With permission from Turnkey

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Countess Maggie was a sweet and innocent young woman. 
When she wasnīt at home on her large estate, which she 
had inherited in an young age, she was living at 
the Queenīs Court, trying to serve Her Highness the best she could. 

She was also a little naive and only saw the best in people, so when 
an aunt begane to plot against her, to take over her estate and her large fortune, she 
didnīt see anything before it was to late. 

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One day early in the morning, just after she had 
got up from bed and was getting ready to 
receive her breakfast, some soldiers 
barged into her room. 

The terrified young girl didnīt understand 
anything, when they told her, she was under 
arrest for stealing one of 
the Queenīs diamont rings. 
Why should she?  She had everything! 

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In the interrogation cellar, they first took 
away all her clothes and all her jewellery. 
Then they cut her hair and left her 
standing in the cold filthy water. 

It didnīt take long, before she confessed 
to everything, they accused her for. 

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The sentence was quick and hard. 
She was condemned to be hanged by her neck. 

Then, at the last moment, her aunt asked if  
she was allowed keep her as a convict labourer 
on her new estate for one  year, before 
sending Maggie back to the gallows to hang. 

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The request was granted. 
After been branded and nose ringed 
Maggie was send to her former estate, now 
owned by her aunt, to work as a slave. 

As an additional humiliation, the aunt also 
ordered her nieceīs nipples to be ringed, 
showing everybody Maggie wasnīt a 
human being any more, but only a beast of burden. 

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On her auntīs order Maggie every evening had to licke 
the feet on all the peasant girls, who were working 
as serfs on the estate. 

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"Move it lazy cunt - 
Or you will not get anything to eat today either !" 

The hard work soon took their toll on her slight body. 

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The peasant girls didnīt show any compasion 
with their former mistress. 

In their world, girls were only born to work hard. 
Why should it be any different for the countess? 

This was a world Maggie had never 
dreamed of existed.  

In her overprotected childhood and 
youth, she had only known kindness, and 
had always thought it was freely most of the girls 
working in the fields had been naked. 

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Every night she was locked into a fiddle, 
so she couldnīt steal food. 

This was her life until one day 
the one year of drudgery was over, and
the poor girl, long forgotten by 
everybody at the Court, was fetched again 
by the soldiers and brought back to the noose. 
Nobody could recognize her then. 
Everybody who saw her dangle, 
thought it only was some impoverished 
beggar girl caught for stealing.