With permission from Turnkey

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Deap into a South American swamp, a young woman is houling 
heavy waterfilled pieces of wood through the leech infected water. 

She has been told, she must not harm the leeches nor try to remove them from 
whatever place, they decides to suck her blood. 

Leeches are free animals - 
She is only a convict slave, sentenced to do hard labour until she dies. 

What is a white woman doing in a privately owned jungle prison here in 2009? 
Well - nr. 156 is the former beauty queen, Pia H.... from Sweden,  who
 disappeared without leaving a trace, while on a photo job as a swimsuit model. 
But enough of her! 

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Do they only send beauty queens to the swamps? 

No - Fare the most are ordinary girls as the 
22 year old British secretary Emily, who at long last 
has saved enough money to go on an one weeks 
vacation to an exotic beach all for herself. 

The single traveling young woman is 
immediately spotted by an agent at the airport. 

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"This is the security, miss - 
Will you pleace follow us for some 
rutine questioning! 


sw04.jpg (77349 byte)

"Donīt you know, it is forbidden by law 
to entry this country in the purpose 
of performing prostitution!" 

sw05.jpg (71264 byte)

"NOO! - Stop it ! - Please, Iīam not a prostitut! 
Iīm a virgin, you can call my mother 
at home in London, and..." 

"Be quiet and strip off all the rest of your clothes! 

sw06.jpg (60478 byte)

"Now no more lies. 
This drug will help getting the truth out of you!" 

The drug is not a truth serum. 
It is only to make her dizzy and confused, so 
she will sign a full confession without 
making to much trouble. 

With a signed confesson, they donīt need 
to put the girl before a judge, but can 
administrative sentence her to slave labour for life. 
This saves both time and money. 

Itīs all about money ! 
The rich plantation owners hire slaves 
from the prison camp to do the hard and 
unhealthy work in the swamps

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"We are awfully sorry Emily - 
It has all been a mistake. 
Please sign here and we will take 
the cuffs off you, and give you back 
all your clothes and your handbag." 
Emily donīt understand anything 
written in the document. 
Itīs all in a foreign language, and 
she only understand English. 

But under the influence of the drug, 
she do as she is told, and signs the paper. 

sw08.jpg (62416 byte)

"Look into the mirror whore- 
Now we are going to make you nice and beautiful.
You will not need hair, where you are going." 

sw09.jpg (68111 byte)

Luckily for Emily the drug is still working, 
while they print her new identity deap 
into her skin. 

Emily will for the rest of her life 
be nr. 748. 

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All that night Emily cries in agony. 
As the drug stops working, a banging 
headache takes over, and she feels 
like dying of thirst. 
But nobody cares about her. 
In the guardīs eyes, she is only one more 
raunchy whore from Europe, receiving 
the punishment she deserves. 

sw11.jpg (48586 byte)

A week later:

"Wake up whore - 
Today you will get your new uniform and 
be send to the prison camp, where 
you must work. 

sw12.jpg (61299 byte)

"Look into the mirror, whore! 
Now everybody can see, what you are." 

sw13.jpg (75650 byte)

"Come on ! 
One - two, one - two ! 
Now get up into the truck nr. 748 !" 

sw14.jpg (71410 byte)

Emily is completely discouraged 
as the truck drives on dirt roads 
the long way to the prison.  

Dust gets in everywhere, in her eyes, ears 
and mouth, and dirty her new uniform.

Every time they pass through a village, the 
driver slows down.
No one shows her any pity. 
Some even spits on her. 

Late in the afternoon, they finaly 
arrive to the prison. 

sw15.jpg (88987 byte)

"Here is you new home. 
You stay in the prison by night, and 
when you are been punished. 
The rest of the time, you will be put 
to work in the swamp. 

Donīt think of escaping - 
The local people are poor and they hate 
foreign whores. 

If you try to run away, you will be hunted down
for the reward, and punished while 
the local people look on!"

sw16.jpg (111598 byte)

"If you keep on being so slow, 
You will soon be in serious trouble nr. 748." 

Emilyīs first job as nr. 748, is to tow a barge, with 
one of the guards sitting in it, the long way 
to one of the work places. 

sw17.jpg (128973 byte)

"Look old hag - Fresh pussy. 
Hope she will be put into our cage. 
But I want her first.
You can have her afterwards old lezzie!"

sw19.jpg (91637 byte)

Nr. 748 is put to work at once. 
She is here to make money for her owners, 
so no time must be wasted. 

sw18.jpg (123927 byte)

In the evening nr. 748 is locked into 
one of the sleeping cages, with her feet 
in a wooden stock to prevent any naughty behaviour, 
facing her first night in the jungle prison. 

sw20.jpg (84667 byte)

As the well-mannered young woman she 
has been brought up to be, Emily remembers 
her evening prayers. 

This is not well seen by the other slaves. 

sw22.jpg (99528 byte)

While slaves nr. 156 and 724, 
in their former lives the Swedish model Pia and 
a German au-pair girl Helga, the next day 
literally must run for their lives while working - 

sw21.jpg (145663 byte)

- nr. 748, learning she is not Emily anymore 
but only a soulless slave, must sit completely 
still, if she wants to live one day more. 


sw23.jpg (114966 byte)

Two days later Emily takes a desperate chance. 
She knows, she will die in the prison 
if she donīt try anything. 

On the way back from work, she 
hides in a soil tub, just before she should 
have gone into the sleeping cage. 

She was very lucky the guard was tirred 
and didnīt bother to count the slaves,
 before he locked the cage. 

As soon as it is dark, she tries to find a way out, 
but at the very last moment she remembers, that 
the barbed wire has high voltage. 

One second later, and she had been fried. 

sw24.jpg (98668 byte)

Early the next morning Daryl and Tina 
as the old hagīs and her big bosomed girlfriendīs
real names are, go seeking for Emily. 
If they find her before the guards, they  will be 
rewarded, and the old hag Daryl 
will very much like to get Emilyīs 
prison dress as a reward. 

sw25.jpg (126443 byte)

"Excuse me Master, but we have found the 
missing whore. 
She is hidding among the barrels with the 
radioactive waste, we are to bury in 
the swamp next week. 

sw26.jpg (107977 byte)

The hag, now wearing Emilyīs dress, 
 watches with pleasure while Emily 
is punished for her foolish attempt. 

Well - The old hag is in fact only 24, but she is 
the one, who has survived longest time 
of all as a swamp slave, ever since she 
was abducted from a holiday resort
together with her mother and sister, 
who now both are dead years ago 
of overwork and starvation. 

sw27.jpg (107917 byte)

"Get into it, you filthy whore!" 

After the two hours thrashing, Emily gets a heavy 
wooden yoke bolted around her neck and 
a spicked iron belt around her waist onto 
which her wrists are chained. 
These things together with leg irons
will prevent her from ever trying to escape again. 

As a further punishment she must from 
now on sleep in the prison campīs  
main latrin tank. 

sw28.jpg (76286 byte)

Emily nearly faints because of the smell, but 
she MUST remain conscious or she will drown. 

The guards couldn't care less, if she drowns. 
A girl more or less donīt mean a thing. 

She must learn to sleep standing up.
This is where she will spend 
all her nights from now on. 

sw29.jpg (105554 byte)

Not able to use her hands anymore 
Emily must from now on work as 
a draught animal. 


sw30.jpg (111077 byte)

She is also put to the most dangerous 
and unhealthy work, such as transporting 
the hazardous wastes. 

sw31.jpg (100808 byte)

On top of this, Daryl bullies her whenever, 
she gets a chance. 
This time she is forcing Emily 
to eat a leech, she has found. 

sw32.jpg (72932 byte)

Sometimes a helicopter arrives to the prison.

A newly kidnapped girl waves at it 
in a desperate hope, it is someone  comming 
for rescuing her, but all the older slaves 
knows, it is not. 

Besides making a lot of money on 
desposing radioactive and toxic wastes 
in the swamp, the prison owners also 
make a big profit on rich turists, who want 
to experience, how a real slave camp 
looks like.

This weekīs guests are the two step-sisters 
Daphne and Suzan V... 

sw33.jpg (96232 byte)

"Oh - Hereīs so hot and damp dear sister." 

"Then unbutton your shirt sweethart, 
there are no paparazzies out here. 
For the next week you are free to do 
anything you want to!" 

They have inherited a very large fortune, 
which Suzan has managed for them both 
until Daphne came of age. 

But that is now, and Suzan worries 
about what will happen, now her 
very immature step-sister gets hold 
on her part of the many millions.

So it was a welcome chance to think 
over things, when Daphne came and 
suggested, they could go on this trip to 
celebrate her 18īth birthday. 

sw34.jpg (104623 byte)

"Look at this one, Suzan, 
I think, I have seen her face in 
a fashion magazine? 

YES - Itīs Pia from last years 
swimsuit fashion.
Itīs so funny to see her here !"

sw35.jpg (98007 byte)

"Let me take a picture with you two 
together - Guard, please be ready to 
shoot this slave immediately, if she tries to 
do anything foolish !" 

Emily has been chained to the barge, 
and must tow the two rich and beautiful 
tourists around the swamp prison. 

sw36.jpg (106045 byte)

"This is so funny - 
I can make this dummy drag us 
in any direction, I want to. 
I wish we could stay longer than one week." 

( Maybe you can dear step-sister, 
Suzan thinks, getting a very bright idea. 
Maybe you can !!! ) 


sw37.jpg (171114 byte)

"See you again tomorrow evening, 
dear sister!"

It is part of the event, trying to 
spend 24 hours as a slave, and 
Daphne had for years tried to imagine 
how it must feel to be one, after 
she once red a book about a girl, 
who had been held prisoner in 
a harem, where she had been 
forced to work in the fields 
and at the mills. 

 The old hag Daryl is not so pleased. 
She has been forced to lend Daphne 
her prison dress, which she got from 
Emily only a week before. 

sw38.jpg (176228 byte)

"What is this horrible slime, guard?" 

"Itīs all, what the slaves get to eat, miss. 
Itīs a mixture of rotten vegetables
 and ground up insects,which are left 
in used waste barrels, until it is
ferment into this mess." 

sw39.jpg (91082 byte)

That night Daphne donīt get any sleep. 
She is hungry and it is very uncomfortable 
to sit
on the dirt floor of the cage, with the 
wooden fetters locked unto her ankles. 
The dress, she has loaned from the hag, 
is stinking from sweat and shit, and it 
is crawling with lice and fleas, which have 
begone to bit her all over. 

On top of this, it is never quiet at night. 
From all the overcrowded cages comes 
a constant sound of snoring, girls crying for
their mothers and women weeping in 
their hopeless situation. 
Once in a while a slave awakes screaming 
from her nightmares, and cries herself 
into sleep. 

sw40.jpg (122689 byte)

The horrible night in the cage is over at last, 
and young Daphne experiences work for the first time. 
Not used to any kind of work,  she 
is exhausted after only a few minutes. 

Her guide is a local prisoner.
 Eight months ago she became pregnant 
with the son of a powerful local politician.  - 
so off to the labour camp with her.

sw41.jpg (86167 byte)

Her guide canīt talk, because 
her vocal chords have been 
cut, so she canīt tell, who made her 
pregnant, but she is very nice to Daphne 
and shows a lively interest in showing 
her most of the slave camp. 

When she is shown, where all the former 
inmates from the camp ends up, Daphne 
feels, she has seen enough, and 
want to go back. 

sw42.jpg (110680 byte)

"Gee-up - Whore!  Back to the camp." 

 In the meanwhile has Suzan been 
seeing the head manager of the camp, and 
has told him about her bright idea 
concerning her step-sister. 

sw43.jpg (129271 byte)

The manger had been very understanding, 
so Suzan can now enjoy the rest of the day, 
going around site-seeing, knowing 
a big problem has been taken of her 

sw44.jpg (163212 byte)


"Now donīt be to grateful. 
I have also red the books and
about harems and jungle prisons for females, 
you have kept hidden under your bed. 
Iīam only to glad, to be able to fulfil 
your deepest dreams. 

Donīt be afraid about, what your friends 
will say.  Nobody will know, you are here. 
Tomorrow the newspapers will come 
with a passionate story about me loosing 
my beloved sister to an alligator, and 
I will mourn for you for a week or two - 
Goodbye dear little-sister !"

sw45.jpg (123504 byte)

Daphne is given to the old hag Daryl 
as her personal slave. 
This way she will not be recorded 
anywhere, and the camp manager, 
can keep all the money Suzan 
gave him for himself.

Daryl are delighted, she has got Emilyīs 
dress back and also got Daphneīs boots! 
She has not been so well-dressed 
since the day, she, and her mother and sister 
were kidnapped so long ago. 

Just as the pregnant guide, Daphne 
has now got her vocal-chords cut, in 
case some of her rich friends, once will 
visit the slave camp. 
There will be no chance anybody 
will recognize her, by her looks. 
In a few months, she will be so starved and 
battered, not even Suzan will be able to see 
itīs her step - sister. 

sw46.jpg (151636 byte)

"When I say crawl, you crawl - UNDERSTAND! 
You ar my slave now, and I decide, If 
you may live or not !" 

Daryl and Tina immediately starts 
"playing" with their new toy. 

sw47.jpg (110025 byte)

One week after their arrival, Daphne is 
under the close guard of Daryl, pulling 
an empty cart back to fetch another 
load of toxic wastes , while Suzan is going home 
on board the helicopter, much more 
delighted and much richer, than when she arrived. 

sw48.jpg (66203 byte)

Durring the next month Daphne must 
do the most hard and unhealthy work all day, 
while sleeping with Daryl and Tina at night. 


sw49.jpg (107842 byte)

But new girls arrives all the time, and 
Daryl soon gets tirred with Daphne. 

Daphne is now  permanently chained together 
with Emily, and must from now on sleep 
with her in the main latrin tank. 

The remaining few months of their lives, 
the rich girl and the whore, as they are called, 
support and comfort each other. 
If one drowns in the sewage, the other 
one will be pulled down too.

The end.