With permission from Chamberlain

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After been living a modern existence in Paris the most of her life, Abiza has big problems adjusting to her new way of life. 
Her family has send her  back to live with one of her brothers in the Middel East, worried about her wearing jeans, not covering her hair and her growing popularity among her french school mates.
Soon after,  on her way to lessons, she is arrested by the moral police, for showing some tufts of hair, and for walking by another road, than  the permission, written by her brother, allows her.


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"Ugly shameless whore! - Trying to tempt innocent men and boys!"
"Your brother is been right, handing you over to us, not wanting to see you ever again! - Disobedient slut!"

"You are now state property! -  Here in block 9 we are going to make you usefull, and be sure! We have a lot of experience wiping out any kind of lasciviousnes from sinfull bodies like yours!"




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"Ten times more up to the top of the hill and back!  And this time faster!  I want to hear those bells tinkle continuously!"

Abiza spends the first day making punishment drills together with another girl .  They are of same age, but Noor, as her name is, has been a convict for nearly a year now. She had grewn up in England, but has been sent back, of the same reasons as Abiza.

"Ohh! - This is hard!" Noor says, with a hoarsely voice: "But at least we know we deserve it" - "It must be  much worse for the Europeen women here, not feeling they have done anything wrong!"


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Between punishments Abiza is put to all kinds of work, from cleaning the guards lavatories and scrubbing floors, to laundering.
While carrying water, she sees a group of heavely veiled women, being drived towards the special section of the prison, reserved for foreigners.  She wonder, how they can stand walking in chains in the heavy hot cotton material and in rubber boots, in that heat.
One of the gaurds, being in a good mood, explains to her, that it is a divorced successful business woman from Sweden in her late thirties, and her two daughters.   For an arab woman it is a crime being divorced, and it also apply to foreign visitors, if reported to the police.  She had also been so impudent to on a bussiness trip to this country, to bring along her daughters, of which the eldest is pregnant without been married!  So no wonder that the local manager of her firm reported her to the police, when she unannounced came to inspect the accounts!
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Charlotta Norstrom 38, and until yesterday a powerfull business manager, watches as her youngest daughter Mia is been shorn.   She knows it is her turn next.
Her eldest daughter, 19 year old Britt, is five months pregnant with twins.  She was to be married next month with a successful young assistant director.

Now this will never happen.

Two hours ago they were all three sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor with no possibility 
for an appeal.  





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Abiza and Noor takes an afternoon breack from repairment work.  The prison manager has recently purchased an quantity of  sports clothes from a surplus stock for a favourable price, and has been so kind  giving it to his Arab prisoners to wear, after it has been marked.

The foreign prisoners are not so lucky!
Abiza and Noor watches as one of the infidel white women loads another heavy stone into the cart .
It is one of the new slaves, the young Swedish girl Britt Norstrom.  For her there are no breacks from work, even she is expecting twins.  Like her mother and sister she is wearing the standard prison uniform for foreign whores, as they are called. 
It consist of a thick transparent plastic coat, clear latex gloves and rubber boots.  This way they donīt profane the rocks by tuching them.


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"Move! - Lazy whore!  All those sacks must be loaded on the truck within one hour!"

Charlotta is straining to her outmost, trying to avoid the whip.  It is unbearable hot working in the blazing sun covered in thick plastic and rubber.  But that is how all the white women prisoners are clad including her two precious daugthers, even when sleeping at night.


The next day Abiza and Noor together with a third Arab prisoner looked on, while the youngest of the swedish daughters received a punishment.
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"Infidel whore!  You dare tuch the rocks with you dirty hands!  Hold it still !  If you move it before all thirty strokes, I will begine all over!  Your mother and sister will be punished too !" 

After working for hours in the intense heat, one of Mia`s latex gloves accidently slipped of her sweaty hand.  She immediately picked it up, but the overseer saw it, before she managed to put it on again.  
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Some weeks later the womens prison is inspected by a man from the authorities.
"That girl, nr. 9, didnīt bow her head deap enough !" 

"Nr. 9 - Come here at once !  
We have our ways to teach whores like you to be humble, when passing a man !"
"One week with the infidels will teach you !"







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"Oh - no !  How will I ever survive only one day in this heat in this outfit?"  Abiza thinks, as she walks down into the pits to join the foreign prisoners for one week. 

Abiza has been dressed in an all covering tight rubber gown. She also has to wear a rubber scarf which completely covers her hair and even rubber gloves.  She very soon feels unbearably hot, been out under the brutal sun dressed like that. 

"Itīs for you own protection !"  She had been told. 
"We canīt risk, you get defiled with sweat or other fluids from the infidel Europeen bitches." 

She recognize one of the prisoners as being Mia, she saw been punished some weeks before. 

When no one is near enough to hear them, she asks Mia, how she can stand working so hard wearing the thick plastic uniform  covering her all over. 

"I have to !" She answers with a low horselig voice.  "If I faint or donīt reach my work quota every day, not only I, but also my mother and my poor sister gets punished.  And she is in her 7īth month now !"


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Noor has also got herself in trouble durring the inspection.  Because she had got sweat in her eyes while working, she had not noticed the man from the authorities, and had therefore not bowed at all. 

This mean a whole month working with the infidels.  As the managers of the prison, knows no one can survive so long in the heat down in the quarry in her rubber coat, she is allowed to wear only her rubber underwear, and plastic clogs to protect her feet against the burning rocks and gravel, instead of wellies.


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If Abiza and Noor had any 
hopes about once being relieved from wearing the
hot and sweaty rubber uniforms, all their hopes 
vanishes, when a local mullah askes the prison manager, if 
he can spare two girls, so they can operate 
a small oil pump he has behind his house. 

As they are going to work outside the prison, 
both the young women are fitted with steel veiles so 
they canīt seduce any innocent man or boy.

Abiza and Noor now belongs to the mullah. 
Every day they have to operate the hand driven 
oil pump in turn, taking over from each other, when 
 the other one gets so hot, she is near fainting. 

Bells are tied around their middle, so 
the mullah can hear, that they are always working. 

Water is expencive out here, so to spare, where it 
is possible, the two girlsīs urin is gathered In 
a pitcher, and is mixed into their gruel every evening. 

The end.