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Megan. Page 1.
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Only 1 hour after been arrested at the tourist resort, never been told why, Megan Soon is sentenced to 7 years of hard labor .
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"Stand still! - Look into the linse!"


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Together with two other unlucky turists, who were arrested the same day,  Megan  marches to block 5 to begin serving her sentence. . .


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Nr. 9617 - Now just one of a large
numbers of young women and girls, mostly foreign, serving, in the minister of justice`s privat mines!
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 One of the two endless daily roll calls, in all kinds of weather, in front of block 5.


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 Hearing from the other girls, that no prisoner has ever been released. Megan tryes to hide tools for an escape attempt!


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Of cause the hidden tools are discovered, and poor Megan is brought to the guardhouse to receive her punishment. 


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Normal punishment for planing to escape: 2 years with an iron mask in the steamy hot coal mine. 
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Megan, back in block 5, now marked as a problem prisoner, looks at a new arrival trying to find a place to sleep in the overcrowded slave hold. 
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 Nr.: 9617.  has been working 16 hours a day, every day for 4 years now. Shorn, starved and bruised she toils day after day, like all the other girls. Condemned to spend their lives as cheap labors in chains, behind concrete walls and barbed wire.
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After six years of captivity, Megan is leased to work at a remote rice paddy outside the main prison under close guard.  Dressed in the outside uniform, and gaged so she can`t steal rice, she is  to fill a big basket, and then  stagger up to the
waiting truck, before running back  with swollen feet in wet rubber boots, after a new load.
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Back in th main slave camp, a new slave, a young italian girl named Antonia canīt hold her temper when receiving her first can of food.  She shouts, she will not eat it because it is filthy, and she thinks that pieces of strange animals were floating around in it. 

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After a haircut and a week standing in the starving cells, she feels quite different on what can be eaten. 

"You want a bite of this lizard darling? 
I will let it lie on the floor, so you can look at it.  Only 2 more days, then you will be back at work pretty face!"



Megan knows her place and moves quietly forwards in the food line after one more day of drudgery.

Her 7 years sentence is long run out.  But as she was told long ago, no prisoner  has ever been released from the slave camp.
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"Get moving slut !  if you don`t like it leave it !"


Young blond Ilsa has only been a slave for three days.  She still looks at the  sticky stinking porridge with disgust.  And she really neads a cigarette !

But  marked with a black triangle because she tried to run away, when she was arrested at the modeling agency, and was only stopped by a pistol bullet in her left leg,  she will, just as the problem prisoners marked with pink, never become a trusty.


A day, while Ilsa, who has been a slave for more than a year now,  together with Megan and a younger girl Gina, are digging a trench for a new sewerage in the prison yard, a bunch of new prisoners are lead past them, on their way to the intake block.

Suddently she stops working and shouts to the leading young woman in the line:

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"TARA ! - What are you doing here?
It`s me - Ilsa !"

The tall beautiful red-haired is totaly confused.  It is less than an hour ago, she at the model agency, (Just like Ilsa a year ago.)  instead of a job had got handcuffed and together with four other girls was locked into a closed van, and driven to this place.

She looks at the chained, bruised and scrawny looking woman.

That couldn`t be Ilsa, her best friend from high school !  She had disappeared right after their graduation last year, and she hadn`t heard a word from her since.

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"Ohh - no!  What have they done to you Ilsa?
 I was so sad, when you just went away without saying anything.  Not even sending a postcard.

Auch! - These  chains hurt my ankles!

I am hungry!  Do you know when we will get something to eat?" 

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"Her name is not Ilsa !  It is  11524 !  Understand !

And your name is for all future 14769 ! 

And you are never allowed to say anything, without being asked !

You are not a human being anymore, you are a slave !
Maybe a bald head will remind you of that !"

One day the prison governor looses a valuable watch down the complex sewers.

 Being extremely thin, Megan volunteers to crawl down through the pipes. When she  after two hours emerge again completely smeared in shit, she has found  not only the watch, but a gold pendant as well, the governors wife had lost last year.
The governor is so pleased he
rewards Megan with transfer to the "Sorting Detail. "

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"Hello, Megan.  I am Emma.  You shall begin working together with Heidi.  She will show you, what to do.
You must be freezing only clad in that dress.  Hurry up and pick some clothes and a par of shoes from one of the piles." 

After been given her first bath in  10 years and a new clean prison dress, Megan reports to the secretary for the Sorting Detail.

Her work those, whose families have enough money to pay a substantial bribe. The privileged prisoners work light duty sorting through all the clothing and possesions confiscated from new arrivals. Most of it are later resold to benefit the governor, but these inmates are allowed to keep a few items for themselves to wear underneath  their  prison dresses.

Megan`s new friend and work partner Heidi is the only daughter of a rich Swiss banker.  Her parents pay a hugh amount every month, to keep her out of the pits.

Been a well educated and intelligent young woman, she has realised, that she has become the accidental victime of modern  slavery, and because of politics, and fear of rising oil prices, nobody are going to help her getting out of  prison again. 

 She know, she will never see the outside of the barbed-wire fences again, and try to adjust completely to her new life,  making the best of it.

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"Isn`t it a lovely dress mistress?
May we keep it?
Megan is so slim - It will fit her perfectly."


None of them think about the dressīs former owner, a 31 year old singer, now toiling away at
shoveling gravel in the pits.

She has become just another bald slave in a striped dress among countless others.

Meanwhile, down in the hot dusty pit, Ilsa and Tara are working for the fourth hour that day at high speed moving gravel.

 Opposite Megan whoīs hair is beginning growing back, they are painfully shaven bald every month, both head and crotch, with a blunt rusty razor, leaving them with bleeding scrapes and sores. 

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"Keep going! - Lazy white cunts !
I begine believing, you love been whipped, so slow you are !"


"Ahh - 11524"  -  Tara whispers through tears not daring using Ilsa`s real name. 
"How could you stand doing this a whole year, before I came?"

"Please 14769 - Don`t talk!  Just try to survive the next five minuttes and then the next five! 
Sometime it will be evening and then we will  lie tight together all night, as we used to when going on holiday camps with the school, remember?
 Try to think only of that, and please hurry up!  She will beat us again if we don`t !"


  Lying in the filthy straw,  moisten with years of all kinds of female fluids and secretions, and crawling with fleas and lice, the dead tired slaves try to get a few hours sleep, before the brutal  4 o'clock awakening.

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"It feels so nice when you touch me Tara!  Even everything is so sad, I am so glad, you are here.  Come, let me hug you!"


 In this closed world entirely populated with women, where males only are  distance figures behind the machine guns in the watch towers and armed gaurds patrolling outside the double barbed wire fences, the girls only way to get relief for  their bodily needs, are, even both are strickly forbitten, to masturbate or learning how to use each other!

One of the duties for the sorting detail inmates, is to collect the new girlsī discarded clothes, 
as soon as they have stripped. 


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"Off with that !  You won`t need it anymore, little darling !"



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 Loudspeakers repeating:

 "All new inmates strip immediately !  When naked, line up to be shaved and chained!"

 One of the sorting detail inmates, nr. 14613, is a real bitch and rather unpopular with the others like Megan and Heidi.  She often canīt wait for the poor newbies to take off their clothes before confiscating it.
 She had been a rich and pampered Italian girl named Romana Marriot, and was the sole heiress to a large business group, until her yacht accidently sailed into forbidden waters.

Megan and Heidi seriously suspect, that her family is paying the govenor to KEEP her imprisoned. 


Another duty is to deliver lunch and refreshments to the guards
 holding a strickt eye on the slaves in the hot pits.   

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"Oh no !  -  I think I know that one armed girl.  She was my work compagnon a whole year once."


megan21.jpg (45051 byte)

"Get moving ! - You must RUN ! 
Lazy fat cows.  If you havnīt moved all those rocks before evening, you willnīt get anything to eat !    NOW FORWARDS !!!" 

Recognizing Ilsa when looking into her soft blue eyes for a moment, Megan know she has been very lucky.  It is  nearly a year since she found the governors gold watch and pendant, and was transfered to the sorting detail.
 The better food, real clothes and sanitary conditions, and permision to let her hair grow back, has made her feel and look like a woman again.

Clad in the ragged remains of their worn-out prison uniforms, Ilsa and Tara are straining to their absolut limits, while beaten forwards with whips fitted with  steel bullets.  In one of the numerous accidents happening in the stone quarries, Ilsa  broke her arm last week.  Saving  time, her arm was amputated instead of being put in plaster.  This way she could be  back at work carrying rocks after only wasting two hours. 


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