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Tracy´s beginning carrier as a singer, was breaked off at once, 
when drugs was found in her suitcase. 
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"Turn left and enter the barbere´s room !"

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"Hello miss !  Can we get a smile please?"


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Ouups !

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"Here is the prisoner, who is to be transported to the work camp.  Will you please sign for her?" 

Jane´s new career. 
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That a young woman could succeed making an officer´s career, caused envy with a lot of people.

 After some  documents were reported missing, 
she got the blame !

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To silence her pleads of  innocents 
and protect her superiors, Jane Harrison now has to spend the rest of her life in a mental hospital. 

A pair of sisters.
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"First off with the cuffs, and then we must find some new clothes for you !"

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"Say welcome to your future home !"


Confining two former colleagues. 
They had smugled drugs to some inmates.

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"First strip of everything, 
and then sit down on the bench !"

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"You look beautiful !
I have always wanted to see you like that."

Even there are over a thousand miles between these prisons,
some situations looks very much alike. 

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 "Look straight ahead prisoner! 
Say welcomne to your future home." 
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"Dirty Europeen whore - 
No more drinks and sun bathing for you. 
Rest of you life, you stay down here!"