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Megan.  Page 2.

In the mordern Gulag.

 A transport carrying a new load of young women and girls, has arrived to work camp nr. 417. 
Some come from prisons in the former Sovjet Union, some have simply been kidnapped from the streets in Western Europe and smuggled over the borders.   Some again has been purchased from foreign prisons and labor camps, by the privat mining compagny, who now owns the Siberian copper mine. 

Megan and Heidi belongs to the last category.  When Heidiīs parents
couldnīt  afford paying bribes anymore, the prison governor sold both her and Megan to one of his old friends, who owns several copper mines in Siberia.  For the unfortunate young women send here, it is a freezing hell from where nobody returns

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"All of you! -  As soon as you have found an emty sleeping place, put your plastic bag there and line up outside.  You are going to be put to work at once! "
Megan and Heidi, now nr. 526 and 525, looks at their new home.  It consists of a cold concret hut with wooden shelves, filled with dirty straw, covering the walls on both sides, leaving only little space for each prisoner




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Heidi is taken to the melting furnace, where she is allowed to strip off her frock, before she is ordered to shovel coals in the ovens. 

Sniffling she thinks about the endless line of degradations, she has undergone during the last years, and that things in the future probably only will get worse.  Only three years ago she was attending an expencive Swiss senior high school getting good grades, and could afford fashionable clothes and expencive vacations.  Now she has to do slave work in chains, clad only in a wet and dirty shirt and clumsy sweatfilled rubber boots.  Her face is not only blushing because of the intenze heat, but also from her feeling, the guards eyes veiwing her bare bottom, each time she has to lean forwards to take a new shovel full of coal.

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Meganīs first job is to push a heavy cart filled with copper ore, brocken from the frozen ground by other girls , to the melting furnaces.  Used to hard work after having spend nearly half of her life as a slave, she manage it better, than most of the others .

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"Please - My name is Dorris.  Do you have any room for me?  All the others say, they have nothing to spare.  I will lie quiet all night, so I willnīt distube you! - Please?"

A young girl address Heidi and Megan, as they reunited for the night, gets ready to crawl in to the filthy straw to gain a few hours of sleep.  

The tattoo Megan received many years ago in the old camp, is still cleary vissible, through the vast numbers of old scars and fresh welts from the daily beatings. 

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"Thank you - you are the first people, who have been kind to me, since I was arrested!

Itīs all a terrible mistake..  I donīt deserve beeing here.  I am not a criminal like you!  Iīam only 20 years old.  My parents has recently send me from London to Prague for studying art.  They did it to keep me away from my boy friend, whom they donīt think is rich enough for becomming their son-in-law.

megan31.jpg (62730 byte) I had only been there one week, when two men grabbed me on the street, handcuffed me and forced me into a closed van.  They took me to a filthy prison, where some matrons without any explanation stripped me off all my clothes and jewelry, cut off my hair and locked me naked into a prison cell together with some ordinary  girls, who only could talk very little english.  Some days later they gave us these clothes, rubber boots and leg irons, and took us to the railway station.

  Now, after five days in a drafty cattle truck, forced to sit tight together with those low class girls, I finally arrived today, only to be met by barbed wire fences, armed gaurds, hostility from both matrons and inmates, and freezing cold weather.  I truely hope my parents soon finds out, what has happened, so they can get me out of here!"
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Iīam sorry Dorris, but you must forget all about your parents!  They canīt help you out from here, never mind how rich they are, and they will probably never find out, where you are!

And neither me nor Megan are criminals.  My name is Heidi.  I was on a vacation together with my parents, who are bankers, when one afternoon the police suddently came and arrested me at the hotelīs swimming pool.  They had found some drugs in  one of the maidīs locker, but to save herself she had told them, she had found them in my room and was going to hand them over to the police, as soon as her workday was over.  I sweared, I was innocent, but the judge decided to believe her, and sentenced me to life imprisonment with hard labor. 
The first years my parents paid a lot of money to keep me out of the pits, so I  only had to do light work such as sorting the clothes confiscated from new prisoners.  It was here I was so lucky to meet Megan.  Unfortunately my two aunts, a pair of old spinsters, who have the majority of the shares in the family compagny, have forbidden my parents to waste more money on me, so thatīs why you see me in this condition.  Luckily Megan and I were sold together.

As for Megan, she was simply kidnappet, at a
tourist resort, and put to work as a slave the very same afternoon, in the same slave camp as I.
The continental climate up near the artic cirkel changes nearly overnight, 
from the freezing cold long winter, to a short but very hot  summer.
To keep up the high speed of working, all the prisoners are stripped of their warm winter clothing and boots.  
 Then they are thoroughly shaven off all hairs all over their heads and bodies.
 Because of the large amount of new prisoners, who have arrived specially from Europe durring the recent year, there are not enough sommer uniforms to all.  About a hundred of the latest arrivals have to work naked.

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Heidi gives Megan a loving caress, while they look at Dorris been put to work in the morning. 

 Like all the other inmates, they donīt like her, even they do let her sleep tight together with them at night.

Like Megan, Heidi has become a tough and steady worker, and has nearly adjusted completely to her life as a slave.  Even she is only 21 now, and much younger than Megan,  they have gone into a steady relationsship, and last night Heidi had wispered into Megans ear, that she had begone to feel her arrest and enslavement as a lucky event, as she otherwise never would have met her.

"Move your fat arse up that ramp!
If you darre slip and drop just one peace of gravel from the basket, I will skin your back and bum!"

Unlike Heidi and Megan, Dorris is not at all used to be beaten.  Neither has she ever before done any kind of hard labor.  As the pampered daughter of rich parents, she has been used to, that her money and her good looks has made everybody do as she pleased.

Now robbed of both her money and her beauty, (Short after her arrival a guard  knocked out her front teeth!)  she has to learn, that the only thing that counts here, is how hard she can work and nothing else. 

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Together with the hot summer, comes the bloodsucking mosquitos.  Megans skin is so toughen and calloused due to many years of daily beatings, she endure them better than the most.  
 Heidiīs skin has also become reasonably calloused, even she do feel the bites. But to new slaves like Dorris with their soft smooth skin, only been whipped and beaten a few months, it is utterly hell!

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In the last days of the artic summer, comes that day of the year, the forced labours fears most. 
Before they are issued new winter clothing, they are all to undergo a thorough medical examination, as the mine owners, donīt whant to waste expencive clothes on weak or sick slaves, who may not survive the winter. 

The tough workers Megan and Heidi have become, they are both so lucky to be judged fit for work, and can look forward to one more winter in the copper mine.  Other girls are not so lucky.  Those who do not pass the examination are lead naked to a deap pit dug in the camps  garbage dump, and are never heard from again. 

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Every morning Heidi and Megan hold hands, hopening they will be allowed to stay together  durring the day. 

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This day they are lucky.  Every time they pass each other, while transporting crushed ore to the mealting ovens, they have the opportunity for giving each other a tired smile. 

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