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The young secretary Annett & her lawyer Sandrine Dupont.
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When 28 year old secretary to a minister Annett an evening was assaulted by her superior 
just as she was leaving for home, she reported him to the police. 
To her great resentment the police didn´t believe a word of her story, and soon after it was she,  
who was standing before the judge accused for false accusation. 

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Sandrine Dupont was a successful lawyer, until she was so unwise to take the case concerning the attempted rape of Annett, which involved a very important man in the government. 

Even as a well educated lawyer, she still don´t understand, what she has been convicted for, as she in handcuffs is lead into the capital´s main prison. 

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"Hurry up getting those clothes off ! 
We havn´t all day !"

Even she is 38, she still feels just as embarrassed, stripping before strangers, as when she as a shy teenager had to change clothes in the swimming bath. 


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She feels like crying, as she pulls down her panties. 

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"Get over here - 
Now we are going to make you beautifull !"

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"That´s better !  
Now everybody can see, what you are.!" 

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To Sandrine´s astonishment, they have to walk through the officers cantine to the dressing room.  It seems like nobody they meet finds it strange, that a naked bald woman is lead through the room- 

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"Down we go my beauty - 
You will not see the sun again, for months !" 

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Two months later Sandrine is lead up from the basement holding cell, for her transportation to the colonies.  It takes a few minutes, before she recognize the other prisoner to be transported as being Annett, the young secretary, who´s rape case she had taken.  As Sandrine she too look a lot different now than in court.  She is pale and chubby from a long time with little exercise, living on greasy prison food, and her hair has, like Sandrine´s, only grewn back a little durring the last months. 


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An early morning the two women are transported away to the habour in a closed van with no windows in the hold.

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A month later they arrive to their future home in the coloninies. 

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The crew of the ship are happy 
to get rid of the stinking cargo. 

They quickly wash down the 
hold in the bottom of the ship, in 
which the women have spend their 
whole voyage, and let the hatch, which 
has been held tightly closed at sea, 
stay open so some freash air can get in.

The return load with guano 
will not smell just as bad. 

The prisoners are immediately 
marched to the guano fields. 

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"So only ministers are good enough for you?
Here nobody will hear your lies
about you don´t like it!"
The rumour of why Annett has been deported quickly spreads, and from the first day the guards seeks her out for their pleasures, while Sandrine and the other life prisoners, some with envy, looks apone. 

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Annett, once the dull spinster of the office, 
is now the prized whore of the camp.
At day she works together with the other prisoners digging and carrying guano.

But every evening, even under her numerous pregnanties, she is allowed to wash, put on makeup, and get ready to serve the steady stream of custormers, earning 
a large amount of money to the guards. 

We don´t know anything more 
about Sandrine, other than she, like 
all the other prisoners, never
again left the prison camp. 

Annett kept her reputation 
as a first class whore for 
several years, before she 
died from varied venereal diseases, 
and the unhealthy work in 
the guano mine. 

Justice had been done ! 

The end.