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Scenes from the old Russia. 

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1890.  A young girl on her way to Siberia to serve her sentence. 
She had been a maid in a rich family, when the son of the house one day raped her. 
She tried to report it to the authorities, but they wouldnīt listen.  
In desperation she sat fire to the house. 
The damage was minor, but her guilt in arsone was clear. 

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Even she keept on maintaining, she was innocent, this young woman was sentenced for murder on her employer.  Here she is forged in irons at the arrival to the prison camp.


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This was to become her home for many many years.

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While the male prisoners kept their boots, it was normal, that female prisoners went barefooted in the work camps.


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Their last night together. 

Tomorrow the young man is going to prison, to start serving a 5 year  sentence for fraud.  He knows, he will never see his young wife again. 

She is to be sent to the copper mines, as a small payment for the debt.  It will take her at least 15 years to work it off.  If she lives so long. 



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A new serf spends her first night in the barn.
Tomorrow her new mistress 
will put her to work. 



Once a month her husband is allowed to visit 
his young wife,  at the manor.

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"No, my dear husband.  
You donīt have to worry about me. 
I am fine.  The mistress only beat me, 
if I deserve it."