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Imprissonment in the old times.
In Europe life sentences were given for even minor offences

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P-021.jpg (122108 byte)

Germany 17īth century.
Heidiīs confessor had felt forbidden feelings when looking at her in the church.
He told his bishop about his problem.  It was decided,to lock poor Heidi up for life, as the devil must have taken residence in her sinfull body.  As extra punishment she was to wear a spiked punishment collar.  Nobody could see anything wrong in doing so, and if someone did, he or she would keep quiet.  Nobody outside the prison ever heard from her again.

Been born rich, or having been so lucky as from natureīs hand to be provided with a stunning body, or a brilliant brain,  has through time proved not to have been a guarantee for a happy life in the sunshine.  
Politics, religious fanaticism, family affairs,  jealousy, strict moral laws or pure unluck has transformed many good lifes into a life in pain, need and misery

P-009.jpg (162940 byte)

She goes to trial
18īth century

P-033.jpg (209362 byte)

Germany in the 16īth century. 


P-004.jpg (105390 byte)

A rich noble woman visits a prisoner.  It is one of her former maids. She often accused her servants for stealing from her.  This one, she said, had stolen a ring.  In her lifetime a half a dozen of her maids ended up dying in prison.

P-005.jpg (220597 byte)

 Noble girl.
A victim of politics.
17īth century

 P-029.jpg (209673 byte)

A young womanīs life is on stake. 
An insignificant checker in a trial about heresy.

P-028.jpg (176949 byte)

"No ! - Come back ! - Donīt leave me here !
I will do anything to please you !"
An nobleman dismisses his mistress.. 

P-035.jpg (270500 byte)

Torture in Germany in the 16īth century.


P-034.jpg (342072 byte)

After the torture. 
 Germany 16īth century.

P-040.jpg (63541 byte)

She rejected the noblemanīs advances. 
Now she is facing her first night in the cellar. 

P-046.jpg (125156 byte)

She still has a good looking body, the jailor thinks.  But she has only been a prisoner for a few weeks until now.   In two or three years she will look quite different. 

P-047.jpg (67383 byte)

"Here is something to eat, little thiefs." 

Pia waits a moment, until the dry bread has sucked up some of the dirty water, before she with a practised movement, picks it up with her dissolved feet.  She finds it much easier to do it, while the cell is still lightened by the jailors torch.   Her sister Lisa, on the other hand, always turns her back and tries to hide her female attributes, until the jailor has left them to the pitch-darkness again.  Then she can use hours, trying to find the crumbled pieces with her toes, among all the filth drifting around. 


P-048.jpg (99836 byte)

"Wake up - sluts ! We canīt having you strangling yourselfs, while you sleep ! " 

In the next cell are 3 girls.  They too are straining to keep standing up in the filth filled water. 

All the basement cells are connected together with a small barred openning at the floor, so the water is kept in the same level in all of the cells. 


5 years ago. 
P-054.jpg (75802 byte)

"Your father has not paid, so 
now you are going into a real prison !" 

Heidiīs parents had gone bankrupt. 
To keep them and her brothers out of trouble, Heidi volunteered to go into the debtors' prison instead of them.  But after a few days, they all fleed the country, leaving their depts and Heidi behind them.


P-053.jpg (121568 byte)

Heidi in her prison cell 5 years later. 

This was something very different from the more comfortable deptors-prison, where she had been allowed both clothing and real food, and where she had expected to spend only a few weeks in chains, and not the rest of her life.  


P-074.jpg (102776 byte)

"I confess ! - Please tell the judge I confess.  I took the money without my husbands permission !"
Not able to stand sitting in the stocks in the dark and damp cellar anymore, Marlene, even completely innocent, has become ready to confess anything to get out of there. 


P-075.jpg (264260 byte)

Contented with Marleneīs confession, the judge had her transfered to a more comfortable cell.  
Here she stayed the rest of her life. 

Her crime?  She had married a handsome young man, not knowing he was a gambler.  When confronted with the fact, that a large amount of the family means was missing, he accused his young wife of stealing it. 


P-007.jpg (216303 byte)

French prostitute after arrest 
18īth  century

P-027.jpg (264890 byte)

Young thief.
She stole a bread.

P-037.jpg (225702 byte)

France in the 15`th century. 

P-036.jpg (218113 byte)

France in the 12īth century.


P-001.jpg (107087 byte)

Chained to a wall 
 France 17īth century

P-003.jpg (101717 byte)

"Well, well - So you thought, you could say no to me!"

P-061.jpg (202140 byte)

In the 13īth century. 
A young woman is brought to her first interrogation. 

P-063.jpg (121161 byte)

Four months later on her way to the Court to receive her final sentence. 


P-041.jpg (101747 byte)

19īth century England. 
Just being poor could resulted in being grabed by the police in the streets and send to the treadmills.

P-042.jpg (135338 byte)

Punished for laziness.

P-059.jpg (97190 byte)

P-058.jpg (82136 byte)


Worse than the treadmills, was to ge send to the mines. 
Once there, only very few ever saw the sun again. 

P-060.jpg (75784 byte)

Not only people who were born poor risked ending up in the mines. 
This picture shows the Wolverton sisters.  In 1780 both their parents
died in a carriage accident.
An uncel and an aunt were assigned to be their guardians, and administer their large fortune, until the girls became of age.   At the time the eldest sister became 25, all the fortune was gone, and only depts remained.  The creditors couldnīt tuch the uncel and the aunt, as they had protected themselfs legally against any claims.  

One early morning the two young women were fetched by a carrige, and were driven to a coal mine.
Registers shows that five years later, they were still alive working in the mine. 
What happened later, nobody outside the mine knows.


In the early days of colonization most of the slaves, were white people. 

P-064.jpg (146984 byte)

"Keep those hands up stupid wench !"

This Irish girl was deported to the West Indies in the late 1700īth.  Put on display, she had to stand for hours, while holding her heavy irons up.  This was so she should fetch a better price, by showing her strength.  She was at the end of the day, sold to a plantation owner to be used as a labourer. 




P-006.jpg (116579 byte)

"Please listen to me!  This is a mistake!"
Spain 17 century 

P-010.jpg (209517 byte)

Beggar girl deported to hard labour. 
 Spain 17īth century.

P-008.jpg (248384 byte)

Transport to the bagnes for hard labor

P-002.jpg (113095 byte)

She was declared insane.
Now her brother alone inheritated the estate.

The Spanish Inquisition

P-055.jpg (126010 byte)

The Spanish Inquisition. 

Waiting ! 

P-056.jpg (46636 byte)

The victims were held in pain to save their souls.


P-057.jpg (61694 byte)

Some had to wait for many months in the cellars. 


P-062.jpg (89576 byte)

This Spanish girl had to wait 6 months before her sentence was carried out. 


P-031.jpg (100319 byte)

A monk-confessor visits a victim in the inguisitionīs prison in the 16īth century


P-044.jpg (196016 byte)

Inquisitorial torture.

P-066.jpg (163274 byte) P-068.jpg (63343 byte)
Torches were often used for long-term interrogations of the poor victims. 


P-067.jpg (150334 byte)

After the verdict the victims were sometimes forced to wait for weeks, suffering from their burns, and from thirst and hunger, before their execution.



P-065.jpg (120932 byte)

At last months of pain is about to be over. 
She had been arrested for being an atheist. 
The monks and nuns had not tortured her of cruelty.  They had done it, because they believed, it would save her soul from hell. 


P-079.jpg (144105 byte)

Some, like this girl, were kept in the dark dungeons for years, without knowing when it would be their turn. 

P-080.jpg (169922 byte)

"Wake up bitch!  I have good new for you. 
You will be burned tomorrow!" 

Others were brought to the stake only a few days after their convictions. 

P-082.jpg (211729 byte)

Nina tries to enjoy the sun and the fresh air.
It was six months since she last saw it. 
In half an hour it will be all over. 

P-083.jpg (197494 byte)

The inguisition never slept .
While Nina was still burning on the stake,
a new girl was already stretched on the rack.

P-081.jpg (197568 byte)

Trying tyo sleep. 

P-101.JPG (215450 byte)

One more day has gone.

P-102.jpg (178256 byte)

"We know you have confessed.  But
now we want you to confess again, so we
can be sure, you havnīt lied !"

P-103.jpg (138109 byte)

After one week.

P-104.jpg (229633 byte)

"Stop screaming and tell us the truth !"

P-105.jpg (202279 byte)

A sensible girl. 
She told them straight away, 
what they wanted to hear ! 

P-107.jpg (132868 byte)

She wouldnīt give up ! 
Even at this point, she still tried to free herself, 
but the chains were to strong. 

Sold to the Turks.
P-095.jpg (83077 byte)

"They are not worth much, but
load them into the wagon." 

P-096.jpg (102185 byte)

Facing a very different life, 
from what she was brought up to! 

an slave girls. 
P-030.jpg (183454 byte)

This  muscular hard labor slave girl belonged to a craftsman. 
Aware of her strength, her owner always keept her locked in the stocks, when she was not working. 

P-039.jpg (238633 byte)

Her decadent mistress became jealous of her beauty.
 Instead of simply selling her, 
she had her thrown into prison. 

P-038.jpg (343107 byte)

This new slave from Britain did not fetch a reasonable price at her first auction.  She now awaits the next weeks auction.  If she is not sold then... ! 


In some states in the USA in the 19īth century, 
 young women and girls could get very long prison sentences for even minor offences, such as walking in the streets alone after dark, being a stubborn child, having run away from home, lewd behaviour, caught mastubating, or simply been seen kissing.  In some incidents just being a beautiful young girl, catching to much attention from the males in a small town, was enough to be seized by the local marshall in the street or at home, and receive an one way ticket into prison. 

P-011.jpg (261620 byte)

When the cell door was opened, this girl, imprisoned for lewd behaviour against the local priest,  crouched together blushing, trying to hide her nakedness. 

The matron told laughing, that the silly bimbo on the other hand claimed, it was the priest, who had tried to commit an offence against her!  So she had got 5 years extra for lying on top of the 25 years, she already had got.

P-012.jpg (237335 byte)

Heather Langly talked back one time to many to her teachers.
In spite of her parents protests, she was confined to the state prison as an toublesome youth.  Not been able to keep her mouth shut there either, she was fitted with a iron gag, and with her hands tied to it on her back, she was thrown into a punishment cell.


P-013.jpg (325129 byte)

Punished for talking back to her mistress, this young black servant girl was also, like Heather, sentenced to wear the iron gag.  Even it was long after 1864 and slavery officially was abolished, she, without ever been sentenced for any violation of any law, only on her mistresses demand, had to stay in prison until her death.


In the madhouses the conditions could be even worse.
Those who were not insane, when they arrived, without doubt became it after some years.


P-014.jpg (275455 byte)

This girl was locked into the chair. 
It was not unormal, that patients was locked permantly into it  like this for years.  They were feed with gruel once a day, and in the seat was a hole, under which stood a bucked for their waistes.


P-016.jpg (227522 byte)

Another apparatus to keep patiens calm, was this wooden stock.  This was unbelievably also meant to be worn permantly.

In this case it was used together with a gag, as the staff had become tirred of constantly hearing the girl pleading her sanity, and crying and begging to be released.

P-022.jpg (262281 byte)

Two girls help each other. 

P-023.jpg (225617 byte)

This young woman was a prominent patient. 
To keep it a secret, who she was, she spended her life  alone in a cell in the basement.


These 3 pictures shows Susan Pinewood:

P-015.jpg (338196 byte)

2 days after she was taken to the madhouse


P-017.jpg (330489 byte)

Susan after 2 years


P-018.jpg (204230 byte)

After 4 years.
Now real insane of pain and need, wearing the punishment belt filled with nails. 


In the 1870īth, Susan Pinewood was a wellknown young woman in the higher society, highly admired for her beauty and wit,  and was one of three lawful successors to a very large commercial firm.   Then suddently Susan vanished from the publicity.  Her elder brother and sister told anybody, who asked, that their sister had gone to Europe to get married.  In the reality they had had her committed to the madhouse only a week before her 25īth birthday, when she would have become of age, and should have inherited her part of the fortune. 

Durring all the many years, she was confined behind the thick walls, until her death as 47, she was locked into a heavy wooden stock.  Because she would not admit, she was crazy, and accused the doctors for being corrupt, she was regulary punished with hunger, lashes from a leather whip, and was  often bound with a thick belt filled with pointed nails, which inflicted her a lot of pain, and prevented her from getting any rest or sleep in up to a week at a time. 

In an American prison
for women in the 1980īth.

P-020.jpg (79879 byte) P-019.jpg (284822 byte)

A veiw from the punishment cells. 
 New long time prisoners always begane their sentences with a week in a punishment cell, as an introduction to their new life in prison.  This was also where they would end up if unruly.  They could be put there up to 6 month at a time.  Their days were divided into 12 hours chained to 2 rings in the floor, and 12 hours standing or walking about, in which they were not allowed to sit or lie down.  If they did so anyway, their senteces were prolonged. 

P-024.jpg (276323 byte)

Another negress in handcuffs.

P-025.jpg (113275 byte)

Punished for making fun in the prison.

P-032.jpg (225854 byte)

In the punishment cell.

P-043.jpg (195251 byte)

Chile,  political prisoner 1974. 


P-026.jpg (152420 byte)

Stolen lifes!  Young girls expelled from their families.  Mostly for moral offences. 
Once inside, the institution will never let go of them again.

P-108.jpg (335704 byte)

Two beautiful young blonds, pass each other in the street.  
They are of the same age, and only a few feet separates  them, but fate has given them two very different lifes.  One wears expencive clothes, jewellery and fine shoes.  The other a coarse prison dress, chains and has been barefooted for years.   One smells of perfume, the other of old sweat and dirt.  

The girl on the chain gang, Jane, recognize at once the expensively dressed young woman.  It is her former room mate and best friend at
college.  Susan, on the other hand, donīt as much as look in her direction.  Jane keeps her mouth shut.  She donīt want Susan, or any other of her old friends to see her like this, a smelly slave in chains.  She also knows, she will be punished very hard, if she is seen talking to anyone in the streets.  How could this ever have happened to her ?   She is so ashamed.  She had been so naiv.  Why had she agreed to carry her boy friends bag through the customs, that horrible day so long ago. 

Unlucky immigrant workers.

P-113.jpg (102677 byte)

Many young girls from East Asia and the Philippines tries to get work abroad as house maids or factory workers, so they can earn some money, they can send back home to their families. 

For the most it goes well, but for other
s, specially those who try to seek their fortune in
undemocratic countries with a low opinion concerning women, it sometimes goes disasteres.   

If they canīt pay the bribes to the police and immigration officers, they are simply thrown into prison until somebody pays for them.  If nobody do ----- ! 

P-115.jpg (127224 byte)

 Please God, let one in my family win the lottery ! 

P-112.jpg (225064 byte)

As long as the relatives send some money, the girls are at least allowed a cell with some sunlight
 and freash air. 

But if the family donīt pay !
P-116.jpg (100225 byte)

"Useless bitch - You go down to the basement now !" 

P-114.jpg (124053 byte)

Once in the basement cells, there is no way out again.  The hatch is only openned once a day, so the guard can throw some rotten food into the cell.  

Newest pictures: 
P-118.JPG (299024 byte)

"Dirty slut ! 
 You better clean up after your self. 
Use your tongue !" 

P-119.JPG (212889 byte)

Long long days in solitary. 

P-122.JPG (217939 byte)

The Inquisition.

P-121.JPG (126620 byte)

Being prepared for the Inquisition.

P-125.JPG (190081 byte)

Punishment cell in an old American prison.



P-127.JPG (206931 byte)

In a prison in South-East Asia: 

Sabine, a young blond French tourist, gasps for air, as the door to the punishment cell at last is opened.

Collective punishments are common.  If one prisoner breack the rules, all are punished. 

An evening, Sabine had been tempted by a local guy, she had met, to try to smoke a joint on the beach.   The police came.  Her new boyfriend got off by paying the police.  Sabine got 25 years in prison. 

P-123.JPG (173354 byte)

Stocks in Germany in the old times.

P-126.JPG (194682 byte)

Russia in the 1930īth. 
A girl after interrogation in one of Stalin`s prisons.  Tomorrow she will be interrogated again. 

P-120.JPG (251688 byte)

Hidden experiments:  
Girls used for
long-term clinical trials of new drugs.  Those who are to be examined by the doctor today, are standing with their hands tied to the hooks. Ready for the needles.