With permission from Turnkey

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"Why must we already go to see the lawyer Susan? 
The funeral service is only just over, and I have guests, I have to attend to." 

"They must wait - This is important and remember for you Iīam not 
Susan but mrs. Hanson,  dear Cindy !" 

Cindy Hanson and her step-mother Susan Hanson have only just attended to 
mr. Hansonīs funeral, when mrs. Hanson order her step-daughter to 
follow her straightly to the lawyer. 

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"This isnīt right - I`am 20 years old, I`am a adult, 
I donīt need any guardian !" 

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"Iīam afraid you do miss Hanson. 
The inheritance is over 10 million dollars. 
This means you must be 21 before you are of age!" 

"You can hear, what the lawyer says dear Cindy. 
And one more thing -  
As my ward, you now legally belongs to me, and 
we must now fix this slave collar around your neck. 
Itīs the law, and there is nothing you can do about it." 

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"You must strip off all your clothes. 
Slaves are not permited to wear 
anything other than sack shifts." 

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Cindy is near into tears, as her step-mom 
decides to walk all the way home 
through town, holding her on a leash. 

She has often seen slavegirls working, but 
had never considered them for being human beings, 
and had usualy spat on them, when passing them.
She must get used to, she now is a slave herself, 
and other people will spit on her. 

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"This is your new bedroom Cindy. 
It has been standing her in the basement 
for a long time waiting only for you ! 

You better undress and go to sleep. 
It will be a hard day for you tomorrow 
little darling !" 

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For a girl used to clean sheets 
and soft pillows, ther is not much sleep 
sitting on the hard and cold floor in a cage. 

Also having to fight the rats all night 
means no sleep at all. 

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Her first job the next morning 
is to skrub all the floors in the house, 
which now belongs to her step-mom. 

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Later she is ordered to sweep the sidewalk 
all the way from home and down to the next road. 

Cindy feels very humiliated having to work 
in public, hopening none of her rich friends 
will recognize her as a simple slave. 

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Finished with sweaping the sidewalk, there 
are more dirty jobs waiting for her. 

The toilet is clogged up. 
She suspect her step-mom has done it on purpose. 
She finds several tampons in the drain. 

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"You were supposed to clean up tings, 
and now you have made a mess! 

Clean up the floor - Use your shift !" 

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"Iīam not at all pleased with you -  
You are slow and slovenlish. 
Maybe this will teach you 
lazy slut !" 

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Cindy soon discovers her step-mom 
hasnīt thought of feeding her. 
Every evening she is chained in the front of 
the house for one hour, so she can beg 
the bypassers for something to eat. 

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So goes day after day, until one day  
her step-mom brings her with her on shopping, 
so she can carry home the packages

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While passing the courthouse, they see 
 a heavely battered skelletal starved girl 
holding a sign, while she is stumbling 
onwards constantly beaten by an angry farmer. 

The sign says, she is a runaway slave. 
This is a terrible crime. 
It is only fair, she is now sentenced to 
life in prison. 

This farmer must be in nead for a new slave,  
Susan thinks, and gets a good idea. 

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"She arnīt worth much ! 
Tiny muscles and much to fat." 

O.K. mr. Farmer. 
I only want to get rid of her, 
so you can have her for 1 $, if 
you guarantee, I will never 
see her again !" 

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The deal is settled to both mrs. Hansonīs 
and the farmerīs satisfaction, and Cindy 
is put to work at the farm 
the same afternoon. 

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In the evening Cindy is ordered to strip 
for the night and is chained to a post 
besides the watchdog. 

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From dawn to dusk she must do
 the hardest work on the farm. 

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Every evening Cindy watch with envy 
as the dog eats itīs dinner. 

Just like her step-mom, Cindyīs new 
owner donīt believe it is necessary to 
feed slaves. 

They must be content with what 
they can find in the dirt. 

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Lorna, the kitchen slave, is not starving. 

She has been a slave on the farm for 
years, and the farmer is so satisfied 
with her, he allows her to eat  
potato peelings and leftovers from 
his meals. 

He has also given her Cindyīs shift, even it is 
a bit to small for her, as Lornaīs old one 
was worn-out. 

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But for work slaves as Cindy, 
there are no such luxury. 

No matter the weather, she must work naked, 
and must sleep outside in a chain at night. 

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One day when Cindy is ordered to 
clean up the waste pit, she discovers, 
what has happened to previous slaves 
after they got to skinny for the hard work. 

No wonder the girl with the sign 
had tried to run away, she thinks ! 

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The next three months Cindy, 
even rapidly weakened by hunger and sickness,
works every day as hard as she can, . 

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But one day she stumbles one time to many. 

"Thatīs it ! 
Now you go to the slave prison.
I will not keep you lazy slut one more day. 
I will go to town this afternoon and buy 
a new healthy slave.
You have never been worth 
the one dollar I payed for you!"

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On the way to the slave prison, Cindy 
passes her beloved step-mom, the now rich and 
powerfull mrs. Susan Hanson. 
As itīs normal, Susan spits on the slave
as she runs past her not even recognizing her 
as her own step-daughter. 


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As Cindy is taken into the prison by 
a guard, the warped and dazed girl donīt 
think about, it today is her 21īst birthday. 

If her step-mother hadnīt payed the lawyer 
to hasten up the matter of inheritance, which 
normal takes about four or five months, 
Cindy, now being of age, had inherited 
the whole fortune, and had not needed 
to become a slave.

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Cindy sees her future home.

The slave prison is build over 
the townīs main sewer. 

The imprisoned slaves spends all their time 
sitting chained in the sewage eagerly looking 
for, if anything eatable drifts past them.  

It would be a pure waste giving real food
to unwanted slavegirls, who anyway are 
put away in prison to die. 

Rich people often pays the guards, to 
be allowed to enter the prison and amuse 
themselvs by humiliating and tormenting 
 the wretched slaves. 

When Susan hears the farmer has send 
Cindy to the slave prison, she at once 
goes there to see her step-daughter. 

Cindy and another girl are fetched from the sewer: 

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"Yes - The ugly one is my daughter !
I will like her to fight the red-haired over 
this dead rat. "

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Before the fight, Susan has 
the red-haired girl shaved bald, so Cindy 
canīt grab her in her hair. 
She likes to be sure, who will win.

Then the fight begins. 
Susan laughs, while she watch 
the two desperate slaves struggle over, 
the dead rat. 

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But for once Susan has underestimated Cindy! 

Cindy had been attending physical exercises 
and self-defence ,before Susan had 
married her father.

After a few minuttes she succeds in 
knocking out the stronger looking girl. 

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Down back in the sewer 
Cindy canīt believe her luck. 

She has won over Susan !!! 

By knocking out the redhaired girl, 
she has for the first time ever managed 
to win over her step-mother ! 

Now she will sit back and enjoy her meal. 
For the first time in months, and 
the last time ever, she will 
not have to go hungry to sleep  !


This is how Cindyīs story ends.