In the Sheikīs zink mine.

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Svetlana  is in the age of 28 the head kapo in the sheikīs zink mine fare out in the desert. 

She had run away from home in Moscow as a teenager, and had survived
 as a pickpocket and by selling her body in the streets. 
One day a pimp noticed her superb body and sold her to at a high class brothel. 

But Svetlana couldnīt stop stealing from her customers. 
One day she stole a wallet from a rich Arab after serving him in bed. 

Soon after she found herself as a slave in a zink mine fare out in a desert somewhere in North Africa. 

At first it had been very hard, but she soon found out she could gain advantages by 
informing against her fellow slaves, and by calling the kapos and
overseers if she saw another girl take a breack. 

This, together with the overseers discovered she was a lesbian, 
resulted in she after a few months was promoted into a kapo, 
and because of her  efficienties, she became head kapo after only one year. 

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Karin Holm, the 20 year old daughter of 
a diplomat, discoveres why she has been 
invited to the sheikīs party at his large palace. 

Her boyfriend has been gambling in a casino
belonging to the sheik and has worked up 
a gambling dept, he canīt pay.

As soon as they arrives to the party, she is
straight away lead to a remote room. 
For two hours they slap her around, 
and yell at the crying young woman, 
until she accepts to take over her boyfriendīs
depts and become a slave. 

Two weeks later the very frightened and unwashed
girl is taken from the filthy holding cell under the palace
 to join the next transport to the zink mine. 

The diplomacy donīt bother to do any 
investigateing of her disappearance. 
The oil contracts with the sheik 
are of much bigger importance. 


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Louise Dunton stumbles and falls on the hard and hot
rocky ground of the quarry dropping her pickaxe.  
The young girl tries desperately to struggle to her feet 
but she is too weak with hunger and thirst.  

Wild eyed she sees Svetlana approach with the heavy stick 
grasped in her hand, and a thin smile on her lips.  
The blows and screams echos around the quarry. 
The other girls is thankful that it this time is Louise, 
who is being beaten and not them. 

As punishment for her laziness, Louise will get 
nothing to eat nor drink this evening. 

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The brocken zink has to be grinded into 
a fine powder, before it is ready for the 
melting furnaces. 

This is done by the grinding girls 
such as Alice Larson. 

The 25 year old former airline stewardess 
works mechanically with an empty expression 
in her face. 

She is blind as all the other grinding girls are. 

The fine powder gets in everywhere. 
It ruins the eyes and slowly destroys the lungs. 

Not many had noticed, there was 
one stewardess less, when the airliner 
returned to Europe, that day three years ago. 


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Celeste Caillaux's eighteenth birthday present 
from her mom and dad was a luxury holiday trip 
at the warm and sunny coast of the Mediterranean.

One afternoon somebody grabed her from behind 
as she was on her way back to the hotel after a swim,
and held a pice of cloth with an anaesthetic fluid 
firmly against her nose and mouth. 

She has been working at the melting furnaces 
where the zink ore is turned into barres for 3 months now. 
Every night she is allowed 5 hours of sleep - 
Then it is back to work! 
Few women survives more than two years in the
Starvation, thirst, the constant 40 degree heat, 
the daily beatings and the toxid smoke see to that.  

Not only coals are shoveled into the ovens. 
As they die the slaves also ends up into them.
Celeste and her companions have seen it frequently. 
They know they too, some day sooner or later, 
will end up there. 

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Rachel Weissman, a 23 year old daughter of a wealthy
 New York banker, slumps exhausted in the stocks.  
She has been a slave for six months. 
Svetlana knows that the Sheik hates Jews 
and treats Rachel with special cruelty.  

After  breaking rocks all day in the blazing sun 
together with the other slaves,
she is forbidden to join then in the sleeping cells. 

 Instead she is locked in a wooden stock for the night. 

Svetlana pees in a ladle, and as usual  torments 
the thirsty captive by holding the piss just out of her reach 
for a while, forcing her to beg before allowing her to drink. 

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Jenny Patterson is a stupid girl. 

First she forgot the pin-code to her credit card 
so she could not pay at the restaurant. 

Then she signed a document in Arabic 
at the police station, believing it was 
only a matter of form. 

And now on the first day of her life sentece 
in the zink mine for fraud, she tried to 
steal a water canteen from a kapo, with 
that excuse, she was thirsty! 

No wonder nobody pitties the idiotic girl. 

She is now left standing in the sewer under the cell block. 
Her arms are cuffed behind her back, and a  short chain 
is locked to her collar, binding her to the bars above, 
to prevent her from drowning. 
On the other hand, it also prevents her from
 drinking the polluted water. 

Jenny will never steal water or anything els again. 

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Yolanda is pulling one of the heavly loaden 
tipper waggons the last steep part up to the surface. 

Like many other university students she had been  greatly 
involved in protection of the environment. 

A months ago she went to see the sheik as a
representative for her class , and 
hand over a protest, signed by her and her classmates 
against the pollution from the sheiks 
many mines and factories. 

Durring the next months all the rest her 
female classmates will also be "invited" to 
a clandestine visit to the sheikīs palace. 

Now Yolanda and her mates can see for 
themselves, that the sheik cares for the nature. 
Female sweat is organic and donīt harm 
the enviroment. 

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Lisa glance at the snake, as she continues 
to work in the oppressive heat. 

She knows it it is deadly poisonous, and 
that they do not waste antidotes on slaves. 

But she donīt dare stop working for only a second. 
Her fear for Svetlanaīs reaction against her, if 
she stops working, is much greater, 
than her fear for getting bitten.

It is also forbidden to kill the snakes even she 
could do it with her pichaxe. 
In contrary to the soulless slaves, 
snakes are living creatures and belongs to 
the enviroment. 




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Every time a slave of some reasone is discarded, 
new ones are ready to fill up the gabs. 

Only a few hours ago Charla and Jane were 
sunbathing together on the beach . 

Then some uniformed men came and told 
them, it was a privat part of the beach, and 
they had to arrest them for trespassing.

Now the two subbing girls have been stripped off 
their bikini and bathing suit, and are put on the days
 transport  to the zink mine. 

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Not all goes directly to the mines and factories.

To ensure there will never arise a shortage 
of slaves, a number of girls are always kept in stock 
in the dungeons under the palace. 

Some  has like Eloise from France
only spend some weeks  in chains - 

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While others like like Pia from Germany has 
been waiting for over an year to be transported. 

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A few have been locked up for so long, 
they have become insane, like Susan-Renee. 

These girls willnīt do any good as slave labours, 
so when their madness gets noticeable, they are 
locked in a stock, so they canīt harm anybody 
and will remane in the dungeon for life. 

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Svetlana is very angry and deaply frustrated. 

She had at once noticed Charla, 
in the cage together with the plain girl, on the 
latests transport to the zink mine. 

She had already in her mind picked her for 
herself, when one of the foremen selected the blond girl 
for the underground mine shafts, instead of 
under Svetlanaīs control.  

Somebody has to pay for this : 


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"PULL HARDER - Ugly slut ! 
Move your bony arsh,
or I will teach you, what happens 
with lazy cunts like you ! " 

Jane strains in despair to pull the heavily loaden 
sledge across the burning hot ground. 

The plain dark haired girl had always lived in 
the shaddow of her beautiful blond girlfriend Charla. 

Even Jane had been the fare most intelligent of the two, 
Charla had always by her looks gained better grades
 in school than her, and at balls and parties Charla had 
always got the handsome boys (and girls), leaving Jane 
as a wallflower looking after Charlaīs handbag, 
while she was dancing and having fun. 

Even now after they both have becomne slaves, 
she must still suffer for Charlaīs beauty. 

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The other slaves must also suffer. 

Normaly itīs never necessary to 
empty the piss buckets in the sleeping cages in the mornings, 
as the thirsty girls usualy have drunk it all to the last drop, 
last night Svetlana forbade the slaves to drink from them. 

This morning the buckets are full. 

In the corner of one of the cages two desperatesly 
thirsty slaves are begging for, Svetlana will allow 
them just a nip from the bucket,  before the 3 hours 
walk to their working place at the rock piles. 

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Down in the underground mine 
Charla begines her first work day ever. 
She has never done any kind of work before 
in her life. 

She donīt have Jane to order around anymore, 
but her beauty will soon provide her with a 
new "slave" even she now is a slave herself. 

keym16b.jpg (136545 byte)

Not many seconds have gone 
before a pretty young girl is nearly forgetting 
to work, while looking at Charla. 

Charla smiles back. 
Seems like she already has found 
herself a new serf. 

keym17.jpg (131731 byte)

The same afternoon the days transport 
arrives with 3 new slaves. 

Svetlana immediately widen her eyes, 
when she sees the third girl in the line. 

Except for her tatoos she looks  exactly like Charla, 
who yesterday went into the underground shafts. 

A quick look in the papers shows, sheīs 
Charli, Charlaīs younger sister. 

keym18.jpg (69948 byte)

Norma, the more ordinary blond goes to 
the underground shafts, where she is 
chained permanently to one of the air-pumps. 
These pumps have to work day and night, so 
drugs are added to these girlīs food, so 
they never fall asleep, but only remains in 
a state of trance, so they can work 24 hours a day, 
while the kapos watch  them carefully at all times. 

keym19.jpg (77184 byte)

None of the overseers or kapos shows any 
interests in Lea, the dull and plain brunette, 
so she goes to the storeroom for the toxic waste . 

- the sign outside the entrance says. 

But that dosnīt apply for slaves. 

keym20.jpg (112268 byte)

This time Svetlana is not disappoint. 

"You are mine now Charli ! 
At day you work together with the others, 
but at night you sleep with me.  

But first we must go to the garbage dump, 
and say bye to Jessica, 
whoīs place in my bed, you are taking. 

keym21.jpg (172476 byte)

"Goodbye Jessica ! 
You have been a wonderfull lover, but
 you have now become much to scarred and skinny  
for my tast, so i will leave you here 
in the cage, which I only uses for 
my personal slaves. 

If you feel lonely, you can try to talk to your 
predecessor in both my bed and this cage,  
Judy, who is lying beside you, 
but Iīam afraid, she will not say much!" 

keym22.jpg (132300 byte)

But first Charli must undergo her first punishment. 

According to Svetlana is a slave 
 without whipmarks not a proper slave. 

For the rest of her life Charli will not be short of 
any of such marks. 

keym23.jpg (172419 byte)

Rachel has got a new job. 

Being a jew she is certain to be punished and 
humilated as much as possible. 

To the sheikīs delightment, Svetlana  
got the idea to lock Rachel  into an iron harness,
 and let her transport 
all sorts of things around the slave camp. 

This is much better than wasting fuel 
by using the truck. 

keym24.jpg (107301 byte)

Having plenty of spare time the guards finds 
various ways to amuse themselvs. 

To these kind of games, the guards prefer 
freash and unmarked meat. 

Pia Zimmer is selected to be their waste of time, 
the same day she arrives. 

The guards bets on which snake succeeds in 
bitting her first, as she is slowly lowered into the pit. 

The sheik donīt mind some slaves are ruined this way. 
There are plenty enough to work in the mine.  

keym25.jpg (116686 byte)

The underground mining slaves are those 
who are so "lucky" to survive longest. 

Protected from the blistering sun and not 
exposed to toxic smoke and wastes, 
the major impact on their health besides overwork, 
is hunger. 

These two girls are lucky. 
This evening the guard threw two dead rats 
into the sleeping cage. 

Tonight they will not go to sleep as hungry as usual. 

keym25a.jpg (121184 byte)

Charla is also lucky.  Her new girlfriend is so much in love with Charlaīs beauty, she 
has surmitted herself entirely into serving her in all her demands.  
Charla has forgotten everything about Jane now. 
Joan as her new loverīs name is, does most of her work for her and also gives her 
the half of her food.  As a reward she is allowed to please Charla bodily. 

Not all prisoners goes to the zink mine. 
From time to time the Sheik invents funny ways to punish the unlucky women. 

keym026.jpg (112480 byte)

"Some women you just canīt please - 
Like this blond german floozie named Alice." 

One of the sheikīs men said while he laughing 
showed us this picture. 

"We gave her a room with free bar (res). 
Nice permanent steel bracelets.
Running cold water, and nearly 24 hours 
of live punk song from a girl long got mad in the cell 
besides her own, and best of it all: 
She donīt have ever to go back to her borring secretary
job at the office back home in Germany ever again!  

But do you think, she shows us any gratitude? 
Just try to look at her sulky face !" 


keym027.jpg (76689 byte)

Inspired by the Olympics the Sheik has introduced 
the ancient Chinese punishment of the kang.  

Once locked in the extremely heavy wood and iron yoke, 
the poor girl is abandoned in the streets.  

The kang is a cruel punishment; 
It's victim is totally dependented on others to eat and drink, 
she cannot even lie down to sleep! 

Juliette is French, but because of her dark hair and 
her suntanted body, the turists believes she is 
only a local girl been punished, and finds 
her very amusing. 

Nobody feels any pity for her. 
She is a prisoner of the sheik, 
so her sentence must be just. 

Juliette canīt talk. 
Her vocal chords was cut in prison. 

She has been crawling around in the streets for 
a week now. 

 At first she tried to hide her nudity
behind the garbage cans  in an alley. 

Then she begane walking around 
begging with a grunting sound. 

Now a police man has just chased her away from 
a public lavatory, where she desperate of thirst 
was offering her mouth to the visiting men 
and women.

keym28.jpg (76633 byte)

Juliette is not the only street slave. 

Suzi from Germany is also living from, what she can find in the streets. 
Being a blond the police keeps her away from the places, where turists normally comes.  

She is however in a much better situation than Juliette. 
Being locked into a joke instead of a kang, she donīt need to beg, but 
can find her food by herself among the garbage. 

The sheik himself only selvdom goes into the streets or to his mines and factories 
to look at his slaves himself. 
keym29.jpg (69596 byte)

He prefer to watch some of them on his computer screen 
at home in his air-conditioned palace, when he has time. 

"Raise you head so his highness can see you!" 

keym30.jpg (89498 byte)

The persone who made this possible, is 
a young Irish woman namedSheena. 

After she was kidnapped, she was at first 
to be send to the zink mine, but after finding out 
she was a highly skilled compurter expert, she 
was offered a job at the palace instead. 

From the dungeon below the palace,  she is now 
responsible for providing the sheik with new 
entertainment every evening. 

She is good to her job. 
A spicked cage is placed in her cell, as 
a reminder to what whill happen 
if she one evening fails to find something, that 
can amuse the sheik. 


keym31.jpg (89424 byte)

"How long must I keep on standing like this? 
Itīs so heavy and the sun is to hot." 

One of Sheenaīs ideas is to hire models 
from Europa to act in bondage videos, by promising 
them a lot of money and a free holiday trip to the 
sunny beaches of the country. 

But the pretty young models like Linda here soon finds out, 
she is not only acting, but has become a real slave. 


keym32.jpg (119222 byte)

A year later Linda still poses with her hammer
one hour a day before the camera. 

The rest of the time she is working in the mine, 
and sleeps in a cage at night like all the others. 

Finding her a bit to over-sexed in her first pictures, 
the sheik ordered her vagina locked with 
a punishment ring, she must wear forever.  

Sheenaīs success down in the dungeon 
inspires the sheik, to use skilled 
slaves even up in the administration office.

keym33.jpg (91013 byte)

 "Iīam going home for today Connie. 
You better have that production report 
ready for Salina, when she arrives tomorrow morning!" 

Being an accountant Connie had stepped forwards 
from the row of 20 new slaves, when they were asked 
if anyone had some higher education. 

She knows, she has been very lucky, 
having become one of the office slaves.  

All the rest from that transport 
were send directly to the zink mine. 



9 oīclock the next morning:

keym34.jpg (107139 byte)

"Thatīs fine -  Good girl ! 

Now you can begine on 
next months abduction list.
Be sure all on the list are both 
strong and healthy. 

You can find the European and 
the American travel agencyīs 
bookinglists under code 49xxx." 

For Connie there is no spare time.

She must work day and night doing anything 
the office staff orders her to do. 

Even as an office slave she is only allowed to eat 
one portion of slave gruel once a day. 
Hunger is soon a natural part of her life. 

She is very diligent with her work. 
All the naked slaves knows to well, they will be send 
to the mines at once, if Salina or one of 
the other staff members isnīt 
satisfied with their work . 

Itīs finally Friday afternoon, 
and all the office slaves are locked 
down into a steel drawer, 
before the starf is going on weekend. 

keym35.jpg (111454 byte)

"Now be a good girl and put your hands behind 
your back, so I can handcuff you ! 
You donīt need your hands in there, and as we 
live in a morally strong country, we canīt 
let you unbelieving girls do naughty things 
with yourselvs durring the weekend!" 

keym36.jpg (82449 byte)

Monday morning the office slaves 
are taken out of the drawers again 
and itīs back to work. 

The office slaves are not allowed to use 
any of the furniture, but must work on the floor. 

There is however one piece of furniture 
they may use.  

This is the former princess Layla. 
Layla had been married to the Sheik, but  then
the sheikīs intelligence service had discovered, that 
Layla had a jewish ancester on her mothers side. 

They were immediately divorced and 
Layla was turned into a slave. 

Because of her beauty the sheik had 
allowed Layla to keep her jewellery. 
They were all melted down and casted into 
the restrains, she must always wear.