotel -  
It feels like ten years. 


md039.jpg (129244 byte)

"Kneel down whores ! 
You are to fat and ugly to be of any more use.  
Now sit still, or it will hurt much more!" 
With a sub, they go down on their knees. 
They are no more than two pieces 
of rubbish in the dump. 

At least Joan will not earn any more money 
on them now - Well she is anyway a 
millionaire now, so she willnīt nead to.

The end !