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Peggy Sue Smith`s new life.
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"I sentence you to life inprisonment with hard labour!" 

Peggy is astonished. 
She hadn´t taken the money missing at the office.

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"Get stripped!  
Put it all in the box!"

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"Everything must go off!
Also the jewelry!"
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Mugshots is taken. 

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Peggy receives her new clothes. 

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And legirons. 
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Her new life as nr. 1348 begins. 
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She cries all her first night 
in her cell. 
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Very early next morning, 
her first work day in chains 
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Like all the other convicts, Peggy has to break and carry rocks 
all day. 
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Her first punishment. 
A guard had reported, that a prisoner had thrown a stone after her, and that it maybe had been Peggy.  Nobody listened,  when she tried to tell, it was not her. 

After 1 month in a punishment cell, 
She is allowed to join 
the others again. 
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But first they have to clean her useing  stiff brushs. 
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But only so the guards can get something to eat themselvs. 
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After serving 12 years, Peggy Sue tries to escape. 

In legirons and stripped prison 
clothes, she don`t get fare. 
She is quickly recaptured, and  is sentenced to death.
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This box is for you. 
andre31.jpg (124337 byte)

The end for Peggy Sue Smith. 
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Debbie trembles as she is lead away.  "Hard labor for life!" the judge said.  And all that because of the small parcel her boyfriend gave her in the airport. - She believed it contained a ring.
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Debbie arrives to
 her future home.

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She can`t understand it.
The sign spells murder.
Someone must be making it very certain, that she will never be paroled.
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A new nice young couple, 
27 year old Debbie Morris 
and 21 year old Louise Martin, also on a false murder  charge,
are both going to spend their lifes in stripes.
andre35.jpg (121384 byte)

"Hej ! Miss Morris - You missed a spot.  Do It properly !  
If we dirty our shoes, you will have to licke them clean !"

 As a further humiliation, the unfortunate young woman is commmanded to do duties at the school, where she until her arrest was employed as a teacher.
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"Ahh - Come and see everybody ! 
Look at Miss Morris ! 

You are not as proud now, 
as when you gave me 
those bad grades last year!" 

After that humiliation, 
Debbie knows, there will 
never again be a future for her 
outside the barbed wires. 

andre36.jpg (115468 byte)

"Hurry up bimbo ! - Or do you want to feel the cane again !"

Debbie quickly looses weight, as she day after day is put to hard manual labor, living on the sparce and faul prison diet.
andre37.jpg (90611 byte)

"Hope you like, your new hairstile 
nr. 1600 !  Maybe this will make you think more about working, than wasting time worrying about your looks!"

Punishment cuts is a very effective way to subdue strong-minded convicts.


andre38.jpg (203255 byte)

"Get going! - Keep the step!"

Meanwhile young girls as innocent Tonya, weeps of weariness and hopelessness. 
Her lawyer had promised her, she would be acquitted, as she had done nothing wrong, but only had been a witness. Now she finds herself chained to one of the mills in the most feared prison in the country. 
The convicts are made to turne them 24 hours a day in four shifts.
  Sixteen women pushes each mill, while four sleeps, making an 18 hour work day for each.

Only lifers are put to work there.

 Young tourists trapped in South Asia
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Mugshots is taken.

andre2.jpg (117323 byte)
First the morning roll call
andre4.jpg (173453 byte)
Then breaking rocks 
all day long. 

andre3.jpg (151715 byte)
Any disobedients means being sent to the punishment pits. 
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Mine working
andre6.jpg (154729 byte)
Field working
andre34.jpg (110208 byte)
One more Europeen girl disappears into a damp Asian prison.
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A new girl is being washed. 
andre61.jpg (320903 byte)
This one has good muscles. 
She goes to the mines. 
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"Hey - Where are you taking me?
I´am  a famous model !

Don´t you understand English? 
I have already told the other policemen at the airport, it was not my backpack!!!"



andre59.jpg (228661 byte)

No - Nobody here seems to understand English, and maybe she is not that famous afterall. 
is on the verge of tears, when they cut of her hair. 
She screams, as they pulls out her piercings, and she falls into total desperation, when they weld on the chains, she is going to wear for a long long time. 
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Heather had always wished to see her self on the front pages of the newspapers.  Now her wish is come true.  But not as she once had expected. 



  andre63.jpg (157466 byte)

"If one of these Western sluts sticks as much as a finger out through the barres, 
you may eat it!" 
Sandy White`s fate

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Newly-wed Sandy is sentenced to 10 years of hard labour, accused for stealing from her mother in law

andre14.jpg (156462 byte)

Some years she cleans streets.
Her mother in law regulary comes and watches her.
andre28..jpg (165897 byte)

Later she is transferred to more 
hot and exhausting street labour
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One day, after  serving 9,5 years, she accidently drops a basket, while beaten by a guard. 

andre7.jpg (148209 byte)

Accused for sabotage, Sandy is sent to a work camp for female lifers, where she is going to spend the rest of her life as nr. 81717