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This is a site about young women been unjustly sentenced to slavery for life. 
Sexual behaviour between the prisoners is strictly forbidden in the convents, prisons and labour camps. 

Working in chains as cheap labour in the quarries, mines, fields and rowing the heavy cargo galleys in ancient times is their only value. 

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"All models were at least 18 years old, when they were photographed"


Dungeons -                 14 Sep 2011
Henriette -                    21 Sep 2011
Privat dungeons -      28 Sep 2011
2 pics from Turnkey     05 Oct 2011    
Joanna and Martha    04 Feb 2012
J and M´s story continues    30 April 2012           
               White slaves in the West Indies     12 July 2012 (From the old site.) 
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Photo stories :

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Feeding the pet 

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Slave nr. 817

Tibool :

The Southern chain gang
The Mine  tibm00.jpg (171511 byte)

The Dungeons 



Privat dungeons 

The cloistered convent  convent.jpg (128347 byte)
Stocks and Pillories  
The way to Siberia   sib019.jpg (232023 byte)
White slaves in North Africa 
White slaves in the West Indies 

Update 12 July 2012

DeLucena :

   Part 1            Part 2          Part 3
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Turnkey :

The galley slaves:

The zink mine:

Countess Maggie:


Emily in the svamps: 

Linda and Amy:

Lady Jane

Joanna and her big sister Martha 

1931.jpg (70196 byte)

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Fashion changes, so do uniforms, arms and cars. 
But one
thing never changes : 
If you are a bad girl and mess with the wrong people, you end up 
in prison, and are soon forgotten by all . 

Story by Jenna:  Liesl von Klein


Story by S. : Hanna´s new life.  

Berit in Africa 

The chance  

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Crystal in South East Asia :

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Megan and Heidi 
in the copper mine


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